Hey there! I am Daniel and in this video I am going to show you how to evolve eevee into espeon in pokemon sun and in pokemon moon. So the first thing you want to make sure of is to have an eevee right. So, I can always give you the locations on where to find an eevee, but if you want a more detailed explanation, you can find a tutorial in the description. So you can find eevee in route 4 and route 6 on Akala Island, by a 5% chance. So it’s kind of difficult to find, but once you find one it’s fairly easy to evolve it.

So the thing with eevee is that if you want to evolve it into an espeon, you’ll need something called friendship or happiness. I assume those go over the, they are like the same thing, and what you can do in order to increase your eevee’s happiness, is simply to either level it up or you can let it hold the soothe bell, which will increase the amount of happiness that eevee will get when you do stuff. So you can either walk around, hacing eevee in the first spot of your party. Not sure if it counts for the other, but I guess if you want to level up your eevee and walk around I guess having it in the first spot will most likely be your best bet anyway.

So what you want to be doing after you have walked a bunch and leveled up a bunch, you want to level it up some more during the day. And that is very important. Because if not, you’ll get umbreon. So I’ll just use these rare candies here to level up my eevee during the day after it had, or after it has gotten a lot of happiness and yeah! Let’s see if it will evolve? ‘Congratulations! Your Eevee evolved into Espeon!’ And there you go! That was it for this video, I hope you found the answer to what you were looking for. If not, you have the following options : you can check the description for details, have a look in the comments and see if there’s a solution to your problem there, or reach out to me! You can do so either by commenting on any of my videos, hit me up on Twitter @NirthPanter or to join our NPC HQ over at Discord. I would like to give a special thanks to A Cloud Called Klaus for letting me use his remixes in my videos.

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