pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire how to get rare candy

Hello everyone! I am the NirthPanter and today I am going to show you how to get PP UPs, and Rare Candies in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. So let’s get started! What you need to be able to do what I am going to show you in a moment, is: Internet connection, a Pokémon to trade and have at least come to Mauville City. In Mauville City there’s this man in the western part where you can exchange Poké Miles for prizes. As you can see you’ll need 500 Poké Miles per Rare Candy and 1000 per PP UP. And what we’re going to do, is wonder trade! Because wonder trade is a genious way to earn lots of poké miles! And I think the amount of poké miles gathered has to do with the distance between the two DS’s.

So that’s kind of cool, since the wonder trade is worldwide. What you are looking at now is ten wonder trades, but speeded up. And next up I am going to show you how much Poké Miles you can get in a different amount of time. As you can see I managed to do 10 wonder trades in ten minutes, (whoops, I misspelled that one), and I got 513 Poké Miles. And that’s approx. 50 Poké miles per minute, which means that if you are going to get a PP Up, you’ll need to wonder trades for approx. 20 minutes or a rare candy a period of ten minutes. So I guess that’s it. Ihope you found this video helpfull, if not, be sure to tell me what you did not understand or if there’s anything else. Thank you so much for watching, be sure to leave a like if you did and I’ll see you around – next time!.

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