pokemon go egg hatching trick

Hey what’s up guys, nickatnyte here. today, i’m gonna recap my last two days. so i made that kinda crazy pokemon go episode 1: how to be a trainer video. and then set off, and while recording on the go is a ton of fun. i feel like an episode like this is needed to actually like professionally record and do a nice recap of what’s been going on. so i’m gonna go through my pokemon, level up who i can. and actually, wow a squirtle. and dratini are both available near me. i was gonna start by saying, living in the midwest, er having some er great plains affect the type of pokemon that it kinda find, are sorta boring. ratata is pretty much everywhere, pidgey as well. weedle. er a little bit of caterpie action going on, but I’ve actually made my avatar look like Beyonce Kelly, a blond girl I don’t really know why But uh hey what does that matter? We’re gunna go and jump into Pokemon right now and i’m gonna go ahead and first sort by cp so, Pidgeys and Rattatas so many of them. so, that has led to a ton of really strong Pidgeots Now when I go down here, I just got Fearow today, i’m really pumped about that.

And I have my Beedrill in a gym Let me start from the main screen I’m level thirteen as you can see right here I’m team red more pokeballs already this game was really great at being the top grossing app in the world right now you can see my start date with 7 6 of 2016 right there pokedex this is what we’re rocking so far 41 scene and 40 or 41 caught out of 43 scene I started with Charmander and I actually just got this squirtle which I have now from let me go to my eggs real quick here over on the right side I have 6 incubators working overtime right now I’ve got one about the hatch soon 3 point 9 out of 5 a bunch of the other ones all hatch straight before I came in for my really long double incense session so when it comes to Pokemon here Pidgeot are running rampant we’ve got a bunch of radicans and I’m gonna more or less just keep the bell the main one I’m gonna go ahead and transfer a bunch of Pokemon in that I’m not going to be using but we’re going to focus on upgrades and evolutions for now so we have Pharaoh Pidgeotto which I can transfer in no big deal but if I click on this Pidgeot you can see my Pidgey Candy’s 21 I used a bunch of it when I click on this Redick 8 I’ve got 44 Rattata candy which is just gonna let me evolve more and more of the rotators that I find so going past them right there we’ve got oddish at this squirtle was a nice fine out of an egg actually I don’t really like nicknames I’m probably to keep them all the same even when I played the games on gameboy blue and red were my my Forte’s those would be like if I had a five to six hour car ride I could pretty much go from spawning in to beating the elite four or at least getting up there in just that amount of time I had the game down pat and especially if you could just get fly and then surf the coast and get the unlimited pokeballs or master balls whatever you want to do rare candies was the best one Grimer also out of an egg at 275 and the level that these are spawning in in are because of the level that I am I’m now level 13 I got most of these at level 12 today Venna Nets have been pretty crazy I’ve got 35 Venna net candy evolve is going to be 50 so getting close on that right there let me go ahead and sort by change the sort to number so we’re gonna start at the beginning here Charmander the one I started with this 52 the one I have now is 210 it just pains me to try to think about giving one away so I’m going to keep bold for now Weedle I’ll be giving those back Caterpie 104 Beedrill I actually this is interesting so I had a metapod but it was like 60 so in correct me if I’m wrong down below in the comments but if you have like a 60 combat power Metapod but then you have a hundred and four Caterpie when he evolves he’s going to be stronger than that Metapod was and then it’ll be a stronger Butterfree when that Metapod evolves after that so it’s better to keep the just a better starting hand right you could also look at their moves but I kind of just base it off their power because that’s going to pretty much more or less dictate how the battles go with them and I’m just kind of enjoying collecting them at the moment PG 169 that’s pretty strong now I’m going to do evolve on that page you just to get the experience from it so we’re going to get yet another Pidgeotto which I’ll eventually give back for some more pudgy candy and then kind of keep repeating the process the best part about evolving if you have a ton of extra tattoos and a ton of extra piggies is that it doesn’t take any of your powder and/or your Stardust and you could just keep getting experienced for it better experience better level better Pokemon that you’ll find out in the wild there’s that I’m not going to power them up at all look at this just Pidgey Pidgeotto and Pidgeot section just a ton of them right there – Rattata