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– What’s up, Brites! I’m DJ and today on Terabrite Games (guitar screams) we’re showing you little tips and tricks for Pokemon Go. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure you subscribe and don’t forget to smash the Like button with your head! (TeraBrites channel theme music) (glass shatters) (dizzy chirping) All right, guys, so Sabrina already started a series on Pokemon Go, where you can follow her trainer around.

This is just a How-To, little tips and tricks cheat, on how to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, instead of the standard Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle that you usually get. There’s a lot of videos going around about it, and I just wanted to test it out myself. But, the thing is you need to start a brand new account because it is getting a Starter Pokemon, so if you already have a Starter Pokemon, you can’t do it, you have to start a new account.

So that’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna start a brand new account and test it out and see if it works. And if it does, it’s freakin’ awesome. And it’s gonna work, I’ve seen it happen already. But I want to try it, let’s do it! All right, so I logged in, made a new account, here we are in the starting screen, “Hello I’m Professor Willow” blah, blah, blah, I already read all of this stuff, so I’m skipping through it (app beeps) I’m gonna make a quick character here, I’ll make a guy this time, I’ll make everything yellow, just because we’re gettin’ a freakin’ Pikachu here. So we want everything to be nice and yellow. Know what I’m sayin’? So, I’m gonna get some yellow eyes, if that’s possible, No, it’s not, brown eyes are close enough. Know what I’m sayin’? I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with this.

I’m just gonna move on. (chuckles) Everything, nothing matches. ‘Cause I don’t really care, just want a Pikachu. So I’m skippin’ through this, and at this point, he’s telling me to pick one of these Pokemon. But you know what, I’m not gonna do that. Because I want a Pikachu. I don’t want a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur or a Charmander. I want a Pikachu. I want everyone’s favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna, Safety First, place this phone on our GPS thing, and we could just walk, but we’re gonna drive. Because what you gotta do is, you have to pretty much leave. Don’t click on any of them and just leave. If you’re walking, you walk, if you’re driving, you drive, but you have to leave the vicinity of these Pokemon.

Eventually, they’ll just disappear. Apparently, they’ll come back, then they’ll disappear again, then they’ll come back, and that’ll happen four times, I guess? Then I guess on the fourth time, I’m assuming, Pikachu will appear when they come back. And at that point, you could capture Pikachu instead of them. We’re gonna try that right now, and I think driving will be fastest. So Sabrina is just gonna drive, and… – I’m your chauffeur, your Pokemon Go chauffeur. All right! – And we’re gonna watch as they disappear and come back.

– Let’s go on our adventure, which, by the way, I am a Level Five now, so I’m about to do some more game play, with some gym battles and stuff, I haven’t tried it yet. – All right, let’s turn this a little bit, I want to see them disappear. – It’s just– – All right, they disappeared, they reappeared. All right, that’s one. – All right there’s one, oh, they’re back, they’re back. Bye bye. – There’s two. Just kinda driving back roads right now. – There’s three. So the next one should be a Pikachu. – Oh my Gosh. – We’re gonna get a Pikachu on a brand new account, that we don’t even care about. Maybe we could continue this. Oh, that was the fourth one. Wait, maybe you gotta do another one. I don’t see Pikachu. Do you see Pikachu? No, there’s no Pikachu. So we’re gonna do one more.

– Get them out of my circle. – I hope this works, man. – Aaahhh! Wait, what is that? What’s the little um? – Do you see a Pikachu? – No… – Pikachu, he’s there! – Pikachu! – He’s there, park! So it happens on the 4th one, and it happens randomly. They teased us for a second there. Here, you capture the Pikachu, Beeb. – Sure? – Yeah. You want me to do that honor? (chuckles) All right. – Make sure to tap the Pikachu and not the other ones. – Oh! Do we want the camera on? – Turn on the volume. – Do we want the camera on? – I wanna hear Pikachu. – Oh yeah, press AR. – Oh my! Let’s do it on the– – Don’t cover your face. I want to put it on the… Pikachu! You’re so cute! What, uhoh… Beeb? – [DJ] What? – Oh, there we go. I thought it was glitching. Oh! I didn’t catch it. – Pikachu! – I didn’t catch it. What the heck! – Is it hard to catch? – Yeah, I gotta face up, I don’t know why I’m doing so bad.

– What the…? There’s something wrong with your Pokeballs. It’s lagging. Higher. Look at this, you try this, maybe it’s better from your angle. It’s that way. – I think Sabrina’s… Oh, it is lagging! What’s goin’ on? It’s lagging really bad. (pokemon challenge music) I’m going to turn Augmented Reality off for a second. There you go. – I think it was the camera. No, you gotta face up or something. (ping) There you go! Yeah, it was like– – That was weird. – It wasn’t normal. It doesn’t usually lag like that, but anyway– – Trust me, I know how to catch a Pokemon.

– Yeah. – That wasn’t normal. (chuckles) – I think it’s because I’m screen-recording at the same time. Anyway, I just caught him and now it’s frozen. Come on, Baby. Oh, my phone’s overheating! Put it in front of the AC (chuckles) Oh my gosh. The sky looks beautiful behind you. Okay. Congratulations, you caught your first Pokemon. You’re such a talented Pokemon Trainer, what should I call you? (bleep) So I’ll call it TeraBrite Games. If you guys want us to continue this Pikachu series, as well, at the same time, maybe we could do that. I have my own trainer that I started already, called TeraBrite. Let us know if you want us to continue TeraBriteGames.

The channel TeraBrite Games is gonna continue, but the account TeraBriteGames, that I just made. (beep beep beep) I’m gonna just skip through it. Just look at my Pokemon real quick. (beep) There he is, Pikachu! It works! – Yay! – We got a Pikachu as a Starter Pokemon, CP 11. – It’s so cute! So, there you have it. – Pika! If you haven’t started playing yet, or if you just wanna start over because you love Pikachu that much. You could get a Pikachu, right now, and you could start with him. It’s a pretty good start, getting Pikachu in the beginning, come on.

Charmander is pretty bad-ass but Pikachu, everyone loves Pikachu. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already, for more awesome tips and tricks like this. (chuckles) And also we’re gonna play more Minecraft, don’t worry, I know there’s a lot of people that want Minecraft on this channel. It’s coming soon, probably tomorrow. And just make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, and smash the Like Button with your head! (imitates turkey gobbling) (closing jingle).

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