Pokemon, I choose you! Hello Youtube, Welcome to my gym, I’m Pokeboy Ranger your Gym Leader Okay, let’s talk about this, Many people already left this game Yes, like you…. Yeah… You… The question is, why? Even though it’s very very booming at first release All around the world… All people playing Pokemon GO But now, It looks like vanished Pokeboy Ranger try to figure it out the reason why people stop playing this game And here it is… Number one Too much cheat players or the “jumping” players At the beginning of this game some people find a way to move or change location Just with an apps, and you don’t have to actually go out, just sit on your coach This makes the “honest” players in a disadvantaged condition Hatching an egg will be very easy for the “jumping” players And the chance to meet a new and strong Pokemon is larger for them While..

“Honest” player doesn’t have that easiness to find and meet a new and strong Pokemon Number two “My Pokemon is stronger!” This is the illustration: Trainer A: My Charmander is so strong! Trainer B: Your charmander will be lose againts my Squirtle Trainer A: Hahaha… It won’t be, my Charmander’s CP is so high Trainer B: Bro, Fire type Pokemon will automatically lose againts Water type Pokemon Trainer A: So, you challenge me huh? Let’s battle then Trainer B: I’m not afraid of you, Let’s go! Okay….. He says “let’s go” But how? How to battle with my friends? That’s the issue In the TV show, you can watch Ash battle with the others everywhere In a forest City, everywhere….

But we still can’t do that in Pokemon GO It usually called by PVP battle, Player Versus Player Those are two biggest reasons why most of people stop playing Pokemon GO from Pokeboy Ranger opinion If you don’t agree with that, and you have your own reasons and more crucial about why you stop playing Pokemon GO Please leave a comment and let me know Now… Let’s moving on.. How Pokemon GO nowadays? Are the problems solved? Are Pokemon GO now can make you want to play it again? Okay, let’s go ahead, Pokemon GO in 2017 from Pokeboy Ranger Number one Pokemon in Gym There are three major update in Pokemon GO gym system First….

In the old system, Pokemon in gym will be arranged by the value of Combat Points or the CP Now it’s changed to the order of Pokemon come in into gym Let me explain it, In the old system The attacker will be faced with Pokemon with the lowest Combat Point(CP) And then, the bigger one, the bigger one again and so on But now, it’s changed to be the First placed Pokemon or the oldest Pokemon in that gym and the newest placed Pokemon in that gym will be the last opponent It should be noted that gym slot where you place your Pokemon had been changed from ten Pokemon in the old system if I’m not mistaken, and now become only six slot and now, all Pokemon in one gym must be all different kind of Pokemon you can’t “stack” all Gyarados, all Blissey, or all Dragonite in one gym… No you can’t The second change in gym is The defeated Pokemon will lose their CP in this case Niantic called it the “motivation” As you can see on screen, below the CP number you will find a heart logo that is the motivation of your Pokemon as long as the Pokemon is in a gym, CP is also become the number of your Pokemon’s motivation When your motivation reach zero point, your Pokemon will automatically back to you it should be noted too the decline in CP value when Pokemon is in a gym is only temporary.

That means, when Pokemon back to their owner,the CP value will be back to normal. As long as a Pokemon stay in a gym, their owner or trainers with the same team as the owner either Mystic; Valor; or Instict They can recover Pokemon’s motivation point by feeding razzberry items. it’s usefull to extend the duration of Pokemon in a gym Now, the third change of the gym. spinning item system, now available in the gym too, as you can see on the screen if you press the bottom right button with Pokestop logo on it Now, a gym will have the same feature as a Pokestop you can get item like when you get it from a Pokestop it means, now you have extra Pokestop the difference is, in a gym you will get a gym badge. Gym badge have their own level for each gym number two Raid System Although in Pokemon GO 2017 you still can’t do a PVP battle, but now you can team up with your friend to defeat a Raid Boss. What is Raid Boss? If you see on the screen some Pokemon will appear in a gym with special logo and countdown timer on it Raid Boss is Pokemon with the time limit, as you can see the countdown timer on the screen Let’s try to peek inside okay now we’re in a gym with Raid boss on it Now you can see an Exeggutor with one hour and a half as the time limit The Combat Point of this Exeggutor is 13839 Raid boss isn’t Pokemon from the defender of the gym It means Raid Boss is completely different Pokemon and belong to no one A Raid Boss have their own level, as you can see on the top OF CP value there are two Rhydon’s head logo Rhydon’s head logo are the level marker so this Exeggutor is a level 2 Raid Boss with 13839 CP.

A Raid Boss have their own level, from the level one Raid Boss which is you can handle it alone till the Raid Boss that need a teamwork with your friends to defeat it you can team up, up to 20 player. And for now, the hot topic of highest level Raid Boss and it had been released in the last week of July The Legendary Raid Boss Raid Boss will spawn randomly in gym anywhere as well as Legendary Raid Boss Everytime you succeed defeat a Raid boss You will get limited items that you won’t find it from Pokestop or in the Gym’s spinning system Like Golden Razzberry, and Rare Candy.

And then….. you also have a chance to catch that Pokemon Example: If you defeat this Exeggutor, or in other word you can make the Health Point or CP to become zero you will get a chance to catch this Exeggutor yeah, you heard right, you can catch it… it means, you also have a chance to catch, Legendary Pokemon! At the end of July 2017, Lugia and Articuno has been released. Articuno’s spawn ended in 31 of July, and now, in first week of August, it’s time for Moltress, and then after the Moltress, it will be Zapdos’s time. Team Mystic, already get your Articuno? Valor, it’s your turn to get your Moltress and Team Instinct, relax, next week is our turn Now….

It’s Poke Trivia Time! Did you know? Baby Pokemon like: Togepi; Pichu; Magby; Eleckid; Igglybuff; Smoochum; and Cleffa can only be founded by hatching an EGG You won’t find it in the wild or the sighting system it’s the same condition for Togetic, the evolved stage of Togepi But you can collect Togepi and evolve it to become Togetic Okay…. that’s all for this Pokemon GO 2017 UPDATES video If you like this video, please Like & Share, and don’t forget to Subscribe, turn on notification with BELL logo See you in the next video….. I’m Pokeboy Ranger, over and out..

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