Hey there! I am Daniel and in this video I am going to show you how to evolve pichu into pikachu in pokemon sun and moon. I will also in this video show you how to get a Pikachu, or at least give you the amount of detail you need in order to get one. So the first thing you want to make sure of if you want to evolve you Pichu is that you need something called happiness. And that is basically what you need actually to make your Pichu evolve.

And there are two ways you can do this, one you level up and keep sure that you won’t get it to faint because that will decrease happiness. And another thing you can do in order to increase happiness quite fast is to use a soothe bell. Pichu will, if you catch it in Route 1 or in Hau’oli City get a lot of levels early on, to where you can potentially have a Pikachu in level 20. Somewhere around there. And if you then level up at some point when you have given your Pichu a stufful, no I mean a soothe bell to hold it will evolve into Pikachu.

Another thing you can do is to have Pichu in the first spot in your party which a soothe bell also, which will also give it happiness. So yeah, the thing with Pikachu is that you can also find it in SOS battles only so you’ll then have to encounter a pichu in Route 1 in a specific patch of grass or in Hau’oli city in the shopping district.

You can find tutorials or a tutorial on how to get pichu in the description if you’re interested in that. And yeah, if not I guess I’ll just ehh, say thank you for watching here and that was it! That was it for this video. If you liked what you saw and are into Pokemon videos, why not subscribe and join the NPCs? I recommend you to have a look at the playlist called best videos NirthPanter, to watch some high quality Pokemon content. I would like to give a special thanks to a cloud called klaus for letting me use his wonderful music in my videos. Thank you for watcing and until next time… be your very best!.

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