is to Redick aids currently to sparrows I just got the Pharaoh today like I said quite difficult to catch not yet a part of my arsenal because the Pidgeot just seems better you catch more piggies and the CPN it is just super dirty right now Ekans a new addition to the squad at 179 sand troop just found one but had to keep it because it’s the only one at level 10 CP is not going to be anything that I’m going to be using in battles Nidoran both male and female female right there nothing too crazy off the bat but NATO king nettle queen those could be wild down the line Vulpix at 77 we’ve got a bunch of zoo bats they’re very difficult to catch and getting the golbat may not be the most worth a thing you can do it’d be kind of like it in the pharaoh only one upgrade from this Bureau but I see the zoo bats quite often where I am so I kind of just go with it and catch them at the moment oddish I’d look at this one here that’s a pretty gnarly find right there 25 oddish candy and then we’ll be ranking up pretty well he’s got three tiers to it too so that’ll be interesting as we keep going up right there Parris at no big even a net Diglett poliwag a lot of these were from eggs Abra I believe was aswell Bellsprout actually found that one when I was golfing Geodude also from an egg not really native to the area that I’m around I think more like desert landscapes and climates are going to give you more of those rock or fire Pokemon Magnemite at looking pretty solid seal actually found that one just outside while I was boosted boarding most of these caches I’ll pull up my progress here but it was like I’m mostly like ninety percent on a boosted board or skateboard when I’m doing this going kind of slow so it’s pretty much walking a running pace but that’ll trigger a lot of the distance to be done a lot quicker in those eggs Grammer we already touched on him shelter gastly drowsy I’m really close to getting with just tonight if I can go find one or two more of these trade this one in and then get that evolution going this is going to be sick if we can get some hypno action going on right there Crabbie’s okay nothing crazy we’re not really close to the kingler either but we’ll see how that pans out horsey at 122 jinx 127 Magikarp magikarps crazy it takes 400 Magikarp candy or catching it I don’t know like a couple hundred times I think you get the candy when you catch it and when you trade it in but to get that gear dose is going to be a little crazy Eevee I’ve only found one I’ve got the three Eevee candy from catching it but I’m nowhere near I’ve seen Vaporeon Flareon Jolteon it’s all over the place I’m like how are these people getting so many V’s I want to go out and do another session and specifically find Eevee here’s something I can’t complain about ammonite inside of an egg got that one off a five kilometre walk slash ride dratini I found two of them near me and getting a dragon I tore dragonair that’ll be crazy if we can evolve this dirty knee really cool and really rare Pokemon to have so early on in the game because it’s not something you would really have you know that early I’m in just like playing the actual game boy games alright so nearby here um you know pretty much standard stuff except the squirtle and dratini it’s just really rare that I see them so close a couple of things I wanted to pull up here I guess we’ll go to our trainer I want to scroll down here and then go to jogger so we’ve gone 27 point 6 4 kilometers total not nothing crazy I’ve seen people who’ve already gone quite a bit uh no reversal another boom beach slash clash Royale slash now Pokemon go guy he’s going like 40 and that was yesterday I’m not even kept up with what he’s doing right there some of the best things that I like to buy at the moment in the shop here if I go in are going to be I obviously got pokeballs I have my defender bonus I only have one gym at the moment they get taken back quite quickly I’m gonna go try and reclaim one later tonight though pokeballs are good the incense I like to rock incense I haven’t done lucky eggs but when you catch just like a ton of Rattata as a ton of piggies before you go and evolve them all before you’re trading them in if you have a lot of things you can evolve throw a lucky egg on because you’re gonna get that double experience incubators are clutch I have six of them as you guys saw running right now just to keep those eggs going since you could only hold nine I want to make sure I’m never sitting on too many eggs right there the lure modules I was at a polka stop earlier at a library and these people came overnight a dude thanks for the lure and I’m like yeah no problem guys we started talking then we went and took a couple gems together it was good stuff bag upgrade and then the Pokemon storage upgrade these are permanent upgrades and I really like these a lot like the bag especially I could do 200 coins right there that’s a permanent upgrade so when I go back to my bag now you