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What is up guys this is John aka PokeMEN and today I’m going to be going over a very interesting Pokemon in Pokemon Go in Ditto. As many of you know, Ditto is one of the original 151 Pokemon and because of that Ditto is included in Pokemon Go. But even though Ditto is in Pokemon Go and it isn’t a legendary Pokemon no one has found a wild Ditto and Ditto isn’t a Pokemon you can hatch from an egg. So how do you get a Ditto in Pokemon Go? That is the question this video is going to be going over so without further ado let’s get right into the video! The first thing we need to go over is whether or not Ditto is currently in Pokemon Go.

Every other non-legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go has been caught already which makes it very odd that Ditto hasn’t been found by anyone. If Ditto was able to be caught someone definitely would have gotten one by now. The only other Pokemon no one else has caught are the five legendary Pokemon and none of those are currently available in the game.

Unlike the legendaries, Ditto is currently in the game and people have even found its data while data mining Pokemon Go. Some people have thought that Ditto hasn’t been released in the game because the transform mechanics haven’t been ironed out yet, but that doesn’t seem to be true. Ditto actually has access to both the moves pound and struggle in Pokemon Go and someone was even able to hack a ditto into their game. A YouTuber named FrozenAquaCat was able to change the ID that shows up during an encounter from 13, which is weedle, to 132, which is ditto, by modifying the Pokemon Go client.

While this does cause the game to crash whenever he attempted to throw a pokeball a Ditto still appeared for him confirming its existence in the game. While this does show that Ditto is in fact in the game it seems to suggest you can’t get a ditto by finding and catching it with pokeballs, but how else could you get one? Ever since Pokemon Go was released people have been discovering Easter Eggs hidden within the game and some of them have helped people get certain Pokemon.

There is an easter egg that allows you to get Pikachu as your starter and another one that allows you to evolve eevee into whichever eeveelution you want it to become. After discovering those and a few other minor easter eggs many players thought that the biggest secrets of the game had been found, but recently we found out that that wasn’t true. At the Pokemon Go comic-con event in San Diego the CEO of Niantic actually said that there were still more Easter Eggs in the game that have yet to be discovered and told us that we should always spin. The confirmation of more easter eggs similar to the ones I mentioned earlier is huge and makes many others including myself believe that the way you get ditto in Pokemon Go is through an Easter Egg. Both of the most significant Pokemon Go Easter eggs have to do with you doing something special in order to get a specific Pokemon and this works perfectly with the idea of Ditto. If Ditto is in the game and you can’t catch it or hatch it from an egg the only other possibility would be doing something special in order to get the ditto.

Looking at the eevee easter egg, the way you got it to evolve into the eeveelution you wanted was to name your eevee after one of the eevee brothers who were in the Pokemon anime. Naming eevee Sparky will have it evolve into Jolteon, naming it Rainer will have it evolve into Vaporeon, and naming it Pyro will have it evolve in Flareon. This is important because it shows that the Easter eggs can be based on things from the anime or maybe even other Pokemon games. To figure out the possible ditto easter egg we have to look at the times it was featured in other first gen games or episodes in the anime. The first time Ditto appears in the anime is in the episode Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion and it appears as a Pikachu. It is clear the Pikachu is a ditto because of its face and this is a common occurrence of when you see Ditto transformed into another Pokemon outside of the main series games.

The two things we can get from this is that Ditto transforms into a first gen starter Pokemon and it is noticeable because of the face it keeps. Similarly in Pokemon Snap you find Bulbasaurs in the Cave level that are actually Ditto’s and like the anime you can tell because of its face. Once again Ditto is transformed into a Starter Pokemon and is noticeable because of its face. These aren’t even the only ways Ditto is connected to the starter Pokemon either! The only Pokemon to have a base capture rate of and a base flee rate of are Bulbasuar, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Ditto. With all of these things together it is very possible there is something we have to do with the starters in order to change one into a Ditto. Maybe many of us have caught a Ditto already, but we just don’t know it yet! But in my eyes I think the potential easter egg is more likely connected to how you find Ditto in Pokemon Snap.

I believe that Pokemon Snap is the Pokemon game most similar to Pokemon Go as you get to see 3D Pokemon out in the wild and there are various secret ways to get Pokemon to appear. We have already found a few of those ways in Pokemon Go and also a few connections to Pokemon Snap itself. The most obvious connection is the Camera in Pokemon Go. When you encounter a wild Pokemon you can go into your items and use the camera to take a picture of the pokemon which you can then save to your phone’s camera roll. It’s a pretty cool feature, but it seems like that is really all its useful for. Another connection to Pokemon Snap is a small Easter Egg in Pokemon Go and maybe the beginning of a bigger Ditto Easter Egg. If you hold your finger down on the Pokeball when going into the menu on Pokemon Go you can then use another finger to slide around and go over the four different options. If you slide over Pokemon an orange cirle will glow around it, over Shop a purple circle will glow around it, over pokedex a red circle will glow around it, and finally over items a blue circle will glow around it.

At first I didn’t understand the significance of the colors, but once I started thinking about Ditto in Pokemon Snap it started to make sense. The way you make Ditto go from Bulbasaur back to itself is by throwing a Pester Ball at it. A Pester ball is made of four colors Orange, purple, red, and blue. I don’t believe for a second that is a coincidence and there has to be more to this little Easter Egg. So what does all of this mean? Well it means that we still don’t know where Ditto is in Pokemon Go, but we have some leads. If you want to join the conversation and help try to figure out where Ditto is in Pokemon Go check the link in the description as it has a lot of cool ideas and different methods people have already tried.

As for me I really believe Ditto is hidden in an easter egg within the game that is connected to Pokemon Snap. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Camera had more significance to the actual game and maybe by doing the right thing you can unlock Pester balls which can be used to turn Starter Pokemon into Dittos. That’s just what I think though and I would love to know what you guys think in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video make sure to like the video and subscribe for future ones. But that’s all I have for now so until next time guys, peace!.

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