Hello there new Pokémon trainers! You didn’t click this video because you want to be the best. You clicked this video because you wanted to be, the very best, (singing) like no one ever was. Ok, yeah, so Pokémon Go is now out in a lot of countries: UK, Ireland and Germany included, which is great because for the last two weeks I kinda got a head start on everyone playing with my American iTunes account. Which is okay because to be fair, I was in America last week. So it wasn’t like I was technically cheating. But because I got a head start this game, I mostly figured out all the tips and tricks to getting you to be better than your friends.

Which is the only reason we’re really playing this right? Like, it’s not actually catch them all or to be better than everyone, it’s just be better than those people that you know. Yeah. Just at least if I’m better than these people I’m happy with myself in the game. So yeah, let’s get started. The thing I really love about this game is that it doesn’t really help you out. The user experience is very much like plopping you on the ground and going “Have fun!” “Go catch Pokémon!” It doesn’t teach you anything, you just kind of have to find out for yourself or when you meet people at pokéstops, they give you little tips and tricks.

And I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s get down to the basics. The game starts and you have to pick your startup pokémon. Now, a lot of people don’t know this but, you do not have to choose Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. There is a secret trick where, once those three appear on the screen, you physically have to walk away. Then those three will appear on screen in the next place you are, you physically walk away again and after the third time a Pikachu will appear for you to catch. Now a lot of people complain saying, “I have to walk around? What is this about?” Oh, believe me that is-that is just the start. Now the area in which you live or play the game definitely affects your user experience. Do you live in a rural or suburban area? I’ve got bad news for you, you’re not gonna have as much fun as people that live in the city. It’s just the cities have lots more pokéstops, gyms and overall stuff to do in the game. Kind of like real life.

So like I said, in the game there are two types of buildings you can interact with: poké stops and gyms. Now you don’t have to worry about gyms until you’re at least level five so we’ll get to that a bit later. But when it comes to pokéstops if you pass one just, click it and spin the wheel around it’s worth it, you get 50 experience and you get some free lag. Free lag? That’s if the servers are bad. I mean free swag. (laughs) So, yeah, tap every pokéstop you get to, spin the circle and get some free stuff. And just you know the most important aspect of this game, in terms of getting better, is your player level. So all you should be wanting to do early on in the game is get as much experience as possible and raise that level as high as you can.

Now the world around you is surrounded by wild pokémon which you can catch which give you a hundred experience each -or more- depending how good you are at throwing poké balls. Are you bad at throwing poké balls? Because I do know some tips that’ll make you go from saying, “Hyp-no” to “Hyp-yes.” (laughs) Pidge-ot-nooo (laughs) Pidgey-I tried my best. (laughs) The the easiest way to catch pokémon is to make sure that the poké ball you throw, goes within the shrinking circle. The color of the circle depends on how difficult the pokémon is to catch. If it’s green, it’s gonna be easy, yellow a bit harder, orangey red, good luck. Now the easiest way I found to catch pokémon is to turn off AR so that you’re no longer getting the fun experience of seeing the pokémon in your real world but I mean if you’re just in it for the experience and are just in it to level up, who needs the fun?! Ok, we’re here to win! And so turn that off and you’re just going to get a green environment.

Swipe up with your forefinger very simply and make sure that you get it within the shrinking circle when it’s at its largest. Very easy to do, you get an extra 10 points for being nice. Or, like me, this is the one I usually go for wait till it shrinks a bit more and you get 50 points for getting it in that circle or if you’re really good, wait until it gets very small then you get an extra 100 experience for getting an excellent in a very small ring.

Or if you can’t be asked to do any of that, just spin the ball in it’s place and throw it and get a curve-ball bonus of ten experience. Now I found it much easier to get the nice and the great so it’s whatever you prefer. Once you get to level eight you unlock raspberries which you can feed to a Pokémon which makes them easier to catch. Don’t go stingy on them, you get too many of them. I seriously think I have 70 still and I use them every single time a wild pokémon comes up. And then you also unlock Great balls at level 12 and then Ultra balls at level 20 which make it easier and easier to catch pokémon. But still incredibly difficult! There was a wild Hypno by the pier I was at yesterday, I had an Ultra ball on it, I had a raspberry on it and I got a Great, in the ring.

