– Enjoy the holiday season with the Alola festive tees design. Available on shirts, hoodies, mugs even. You can get one for yourself to wrap up nice and warm, or one for a present for a friend. Links where you can get your own are in the description below. (majestic music) Hey, Pokemon masters. Bird Keeper Toby here. I’d love it when characters reappear from older Pokemon games in the new ones. And with Pokemon Sun and Moon having just come out, there’s been a lot of cameo appearances from familiar fan favourites. Of course, many of them we know about through trailers but others of them were kept secret into the game, and some of them you might not even realise were from older games. I’m gonna talk about 10 of them today. Of course, that might include some minor spoilers, nothing would be about the plot, just about which characters are gonna show up so be warned. Also I have a Pokemon Sun and Moon giveaway going on at the moment. If you a like and a comment on this video, each of those counts as an entry towards your chance of winning a copy.

I’m giving away two copies, one of Sun, one of Moon, and I’ll pick two winners pretty soon. Details are all in the description. Right then. Let’s go. Number 10, Red. So new players in the Pokemon franchise might have no idea who Red is. He was announced in the trailer recently, and they might go, “That’s odd. “He looks a lot like Ash Ketchum.” And that’s because Red, he was the video game counterpart to Ash back when the games and shows first came out. The games came first. Ash was based off of Red but Red was the protagonist that you played as in the games. Back then, there was no option to select your gender in the game so you just played as Red but what really set Red in stone is after Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, the games that you played as him in, you then took on Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and at the end of that game, you return to Kanto, and heard about the former champion, Red, you, and the final challenge of the game was then to take on Red, and he had a team of Pokemon that had all of the Kanto starts as evolutions, and Pikachu, and Snorlax, and Espeon but you might think it’s Lapras but really it was Espeon.

But the point is all of those Pokemon were incredibly fan favourites which means any players who played Red, the other chances are they used one of those Pokemon on their team, meaning in the final challenge of the sequel game, you were literally facing yourself. After Mount Silver, he sort of disappears for a bit only showing up in the Black and White 2 world tournament and again, he is mute. He doesn’t really say a lot because of course, he is the protagonist, and you never really say that much but now in Sun and Moon, he appears as a legendary trainer atop the Battle Tree along with his rival, Blue. Number nine, Blue. Blue and Red could have essentially been the same character. Blue was the rival character of Red, and he challenged Red, and made him stronger. Blue had a slightly different approach to Pokemon training being more focused on the strength of a Pokemon as to the relationship with them, and he was a good trainer. Don’t get me wrong. In fact, he’d accomplished all the same feats that Red did.

The problem is when it came down to the decisive battle between the two of them, Red won. This meant the future for Blue after the generation one games was a little bit different. Instead of becoming the champion and travelling the world facing strong trainers, he instead took over the Viridian City gym making him one of the first multi-type gym leaders ever but he didn’t stay there. Instead he went travelling the world appearing in Black and White 2’s world championship, and as well as that, he is mentioned in the Kalos region having gotten down the native language relatively well but still using the phrase, “Smell ya later,” in English.

And it seems that him and Red have now set aside their difference in a mutual adoration for each other and they both sit atop the Battle Tree. Number three, Wally. Wally is a weird one for this list because the events of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire happened at the same time as Red and Blue, meaning Wally is technically as old as Red so why hasn’t he aged? Maybe it has something to do with his mysterious illness. Yes, through Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, where he had a strange illness that went kind of unexplained so maybe there’s a Pokemon theory there but he’s a young trainer from Petalburg Town, and just outside of there, he caught his first Pokemon, his Ralts. You watched him and his Ralts grow throughout the games depending on whether you’re playing Ruby and Sapphire, or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, he’ll have either a Gardevoir or a Gallade, and now again he also sits atop the Battle Tree, and it’s just nice to see that his bond with his Gallade is so strong that he, wait, he didn’t catch his Gallade in an ultra ball.

