Sometimes I like to go back to play older Pokemon games and lately I was really into Platinum. Once again I put over 50 hours in that game and caught some legendary Pokemon and a shiny Zubat. Thats was a suprise because usually I never encounter shinies. I’m also trying to complete the dex in Omega Ruby so I need to transfer these mons from generation 4 to 6 and maybe to Sun and Moon. Then I thought, well, why not document my whole experience with this process.

Maybe there is someone out there who doesn’t know how to do it and this video may be a simple guide. So, let’s get started. First, you’ll need two DS’s or anything from the 3DS line. Actually, it’s better to use a regular DS and a 3DS instead of two regular DS’s because eventually you’ll need Pokemon Bank. Of course you’ll also need a 4th generation game, either Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, and also a fifth generation game. Black, White, Black 2 or White 2. I’m going to use Pokemon White 2 for this video. Remember you can only transfer your monsters after beating the elite four.

So if you haven’t already, you should beat the game first. And then, you’re all set. First, start your White 2 game. You need to travel to Route 15, and enter this building. It’s called Poke Transfer lab. Then speak to this scientist. He’ll ask you a couple of questions and warn you about this process being a one way transfer. It indeed is. Once transferred, you cannot return these Pokemon back in their old games.

And sadly, you cannot transfer any items. If your Pokemon’s holding any, the item will be transferred back into your bag. After saying yes to any question he asks, put your 4th generation game cartridge inside your other DS or 3DS and turn it on. In the main menu click on Download and Play. It’ll start searching for the software and when its found, confirm to download it.

Now, you’ll need to choose exactly six Pokemon to transfer. No more, no less. And then you’ll play a mini-game where you need to recapture your already captured Pokemon. Why? I don’t know. If you fail to catch’em before the timer runs out, they’ll be sent back to your PC and you’ll have to try again. A little hint; if you shoot this pink cloud, the Pokemon will fall asleep for a short time and they’ll be easier to catch. If you got them all, congrats. Now they’re supposed to be in your fifth generation game. Make sure all of them got through safely by checking up your PC, then save your game. If you want to transfer your Pokemon futher, you’ll need a 3DS, the Poke Transporter app and a paid Pokemon Bank subscription. This part is pretty easy.

Just insert your fifth generation cartridge to a 3DS, start the Poke Transporter app and choose your game from the menu. Remember, your Pokemon need to be in the first BOX of your PC. If they’re not, you can go back to your game and organize. Confirm the transfer process and then you can exit from the app. Now you can simply use Pokemon bank to transfer your monsters in any sixth or seventh generation game you’d like. But, beware. If you transfer your mons to Sun or Moon, you cannot put them back in a generation 6 game ever again. So, if you’re trying to complete the dex in a gen six game like me, move them in your generation 6 games first, then back in the Pokemon Bank, and then finally into your Sun or Moon copy. Okay, actually this process wasn’t as painful as I thought its gonna be but again, why can’t we just insert a fourth generation game into a 3ds and use Poke transporter like we can with a fifth generation game? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did, give it a thumbs and if you havent already be sure to subscribe.

See ya!.

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