best starting team pokemon heart gold

For the last couple of days you’ve probably been walking around, catching all kinds of Pokémon. Unless you live in northern Europe or Canada… Then you’ve been walking around capturing all kinds of Drowzees. Eventually you hit level 5 and get to pick a team, So you can get to take over gyms and ruin some 9-year-old’s day. But which team? They all have their own mottos, for Team Mystic it’s “Analyse every situation” For Instinct it’s “Trust in your instincts” And for Team Valor it’s “Go fuck yourself” And that’s why they are the only choice. Seriously, have you ever met someone who calls themself a “Mystic” and has a real job? And sorry to disappoint you, but humans don’t actually have any instincts for capturing Pokémon.

So trust in your instinct, no, you trust in SHIT. (as You) “But Kilian, Team Valor is the slitherin of Pokémon GO!” Yes, I know. Slitherin – The heroes who took over the magic world through hard work and dedication. Sure they lost in the end, but it was 3 against one, and it was even! Don’t believe those Mystic saying “Don’t join Team Valor they are evil!” No. We are the good guys. And if you say anything different, we will burn down your gyms and crucify your Pokémon! Uh. But in a good way. To be honest, as a Valor you don’t actually have to try. The gym near me was taken by Instinct and to protect it they left a Rattata.

(as Instinct player) Duhh, who needs good Pokémon when you have instincts? Also, is it safe to eat paint? And Mystic’s Pokémons are weak. Because they refuse to feed them Stardust that isn’t organic. Maybe I’m being mean, I did see these pictures: “We are rivals, not enemies” [Chuckles] Do you seriously think we consider you losers our rivals? That’s adorable! Wankers. Morons. Unstoppable force of nature. Obviously I tried to make this guide as unbiased as possible, so Team Mystic, if you want to be surrounded by people who won’t shut up about eco-friendly Pokéballs.

Team Instinct, if you want to hear conversations about how good Discovery Channel is now, And Team Valor if you don’t want to disappoint your ancestors. And if you’re a pure blood trainer. Also, Firelord Ozai did nothing wrong..

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