Pokemon Sun and Moon have been out for over a week now and it’s pretty much safe to say that these games are the best in the series. If you just take a look at the graphics, story, characters, and pokemon you can definitely tell that a lot of thought and heart went into these games. And as you guys know GameFreak loves to add lots of easter eggs and references to their games. And Pokemon Sun and Moon is no exception, which is why today I’m going to be showing you guys all the Easter eggs and references that I found playing through the games. And if I somehow manage to miss any easter eggs that you found, then be sure to let me know in the comment section below.

If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. One of the first easter eggs I found playing through pokemon sun and moon was at the very beginning of the game. If you go to the TV that’s in your room and turn it on some texts will pop up saying, “There is a movie playing. The scene is showing 4 boys walking down a set of railroad tracks…” This is a clear reference to the very popular 1980’s movie Stand By Me. What makes this easter egg even more interesting is that in the original red and blue games the same exact reference is made. But why is this specific movie so important? Well Back in the 1980’s this movie was very popular in japanese culture. So much so that they even sold special copies of the movie so japanese people could learn English and even spread into japanese boy bands. So I guess this movie must have been a big inspiration for the creators. Each main Pokemon game has featured a man that exclaims his fascination with science or technology, and Pokemon Sun and Moon are no different.

When you walk up route 1 and talk to the man on the right you get the classic “the power of science is amazing!” line. One of the most Iconic Scenes from the Original Pokemon Anime has to be when Ash stood in front of the flock of spearow. No one can ever forget that moment where pikachu jumps off of ash’s shoulder and let’s out one of the most powerful thundershocks I’ve ever seen. Now this may be a little stretch but in the beginning of the game you are faced with the task of protecting cosmog from guess what a flock of spearow.

And what happens during that skirmish you protect cosmog and cosmog let’s out a giant burst of energy. Sound familiar Youngster Joey and his top percentage rattata Has always been a revered character within the pokemon franchise. And in these games there is a clear reference to youngster with his alolan cousin jimmy with his top percentage alolan rattata. It’s good to see that the legend will never be forgotten. Speaking of Youngsters there is another very popular quote from a youngster within the games. And the youngster who says they love shorts, they are comfortable and easy to wear. Now I searched everywhere for some youngster saying that legendary sentences but I could not find a single soul saying it. Although the closest thing I did find was a kid who just yells Kneecaps which could reference the exposed kneecaps shorts show, but again this is a stretch. Now this reference could possibly just be a coincidence but in the near beginning of the game professor Kukui explains to you how to run in the games.

While explaining he mentions that, “if you press B to dash, you can be a B-Dasher!” A B-Dasher for those who are unaware is a kart that is very widely used within the game mario kart. Again this may just be a coincidence but still fun to mention. Another reference that Professor Kukui mentions is also near the beginning of the game. Once you and Lilie walk over to professor kukui’s lab you can overhear him shouting, “My body is ready!” This is a clear reference to Reggie’s Wii Fit Demonstration back at E3 2007. Probably the most famous quote in Nintendo’s History. In the Hau’oli City mall There is a lady standing by a poster who says, “Hey! Under this poster… There’s nothing! Of course there’s no switch silly” This of course is another reference to Gen 1 specifically the rocket game corner.

As you guys know in order to get into the rocket hideout below you have to pull a switch that is behind a poster. This is one of the more noticeable easter eggs, but it’s still fun to mention. Another interesting easter egg that could be a huge reference to another popular nintendo game is located in the hau’oli city clothing store. If you walk over to the far left you will find what looks to be a Mario suit. The resemblance is uncanny but it could also be a pokemon breeder outfit. I honestly couldn’t decide which one it was but it’s still fun to mention. In the beginning of pokemon sun and moon’s development a lot of people speculated that these would be heavily similar to the gen 2 games pokemon gold and silver.

The reason for this is because of the similarities between kalos and kanto and how the number of pokemon in kalos are oddly fewer than other regions. Meaning of course that maybe sun and moon could be connected to kalos like johto and kanto. Now although these rumors are proven false there are still a ton of references to gen 2 in these games. The first one that I found was located in the hau’oli city police dept. If you go to the corner of the station you can clearly see gold and silver keys. An obvious nod to pokemon gold and silver. Pokemon Sun and Moon brought a new replacement to the gyms called Island trails. All of the trials contain a trial captain who guides you through the entire course. And one of these trial captains Lana mentions that she once reeled in a red gyarados. This red gyrados is obviously a reference to the shiny red gyarados found in the lake of rage back in gen 2.

