Greetings Pokefans! Michael here. So today’s video I’m going to be…oh sorry I’m getting a call. Hello? Yeah. Oh great. Oh thank you so much. Okay, bye. That was my uncle he works at Pokemon Company. Turns out, the starters are going to be So earlier this week the April Corocoro leaks came out. They gave us nothing. Well not really nothing. Magearna was confirmed to be steel and fairy type, surprising absolutely no one. Now while these uneventful leaks are a bit disappointing, they did tell us that next month will give us a huge scoop on Sun and Moon. It appears that next month will give us the box art, and thus the legendaries, but I also think there’s a really good chance they’ll give us the starters. When X and Y were coming out, the starters and legendaries were the first new Pokémon we saw, and I suspect that’s how it’ll happen again. What will the starters be like though? That’s what everyone is asking, since the starters almost always tend to be the most prevalent and intriguing Pokémon of a generation.

We won’t know what they are for a little while, but it’s fun to think about what they could be like, so I’m going to make some predictions and speculations about what the starters could be based on. One of the best ways to get inspiration is by looking at fake starter Pokémon by artists around the internet, and if you google image search fake starter Pokémon, mine come up first. So obviously that means they’re the best…I’m kidding. Mahzong is a treecko clone and Spalsh is literally a blob of water.

I do not see those happening. But moving on! Every starter Pokémon so far has been based off a real creature, whether living or extinct. Yes Charizard is kinda like a dragon but Charmander and Charmeleon are totally lizards so let’s focus on them. So because of this, I don’t forsee them straying from this trend, meaning we likely won’t be getting starters based off mythological creatures or inanimate objects. At least not in the basic form. So what are some creatures that could be starters? Well let’s look at this type-by-type.

First, grass type. Every grass type starter until Gen 6 was reptilian or amphibian in nature, which is probably why they created the mammal Chespin to add some variety. I don’t see them doing another reptile again in order to keep up this variety, so the grass starter will probably be either another mammal or a bird, since I don’t see a grass starter fitting with another animal class. A grass type starter arthropod, fish, or invertebrate just doesn’t seem like it’d be right. At least in my opinion. A bird seems like it has a good chance, since grass is the only starter type that hasn’t had a bird yet.

I really like these by FakeJon based off of emus, and they’re different enough from Doduo and Dodrio that I could see this happening. I also really like the combination of the long necks and legs with the trunks of palm trees. These hummingbird ones from Pokémon Sage fit really well too, and I also think these pterodactyl grass starters by ManiacalMew are freaking epic, and while pterodactyls are technically reptiles…I’m still including these because they’re so badass. And if it were a mammal? Well I think there’s a couple animals that would be good. Grass type elephant starters are really popular right now, but my favorite is this one. I also like this grass type unicorn-zebra one. Both of these animals have been done before to a certain extent, but Chimchar happened even though Aipom existed, and then more monkeys came after that. So as long as their designs are different enough from the others, it could be possible and work well.

Another mammal that doesn’t have any Pokémon form is a koala, which I think would fit great as a starter due to koalas doing nothing but sitting in trees all day eating leaves. These probably would try to avoid eating themselves though. Now what about fire type? We’ve had 1 reptile, 1 bird, and 4 mammals. This is pretty mammal heavy, so I think they’ll try to stray from that class. I also don’t think a bird is really all that likely, since there are already several prevalent fire type birds. So I personally think it’ll be a reptile or amphibian.

These dinosaur ones by MasaBear are awesome and cooler versions of my fire starter, and these ankylosaurus-komodo dragon ones by ManiacalMew are awesome as well. I also found these armadillo ones by El Dark Core, and I think they’re really awesome. Armadillos are technically mammals yes, but these Pokémon are substantially less furry than many fire starters of the past, so I could see them creating a mammal one like this one that’s a bit of a different twist.

And finally, water. Water has had all reptiles or amphibians except for 1 bird and 1 mammal. Notice something interesting here: no fish. Now this does make sense, since there’s been boat loads of fish Pokémon, pun intended, and notice how all of the water starters have the ability to walk on land. That’s logical since you’re supposed to be walking around on land with your starter right away. That reasoning prevents fish from being starters, right? WRONG! PlagueMD designed this really awesome concept for a land shark Pokémon, and while the Garchomp line is somewhat land sharks, this is a much more aquatic design that I think looks really great. I’m not sure how likely these are, but I think they would be excellent and wanted to show them regardless. As for likely ones, due to there only being one mammal in the water starters so far and the high amount of water type birds, I could easily see an aquatic mammal being one, such as a manatee (that hopefully can get around on land), a dolphin (that can also hopefully get around on land), or a platypus.

But for real, look at this platypus starter by GregAndrade. HE’S SO CUTE. And then BAM! HELLO CHALLENGER! Then BAM! WELCOME TO THE WWE SUUUUUPER SLAAAAM! Sorry. I’ll calm down. But I would pick a platypus starter in a heartbeat if it was as cool as these. And I think it’s pretty likely we’ll get one. So there we have it! Those are some of my predictions for what the starters will be in Pokémon Sun and Moon. I’m super pumped to see which ones we get, and I hope you are as well! What did you think of this video? Do you agree with my predictions? What kind of starters do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked this video be sure to leave a like and if you haven’t already you should definitely subscribe for more fun Pokémon content of all kinds. Also I’m running a giveaway with Gizmoslip from our Pikachu drop test video, giving away the Pikachu plushies we used. So if you haven’t entered that, do so! The link is down in the description below.

And of course as always, all the links and credit for the awesome art I used in this video is down below as well. So definitely go check that out. All right, that’s all I have for now, so until next time Pokefans…gotta catch them all!.

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