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[STEPHEN – CROSSFIRE] Hey guys! Its Heisenberg and i am back again with some pokemon GO. Today i will be playing on my friend rachit’s account. He is a very generous guy letting me play on his account, so hats off to rachit and do follow rachit on twitter. His twitter Id is right on the left hand side of the screen. You can also follow me on twitter. So guys lets go ahead and get started by placing the lucky egg so that if we catch a pokemon, we can double the CP, the combat power of the pokemon. Today we will be on an evolving spree !! We will be trying to evolve as many pokemons as we can from the pokemons that Rachit has done.

We have a list of pokemons, Here we have an abra, a bellsprout. The bulbasaur is one of the first three pokemons you catch and if you do not decide to catch bulbasaur on the first 3 pokemons, you can always hatch a new bulbasaur in a lucky egg In an egg, not a lucky egg. The egg that you plant in the incubators.

And we also have butterfree, caterpie, chansey, charmander and charmeleon. A quite lot of zubat there, clefairy, cubone and diglett. You can always pause to have a look at the list of pokemons that Rachit has done. So first we just start by, we start by powering up the zubat. We need to power up the zubat to evolve it and we will power up the zubat. The zubat is a flying type pokemon, and it evolves into a golbat. The zubat is very strong against grass type, fighting type, poison type, ground and bug type pokemons in case you want to use the zubat in a gym battle. And it’s weaknesses are electric, psychic, ice and rock type pokemons.

So be smart while using zubat against such pokemons, look at the CP of the pokemon we just evolved. And next up we have a weedle, we will just go ahead and power up the evil !! The weedle. The weedle is a bug type pokemon, it is very strong against fire, flying, rock and psychic type pokemons, and as well as very weak against, it is very weak against fire, flying, rock and psychic type pokemons and very strong against grass, fighting, bug and poison type pokemons. The wegle !!! The weedle must evolve into a kakuna. And we just go ahead and evolve the weedle.

Quite a lot of pokemons that we have done here, that rachit has done here, not me. I am just evolving his pokemons, just helping him out to evolve the pokemons. Next up we will try to evolve a rattata, a rattata is, it evolves into a raticate. And we have our raticate, look at that combat power, 448 !!! Right from, just evolved from 200 to 448. And we can try for poliwag but we lack in poliwag candies there, so poliwag is not possible right now. And we will just go ahead for the pidgey, Yes !! We have a lot of pidgey candies.

The pidgey is one of the most common pokemons that you can catch. Pidgey is available anywhere, you just go around and you can always catch a pidgey. Everytime you play that game, you will for sure catch a pidgey. So you will never lack in pidgey candies. The pidgey evolves into pidgeotto and pidgeotto into pidgeot. A pidgey is a flying type pokemon. It is very strong against electric, ice and rock type pokemons, whereas very weak against grass, ground bug and ghost type pokemons. And we have just evolved the pidgey into a pidgeotto. We will try to evolve the pidgeotto into a pidgeot. You can expect the same weaknesses and strengths in all the three – pidgeotto, pidgey and pidgeot. And have a look at that combat power 724 !!! We just have a pidgeot of 724 combat power, a very strong pokemon. We will train it more to increase the CP. Next up we have a nidoran. It is a poison type pokemon, evolves into a nidorina. Very strong against ground and psychic type pokemons, but very weak against grass, fighting, poison and bug type pokemons.

So be wise while using it in the gym battles. You just go ahead and evolve the nidoran into a nidorina. And lets have a look at how much combat power we get here to form the nidorina. 386 !!! Not bad at all. You are gonna see we have caught, he has done a lots of pokemons. Nidoqueen, Nidorina, meowth, mankey, magnetite !!! magnemite, machop, magikarp, magmar, machoke, goldeen, graveller and charmander, exeggcute, ghastly, Lots of pokemons there. We do not have enough candies for the charmander, so we will not be able to evolve it. We can atleast power up the pokemon, but we will not be able to evolve it. Yes !! We have powered up the pokemon to CP 202. We do not have enough candies for the pokemon to evolve, so we will just skip the charmander for now. Moving on, you can see we have quite a lot of eevees there. The thing with eevees is and it has been officially released by Niantic, you can check it on the site, that Pokemon Go provides only 3 forms of eevee, the three evolves of eevee, that is the Vaporeon, Jolteon and the Flareon.

But the eevee actually has 8 forms including the Umbreon, the Espeon, the Leafeon, the Glaceon, and the Sylveon. And the eevee has 3 forms, that you can evolve into – the Vaporeon, the jolteon and the Flareon. And you can control the type of pokemon you want it to evolve into by setting up a specific nickname for the eevee. If you name the eevee rainer, it evolves into vaporeon, if you name it sparky, it evolves into jolteon, and if you name it pyro, it evolves into flareon. Now the thing is that vaporeon has a balanced attack and the highest standing among the three. Very balanced attack and defense, so it is best among the 3 eevee forms. It looks very good, it has a charming look, looks very lethal and is also very lethal in battles. Sparky on the other hand, is strong against water but weak against thunder, but the flareon has the slow movement among the three, but also has the highest base attack. It is very weak against water type, and the jolteon on the other hand is strong against water type.

So you can accordingly use the 3 forms of eevee to good effect using them in gym battles But obviously the vaporeon is the most useful form, and the toughest form, the lethal form. And we have a vaporeon of CP 1133. That is quite good for us because it is stronger among 3 forms of eevee. We must have enough candies for the caterpie, and yes we do have, the caterpie is, the caterpie evolves into a metapod. And so lets go ahead and evolve that caterpie into metapod. Lets have a look at how much CP we get from the caterpie, the metapod that is.

And we get the combat power of, and we get the combat power of 148! Not bad at all. The metapod looks quite, it looks quite boring, it has a very dull appearance. Next up we have a bellsprout, it is a grass type pokemon, it evolves into a weepinbell. The bellsprout is very strong against water, electric, fighting and grass type pokemons, and very weak against fire, flying, psychic, bug and ice type pokemons. So you can accordingly plan the use of bellsprout, or the weepinbell in your gym battles. And make sure to evolve your pokemon so that they are strong enough. We have ekans right now which evolves into arbok. Lets have a look at the CP that we get. In the pokemon series, arbok was used by the Team Rocket. Both have a snake like appearance and somehow the arbok and the ekans do not get the affection that other pokemons get, like a pikachu, or a bulbasaur, Egypt a charmander. And the last evolve for today is the spearow, the spearow evolves into a fearow, very, look at that pokemon, very nice looking! The large wings, look at the weight, flaps its wings, it looks quite awesome and catchy.

Nice pokemon to have in your pokedex. So thank you guys, thanks for watching, this was heisenberg playing from rachit’s account. Do follow rachit on twitter and you can follow me on twitter. Thank you guys, thanks again for watching, Do LIKE the video, do SUBSCRIBE, and do SHARE the videos..

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