It could also be a reference to gen 4 when in the beginning of the game barry and the main character search for the red gyarados. Either way how lucky can she be to find a red gyarados? This next reference is a lot more easy to point out, because it has been mentioned a lot more frequently throughout the story. As you guys know the pokemon slowpoke just so happens to have a very delicious tail that people and pokemon love to consume. And in Pokemon Gold and Silver team rocket was infamously cutting off slowpoke tails so they can sell it for good money. This act is also seen in Sun and Moon where various npcs talk about how delicious slowpoke tails are and even the evil team Skull are also seen trying to cut off slowpoke’s tails. What are in those tails that make it so delicious? A man to the left of the clothing shop in Heahea City mentions that trainers from the Kanto and Johto regions came together to form the city.

These are of course the areas in which gen 1 and 2 games take place. And the Final reference to gen 2 that I found is all the way in the second island. The entirety of Malie Garden is one big reference to Johto more specifically ecruteak city. If you talk to NPCs around the area they make several comments comparing themselves to the gen 2 region. And what seals the deal for this reference is that one of the items you can pick up is the ragecandybar which is a signature item in Pokemon gold and silver. On the topic of malie garden there is a point in the game where you can actually notice a huge reference to the nugget bridge.

Return to the malie garden after you’ve progressed in the story and you will be greeted by 5 trainers and a man at the end who will give you a prize. Of course this is a clear reference the nugget bridge and the texts are even the exact same as the originals. It’s a very fun little reference you even get asked to join team rocket. Of course they disbanded a long time ago… or did they? (play dramatic music) No they did. This is the last Hau’oli city easter egg I promise, but this next easter egg isn’t really just exclusive to Hau’oli City.

Throughout the games you can usually find various amounts of machamp standing around an open area of land. Fans of the previous games already know that these machamp are clearly a reference to the ones back in vermillion city in gen 1. And we all know that they are building some kind of building. I wonder if the one in vermillion is done? Moving on a new feature that was added in Pokemon Sun and Moon was the Pokefinder. The Pokefinder itself is actually a reference to a popular game called pokemon snap.

This games objective is to obviously take pictures of wild pokemon. But this feature allows the user to take pictures in certain areas of pokemon doing interesting things. Along with this feature came a rating system and one of the funniest easter eggs in these games. Once a photo is taken and rated their is a possibility that one of the comments could be 7.8/10 too much water, clear reference to ign’s infamous ORAS review. OH gamefreak you jokesters. Next up if you go to any pokemon center within the games there is a new store within the center called the cafe.

If you visit any day of the week and buy a drink you get a certain biscuit depending on the day you go in. Some of them even are from previous region you’ve played like the rage candy bar, the lava cookie, and even the lumiose galette. Mmm sounds good just thinking about it. Moving on to some in game trades on route 5 there is a trainer that will give you a bounsweet for a lillipup. What’s important about this trade is that the ot of the bounsweet when you receive it is Kihei. Now for those who don’t know Kihei is actually a census-designated place within Maui which is actually the current Island you’re on. These little things really show how much effort gamefreak put into their research. A popular fan theory in Pokemon is that cubone is a baby kangaskhan with his mom’s skull. This theory has been one the most debatable within the community being debunked and argued since the first game’s release. Pokemon sun and moon pays tribute to this theory though. If you find a cubone in the wild there is a chance that it could call out for a kangaskhan to appear.