can see under items 348 out of 500 that I can hold it’s just really nice to be able to to hold more stuff lucky eggs incense you can see i-43 great balls you unlock at level 12 and then you’ll start getting them from polka stops and leveling up and stuff like that raspberries I throw anything that’s generally like over 200 and especially if I don’t have it yet camera don’t use too much the incubators you can see there but that’s pretty much all I have unlocked so far I’m pretty pumped for the update because in the trailer you can see there’s tradings I don’t know if that’ll ox at a certain stage or it’s not yet in the game but I think trading will be pretty cool because I know a couple people you know just around me that play the game it’ll be fun to trade with them under Journal here you can see I don’t know what this little exactly pull up it normally just shows what you get so polka stuff stuff Zubat piggy these are kind of things that I’m catching today Venna net got away from me actually at 281 wheedle piggy Rattata Weedle Pidgeot Magikarp Spiro oddish seal retainer it had a Weedle zubats bureau so a lot of the the common ones that you’re seeing all the time so team Bal or let’s keep going team valor and keep claiming more gems a lot of the ones around me are mystic not too many instincts near me but that’s pretty much all I wanted to show you guys under Pokemon I’m going to go ahead and trade some in so let’s take a look at our level now about I’m like a fifth or sixth of the way up towards 14 let’s do some trading and then I’ll catch you for the ending upgrading this riddle evolve I’m gonna be able to get them up to kikuna but not enough to get a secondary Beedrill I just pretty much doing this because I have a little bit access of wheedle candy and I can use the experience from upgrading him to the kikuna right here another evolution you got to keep going for these radicals because 500 XP is nothing to mess with right there so evolve what you can then trade them back when they’re done you can look at their moves someone was looking at minor that go you should keep this one over this one but it was pretty much just the strongest one it was so much stronger than the other ones I already put so much into it it is nice if you get like a ground or a dark plus a regular move it’s nice to have that variety but hey just the fact that you have a really strong one’s going to be you know good enough oh man we just transferred enough zoo bat back also here take a look at our XP going up nice and slow but we’re still getting more I just transferred enough zubats to go ahead and evolve this zoo bed right here yes so we’re making some gains right now in evolutionary terms let’s go upgrade to that goal bat baby I sell one at the gym it was quite difficult it was like an 800 I don’t know if this zoo bat will be strong enough to get that that high up and CP we’ll see what he comes in it right now our very first we’re going to be registering to the Pokedex our zoo bat has now turned into a goal bats let me see what we got there we have go bat 604 that’s nothing to mess with it all I could trade in one more Zubat there we go just traded in that zoo bat and now I can rank this goal bat up just a little more hey if I can catch some more tonight maybe we can get this guy into the 700s that’ll be pretty solid overall nice that’s going to do it for all the dupes and upgrades that I want to do at the moment when it comes to evolutions you guys can take a look at my list here I’m first going to just scroll quickly keeping a couple duplicates of Pidgeot and Radek 8 I’ll probably get rid of that Pidgeotto a little bit later on pitch I’m just gonna try to have a bunch around that Mac 700s 800s if I can catch one that’s even stronger and keep it in a gym it’s gonna be a good gym battling really neutral flying Pokemon good against a lot of different types let me know how you guys are doing once again here is my pokedex you can take a look at it right there caught 40 – seen 44 and then for the ending seen here let me just sort by CP before I can I’m not gonna lie I’m going to go out right after this and try to get some more to keep this rink going let me know send me a screenshot on my Twitter at Nick at Nite YT let me know how my top 9 compared to your top 9 so we got 766 down to 340 let’s see how you guys are doing hope you enjoyed this little update video I’ll do some more like live in-person ones maybe some gym battles and stuff like that but we’ll keep going as the game progresses here gets updated and stuff comes out with it and we’ll see how we can grow our our fighting force right now and maybe not make it so Pidgeot and Redick 8 heavy in the top 9 I’ll see you guys the next one hope you enjoyed this and as I was everything Pokemon go you know what to do because you’re already doing it keep it tuned right here I’m Nick and I’ll talk to you guys in the next episode

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