Still ran away. (gah!) So at this point you’re mostly set. You let the poké ball shake three times or wait for the inevitable server crash, when the poké ball either stays really small in the distance or zooms up really close and you just have to wait. Now when the server crashes in this instance what I like to do is count to 20, which also helps my anger issues, but mostly is good because if it’s been caught you caught it regardless of if servers crashed not. If it’s not, all you have to do is close the app, reopen the app and you’ll see the pokémon is still there. If it’s not there, maybe it’s in your inventory, maybe you’ve got it yourself.

Good job. You beat the server! (laughs) Are you running out of poké balls or items? I’ve got a good tip for you. Hop on the bus, or get and Uber somewhere. You can literally get every stop on the way. It’s a huge bonus. If the car or bus is going really slowly you also build up your walking distance. Now if you’re looking for a certain pokémon you look in your bottom right corner you’ll notice it’s there. If you select it you can track it. The number of footprints next to it is how far away it is roughly. If you face the right direction to walking towards it, it will pulse in the bottom right corner, so that is how you can track this pokémon of your dreams. But I’ve mostly been too lazy for that I’m like, “If it comes to me, it comes to me.” I let the pokémon come to me, ok? Chillin’ out here in my house, you come in my bedroom I catch you.

You don’t, I don’t catch you. Now you might notice that some pokéstops have pink flowers raining from them. That’s because someone has recently put a lure on that pokéstop which will attract a lot of wild Pokémon of the area and coincidentally also lots of trainers like yourself. Now if you use an incense it means that wild pokémon will be attracted just to you and none of your friends that you’re playing with can actually see them.

So if you’re like “oh my gosh guys I found a Dragonite!” I mean they’re not gonna like you that much because you used an incense and you’re the only one who can see that. But I think the fact that there are lures in this game is one of my favorite parts of the game in general. The fact that just by seeing one of the map means everyone in the area that’s playing the game is going to want to go there and see what’s going on and you have huge groups of people playing. When I was playing in Hyde Park with a couple friends we saw one were walking towards it and then end up finding a wild Snorlax, started freaking out! Everyone was trying to catch it! I caught one, but my friend Ray Roberts, the one who originally found it, his server crashed and uh, (laughs) he didn’t catch it.

Story of my life. You’ve had a lot of fun, you’ve caught a lot of pokémon, your past level 5, you think you’re ready to take on some gyms in your town. Before that you’ve got to choose a team and that is one of the most important parts this entire game because you cannot change your team once you pick it. This is your decision right now, forever. Now my biggest piece of advice for picking a team is just pick the team that most of your friends are on. I think you might have more fun that way or do what I did when none of my friends are playing the game yet I just read what each team represented and I picked the one that made the most sense to me. Which of course was Mystic. Mystic is the best team, obviously. Or if you feel like you just make decisions without even thinking you can go with Instinct, as most of the people that picked Instinct would probably agree. “Yeah, you’re right. I just picked it. I made a mistake.

No one’s even on Instinct. Or you can pick Valor. If you just want to be hated by everyone. (laughs) Now be ready with team-related insults when people are other teams come up to you. Such as, “Mystic? More like mis- dick! Instinct, more like you-stink-t! (laughs) “Valor, um…” I actually don’t have a good one for Valor, so if you have any please leave them below. I need to use some. So, now that you’ve picked a team you want to fight some gyms. I don’t really recommend it, not really.

You’re not gonna have a good enough pokémon to stay in a gym for that long unless you have something over level thousand, it’s not really gonna work out. That being said it is really easy to take a gym rather than defend it. Like you really have the odds against you if you’re defending it. So who knows? Maybe your six level 80 Pidgeys can take that gym with a Gyarados in it. But if you want to take this seriously, you want to level-up more, here comes the meat of the video. That delicious delicious Torus meat. It’s not vegan. The combat level of pokémon you find in the wild is a hundred percent contingent on your player level. So if your player level is low you will not find many good pokémon. And because of that I highly recommend you do not waste your stardust at early level. Do not try leveling up things, because you will spend a lot on your beloved Charmander, only to find out you can literally find wild ones way stronger than it in the wild.