Keep in mind it is a slim chance to happen but if you are patient enough the kangaskhan will appear. Moving back over to the second Island there is a resort called the hano grand resort. You can find and talk with a Veteran trainer named Roger where he introduces himself to the player as “Future”. Eventually, the trainer becomes Upset that the player isn’t able to recognize him, and then challenges you to a battle, telling you that you better be ready to “face Future”. This is all in reference to Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole, a legendary Hawaiian singer who is best known in the U.S for his performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

This is somewhat of an obscure reference, given that the singer Gamefreak is alluding to passed away in 1997 and usually pokemon fans are born a bit after that. Still, though, this Easter egg is by far the coolest one that I found, and shows how much gamefreak care’s about their Hawaiian-inspired origins. Speaking of hawaiian origins if you head over to route 8 you will find a trainer that will say, “There’s this dude near here who says that he wants to make a whole theme park full of nothing but Pokémon restored from Fossils!” and if you head further into the forest you will find a pokemon breeder that will say, “Welcome to my dream park! Where dreams become reality and Fossils become pokemon! Someday this whole place is going to be filled to bursting with pokemon from the ancient past. That’s my dream for this: the Dream Park! To bring the ancient world back to life!” This is a clear reference to the 90s Classic Jurassic Park and the pokemon breeder could even be a reference to John Hammond himself.

If you’re wondering why jurassic park it’s because the movie was actually filmed in hawaii, hence the reference. Keeping the movie theme going if you head down over to Po town there will be a specific team skull grunt on top of a car who Yells, “What a Lovely day!” Now this quote comes from the very popular movie mad max fury road. Now sure you may say that it’s just a saying but if you watched the movie you’ll know that the main character max is actually standing on a car when nux says it. And where is the team skull grunt? I thought so And the last movie reference that I could find in Pokemon Sun and Moon lies within Malie City.

Once you get into Malie city you will greeted by Samson Oak the Alolan Cousin of the great professor Oak. Once introduced he will tell you to meet him in the library and when telling you directions on where to go he says, “If you’re having trouble finding the library, just follow the black-brick road!” This is an obvious reference to the Wizard of oz and could also be a reference to a glitch that was in red and blue called the black brick road glitch. The ladder is a little unlikely considering the glitch wasn’t that popular but it’s still fun to mention. Getting back to the topic of Island trials there was a very very cool reference made during the ghost type trial. Once you get to the mimikyu room you will have to pull out your pokefinder and find mimikyu. In this room there are a lot of pictures most of which are nothing too special. But if you scroll to the upper right side of your screen there is a picture of ash and pikachu together.

This is an easter egg that a lot of people tend to miss but never the less one the coolest ways to show ash. One of the more creepier easter that is also found in the ghost type trial actually occurs at the end of it. Once given the ghost type z crystal Acerola tells us that there is no back room in this abandoned grocery store. Once told this she gets a chilling feeling and just leaves. The reason why she does this is because if you look at the corner of your screen as she’s leaving you can actually see mimikyu leaving the area as well. Really creepy if you ask me. In the Hau’oli Cemetery, players can find a trainer standing beside a grave stone. If you walk up to the trainer and talk to her she say, “the grave where Pikachu rests…I address it using its words”. Players are then challenged by a trainer named Ikue, which is the first name of legendary Japanese Pikachu voice actress Ikue Otani. The trainer version of Ikue only has one Pokemon which is a Pikachu and simply exclaims “Pika!” once players have defeated her in battle.

Now this next reference is a lot easier to point out because of the sheer fact that you talk to them. There are a ton of returning characters from previous generations in these games. For example there is Dexio, Sina, Cynthia, Corless, Red, Blue, Grimsley, Looker, Anabel, and even Bernete. How is she a recurring character you ask? Check out this video by birdkeepertoby he does a great job explaining how. Speaking of red if you take a closer look at him his shirt actually has the number 96 on it. And this number is important because the original games where he’s from was released in the year 1996. This easter egg was found a lot earlier when the trailer for him came out but I did I was going to do all them so ha ha there you go. And the final easter egg that I found was located in Heahea City. if you go over to the building near bernettes lab you will find what seems to be an exact copy of the actual gamefreak studios.

What leads me to believe this is that In the beginning of the hallway there’s a red sign over a switch which is actually the exact same in real life. But again it may just be that. One of my favorite things about this easter egg is when one of the game creators asks you which color you like (Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow) and had varying responses that shows how the fanbase truly is depending on their preferred version. I know I probably missed some so if you guys found any that I didn’t mention be sure to let me know in the comment section below. If you want to watch my previous video be sure to click the annotation on the left. And on the right you can find a playlist for all the sun and moon videos that I’ve done so far. and with that being said I will see you guys next time.

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