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Are you having trouble evolving Eevee into the exact form you want, being Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon? Is it giving you a case of Eevee envy? You’re in luck cause boy, do we have the cure for you! Okay, so normally Eevee’s evolution appears to be completely random. But as it turns out, there may just be a way you can choose the exact one you want, every time, thanks to the findings of smithnigel on Reddit. But a quick disclaimer: although it appears that it is working for a ton of people, we haven’t been able to fully test this ourselves, so we’ll update the description if the status of this technique changes. Anyway, in the Pokémon anime, there were three brothers who all owned one of the evolutions. Sparky had Jolteon, Rainer had Vaporeon, and Pyro had Flareon–and as it turns out, those brothers names are the key to this trick.

Because according to smithnigel, if you nickname your Eevee as any of those three brothers, it’ll evolve into the respective Eevee. So if you’ve been dying to have a Jolteon, just nickname it Sparky by clicking the pencil icon next to its name. And naturally this works for the other two as well: Rainer for Vaporeon, and Pyro for Flareon. Pretty awesome, right? There is one catch though, as it appears that you can’t evolve Eevee into the same evolution twice in a row, so make sure to switch it up between the three names. But a quick word of warning: Some people have had a bit of trouble getting this to work, possibly because of server issues. So it’s been recommended that you close and restart Pokémon Go after you change the Eevee’s nickname, but before evolving it, that way you can be sure the servers have recognized the name change.

Once that’s been confirmed you’re clear to evolve! Now again, we haven’t verified this ourselves, so let us know if it worked for you in the comments, and we’ll update the description if the status of the trick changes. And make sure to let us know if you have any other Pokémon Go tips as well and we may feature them in a future video! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming..

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