Over the last few Generations of Pokemon, More and more lore is being based on an ancient art known as Alchemy; the precursor to chemistry, and a combination of science, spirituality, and magic. And this series of videos aims to cover it all. This is PokeAlchemy. Today we are covering Solgaleo’s Alchemical origins. Solgaleo is a good subject to start this series on, as it was the reveal of Solgaleo that made many Pokemon fans first realize that there are and have been references to Alchemy in their favorite franchise. And the reason for this is because out of everything, it is the most obvious of the references. Firstly its name, Solgaleo comes from 3 words. The first of which is Sol, being Latin for sun.

Latin was the language used by most Alchemists. Galeo comes from the famous artist, mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, Galileo Galilei, who discovered many things about our solar system, such as Jupiters moons, and the Path of venus, just to name a few. And also from Leo, the name of the lion constellation of stars. Also notably is Solgaleos unique ability, Full Metal Body. While of course this is literal in its case, when you consider everything else that’s going to be mentioned in this video series, it becomes plausible that this is also a reference to Full Metal Alchemist, and incredibly successful and popular Manga and anime series which peaked during the early developmental stages of pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which is where most of the earliest references to alchemy in pokemon are found. And as you’ll find in this video series, this ability certainly is not the only reference to the series. Moving away from references to media, we look at the most obvious reference to real alchemy. Being the Pokemon emissary of the sun, it’s official description states that it is referred to as “the beast that devours the sun.” And non-coincidentally, that is exactly how the alchemical lion that devours the sun is described.

The alchemical lion, though green, is referred to by solgaleo in more than this way however. Being Phsycic steel type, confused some, when you think of the sun you usually think of fire, so fire type would make more sense. And sure, that does make some sense, Though the sun is more plasma than fire, plasma made from hydrogen and iron. Some scientists even theorize that the sun is mostly molten iron now. And when you purify iron and add carbon to it, you get steel. And this purification process, happens to be part of what the alchemical lion symbolises. The reason the alchemical lion is green, is because it symbolizes the purification of metals.

And Alchemists commonly used a liquid sulfate called vitriol to purify it, most commonly purifying it into gold. And this liquid of course, is green. Alchemists had tiers of metal, with some being considered more pure than others. Platinum was of course the purest, and the most holy, though most alchemists only wanted to make gold, the second purest, as it was what was used for currency at the time. They wanted to get rich. And Lead is considered the most impure of the metals, hence the classic “turn lead into gold” aspect of alchemy that is common in media.

And interestingly, every metal is also assigned a planet to symbolize it and gain astrological power from. And Gold, was connected to the Sun. It should also be noted that in alchemy the sun and moon are considered planets… and the earth is not… it was a different time. According to Johannes Fabricus, an alchemy historian, On a more spiritual level, the green lion devouring the sun is a metaphor for when a person’s consciousness is overwhelmed by violent, frustrated desires. In other words, if the spirit of this lion compels you, you tend to act destructively. But at the same time, according to The Cosmopolite, a book on alchemy from the 16th century. “There is this one green lion, which closes and opens the seven indissoluble seals of the seven metallic spirits which torments the bodies, until it has perfected them, by means of the artist’s long and resolute patience.” The Seven Metallic spirits are of course the 7 metals in alchemy, and the bond they share with their seven planets.

And the green lion is able to open and close the seals to them, essentially opening “portals” to them and their power. And this aspect is also shared by Lunala, we know that both of these cosmic pokemon have the power to open portals to UltraSpace. Another plane of existence, or perhaps literally a whole other universe. Taking Solgaleos alchemic origins power literally. But what happens if Solgaleo and Lunala were to cross paths? And what about this Necrozma Armor? And speaking of the 7 metallic spirits that Solgaleo can open portals to… He opens portals to ultra space, where the 7 different ultra beasts reside… Is there perhaps something more to that? Oh most certainly, but we have to cover some other things before we get to that, and thus ends lesson 1 on Pokemon Alchemy.

Next we will cover Lunala, Necrozma, and the Ultrabeasts. I hope to see you there. And hey, These videos take a lot of time to research and make, so if you could support this channel with any of the plentiful methods listed in the description, that would be fantastic. Plus there is this awesome Solgaleo as the Alchemical Lion t shirt you can get to support the show too! And until next time, please never stop using your gnoggin..

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