Hey there! I am Daniel and in this video I am going to do a Beginner’s Guide for how to fish in Pokémon Sun & in Pokémon Moon. I just got the fishing rod, which you get from Lana if you beat her Trial which is here on the map, let’s see. In Brooklet Hill on Akala Island so you just make it through down here, you will in the process get a Lapras too so that’s pretty cool. (Umm) the big change from earlier generations is that you typically had the fishing rod set as an item on the Y button and then you could just want to some water and press Y. But the difference is, you need to go to this place or stones hid underwater similar to this one. And OK, nothing seems to be biting… let’s just move over to this other rock. And what you want to be doing is that when you see the exclamation park, whoa, exclamation mark above your head you just press A as fast as you can and there you go, we found a Wishiwashi.

There’s a 20% chance of finding Wishiwashi here, but yeah you can always check Serebii.net for more details on stuff like that. And in order to reset the bubbles, you just leave the area and enter again. As I just did, and yeah. But so I guess that was it. I just really wanted to show how to fish because I was wondering about this myself and thought hey, perhaps there are somebody out there wondering about the same so yeah.

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