And what’s funny about this game is it takes a complete moral 180 to every other pokemon game we were supposed to take a Pokemon from like when you first find it love it, nurture it, get it to be really strong. In this one it’s “Oh I found a stronger one time to grind this one up for candy.” Basically everyone playing this game is on Team Rocket. In terms of evolving pokémon once you enough candy you may be tempted to evolve everything in your inventory. I’m gonna actually recommend you don’t do that at least until you get to level nine. Once you get to the nine you unlock an item called a lucky egg which doubles all the experience you get for 30 minutes.

So one of the best strategies I can give you for increasing your player level very fast is to keep all the pokémon you can evolve and don’t evolve them until you have about 20 to 25 of them maybe more if you’re that patient and then use your lucky egg. And then go crazy! Just by a evolving these pokémon you will get 1000 XP! That’s insane! 25 of these is 25,000 experience. Here’s a list of pokémon that I waited and evolved all at once and by that point I gained a huge ton of experience.

I went up two levels just by doing it. That’s basically how you’re going to get better than your friends. Save your evolutions, go crazy evolving Pidgeys into Pidgeottos. That’s a big strategy by the way. Why would you waste going from Pidgeotto – Pidgeot, which is four times as much candy when it’s the same amount of experience? If you’re in it for increasing your player level do not evolve anything into its third generation unless you’re in that for battling gyms.

If your in it for XP just evolve lots of Pidgeys into a lot of Pidgeottos and lots of Rattatas into lots of Raticates. So now that you’re player level’s super high and you’ve got some super strong pokémon, it’s now time to take on some gyms. Now like I said it is much easier to take a gym than hold it, but one of my best strategies for collecting the payout of ten coins and 500 Stardust per gym is not actually to attack enemy gyms but just find a friendly gym that’s my color of Mystic and just train there until I can add my own really strong one in.

Why? Because we all know that when someone takes your gym you’re pissed, ok?! One time I took a church, I walked about one minute down the street and saw someone had taken it back. So I just ran back there and took it back. Like, that’s the thing, if you take someone else’s gym they’re going to come get you. Whereas if you take your own gym I mean, people are going to be less likely to be angry about it. That’s just my strategy. It is fun taking down really huge gyms with one pokémon that is really fun to do. But like I said if you’re in it for the coins and the Stardust I’d try and play it a bit safer. Find a strong gym, make it a bit stronger. Now there are multiple strategies for battling at gyms. You can just tap incredibly quickly on your Pokémon until you win or you can tap quickly until you see you’ve charge up your secondary attack, which may or may not be better to use, it does take a long time to charge.

Personally, I barely use it except for maybe the last attack to take out a lot of help from the enemy. Or, sometimes if I want to play strategically against a Hypno, if I feel like I can beat all the pokémon at the gym with one pokémon I will actually dodge. If you didn’t know this, at a gym you can swipe right you can swipe left and you can dodge attacks. It’s actually pretty useful. At one point I dodged every single attack Hypno threw at me. Hypno is very readable so, if you’re going up against one of the gym take your time. One last thing you need to know about Pokémon Go is eggs. And this is the reason that even if you can find a lot of pokémon in your room you’re not going to get the full experience the game because you need to go out and walk in order to hatch your eggs.

There are 2-kilometer eggs, 5-kilometer eggs and 10 kilometer eggs, which as you can guess, need you to walk those certain distances in order to hatch the eggs. Or get a very slow Uber. If you’re in a car, it will detect that you’re going a bit too fast so mostly you can walk, you can run, you hatch these eggs anyway you want. And if you’re going out with friends playing this game I mean you’re walking a lot anyway, it’s fun. Personally, I try and hatch the fives and the tens first because those are going to be the rarer pokémon.

Whereas the twos, always end up giving me something bad. I ended up getting a Rattata and a Zubat the other day. Great. So hopefully if you follow my tips you should get to level 20 within two days and you should be having a lot of fun playing this game. As much fun as I’m having taking all the gyms in my area. Team Mystic forever! Anyway thank you so much for watching this video.

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