pokemon go level up fastest

Hey! What’s going on everyone? We are back with another quick guide. And so today we are going to be looking at the fastest way to level. So in case you guys didn’t know your Pokemon’s Max Combat Power is dependent on your own trainer level. That means if you want to catch more naturally stronger Pokemon in the wild, you need to level up. Asides from raising the cap of Combat Power, evey level you are rewarded with some items, a few of which you can only get with real money. For example at level 5 you get 20 Poke Balls, 10 Potions, 10 Revives, and 1 Incense. So to find out whats the best way to get experience, we need to look at all the ways we can get experience in the game.

If we look over here we can see that we get the most experience from hatching our 10k egg. Next up would be hatching our 5k egg, as well as, catching a new Pokemon, and evolving a Pokemon. Out of all the ways to get experience, the best one to repeat by far is to evolve a Pokemon. Sure hatching a 10k egg gives more experience, but that requires you to actually be lucky enough to consistently find them. So the big secret here is that evolving any Pokemon will give you 500xp, it doesn’t matter how much candy you use, or if it’s going from a 2nd or 3rd stage evolution.

Evolving a Magickarp into a Gyarados will still give you 500xp just like leveling a Pidgey into a Pidgeotto. So with this knowledge to quickly get 500xp, all you need to do is catch 4 Pidgeys / 4 Caterpies / or 4 Weedles. All of which are extremely common Pokemon. Once you have collected a good number to evolve, it’s time to pop our ‘Lucky Egg’. The ‘Lucky Egg’ is a usable item that you can buy from the Poke Shop for 80 coins each and will give you 2x experience to anything you do. You also get some free eggs from your Trainer Level Rewards, at levels 9, 10, 15, and 20. Now that we have the lucky egg active, we will be gaining 1000xp per evolution. Not too bad considering all it took were 4 Pidgeys.

This is by far the fastest and easiest way to gain experience. Now a few things to consider, to fully utilize the ‘Lucky Egg’. Since it does only last 30 minutes, make sure you save a bunch of Pokemon to evolve; especially same the evolutions that will lead into discovering a new Pokemon. That way you can get that extra 1000xp. If possible, station yourself close to some Pokestops for an extra 100xp every 5 minutes. Note that even if your bags are full, you’ll still get the experience. Using these tips along with a lucky egg can lead to some crazy experience gains.

Before using my egg I was at level 21 at 66,034xp and in just 30 minutes, I ended at level 22 at 27,564xp for a total of 36,530xp in just 30 minutes. That is enough experience to go straight from levels 1 to 8 immediately. So I hope this guide helped you guys out there. Now go out and catch those Pidgeys!.

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