I think Eevee-bred for this one. Wally, come on. Number four, Cynthia, the only other one announced in the Battle Tree trailer, I promise. Cynthia is the champion of Sinnoh from Celestic Town. She is a master Pokemon trainer, the champion of the Sinnoh region, and the person with absolutely the best battle music. She has an absolutely formidable and ruthless team but to top it all is her king Pokemon, Garchomp. That Garchomp is possibly the strongest Pokemon in the whole of the Sinnoh region. It’s terrifying. But she doesn’t just keep it at home. Oh no. She also has a house in Undella Town where she appeared in Black and White, and Black and White 2, and you could challenge her there. She also appears in the Pokemon World Tournament, and now she’s one of the champions of the Battle Tree. That’s pretty cool. Number five, Grimsley. Okay, this is a bit of an unexpected one. In the game, Grimsley shows up. If you don’t know who he is or vaguely recognise him but can’t place him in the game Sun and Moon, it’s because he only appears for a single cut scene.

He gives you access to his Sharpedo on the Poke Ride Pager which isn’t surprising Sharpedo’s a dark type Pokemon and he is a dark type Pokemon master. So then you’ve watched out who he is now? He is one of the Unova Elite Four members, the master of the dark type. He has aged a bit and has had a bit of a costume change, and the only things we will know about this guy is one, his design is based of a vampire, and two, supposedly he is involved with gambling or having a gambling problem which you can tell in Sun and Moon when you meet him and he challenges you to guess a coin flip.

Interesting. I wonder if there’s more to this story. Number six, Dexio and Sina. Okay, technically these are two characters but I got a couple of them together because they are never not apart in any of the games where you see them. In Pokemon X and Y, they are both assistants of Professor Sycamore. They travel around wearing masks as if they’re some kind of superheroes and they help take down Team Flare. In these games, their costumes and attitudes have totally changed. They are way less serious. Instead they are now sort of on a holiday and they give the player the Zygarde Cube which they’re just casually carrying around. “Here, have a legendary Pokemon.” But what’s more bizarre is we still don’t even know how they’re related to each other. Are they brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, just friends? Their mystery continues. Number seven, Colress. First appearing on Black and White 2, he was a scientist for Team Plasma who very likely made the Pokemon Genesect, and while he did worked under Team Plasma and helped them out, really they were helping him out.

See, he only really serves his own goal which is to find the hidden power within Pokemon. In Pokemon X and Y, you hear about him. When a non-playable character tells you that he’s come to the Kalos region to start a mega evolution because that is what mega evolution is, the secret hidden power within Pokemon but then Sun and Moon rolls around, and it seems that now he’s way more interested in Z-Moves.

Are those the true hidden power within Pokemon he is genuinely interested? Not only that but does anyone think he might have been once a member of the Aether Foundation? Number eight, Luka. Luka appears in the postgame and is one of the characters with the best backstories, that is, that he’s appeared in pretty much every single generation of Pokemon. His first known appearance is in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire where he’s washed up on the shore of the Battle Resort. Although it’s rumoured that his first actual appearance may have been in Red and Blue as a person aboard the SS Anne so maybe he fell overboard. While he’s not in the generation two games, at the same time, the generation four games are happening, and that’s where he first appears chronologically in terms of the games releasing. He’s trying to stop the evil Team Galactic and helps destroy the remnants of them after you take them down. He then appears again in Black and White 2 destroying the remnants of Team Plasma, and then doing this again in X and Y taking down the remains of Team Flare.

In these games, however, he’s not taking down the evil team. No, you’ve done that all yourself. In these games, he’s helping you hunt for the Ultra Beasts with a friend of his and another returning character. Oh yes, our number nine is Anabel, and, “Who is Anabel,” you might be wondering. “I don’t really recognise her.” well, that’s ’cause she hasn’t been in the series for over a decade, and only in a single game, Pokemon Emerald version. In Emerald version, there was an extension that didn’t appear in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and that was the Battle Frontier, and she was one of the Frontier brains. The Salon Maiden of the Battle Tower, Anabel, a psychic type Pokemon master, and she was formidable, possibly one of the strongest trainers in all of Hoenn but of course, she doesn’t appear in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Possibly the course of history changed when Luka washed up upon the shore, washed up upon the shore of the Battle Resort which is where the Battle Frontier should be, and he met Anabel and she got involved with the international police.

There are lots of rumours and theories about her appearance in these games but the most interesting one to me is did you think she has feelings for Ash? I was a big fan of the show back then. Number 10, Burnet. “Who is Burnet,” you might be wondering. “I don’t recognise her from any past game.” And that’s ’cause she’s not in a main series game. She’s in a side game. She is the main and only character of the Dream Radar, a minigame on your 3DS that you had to download using augmented reality.

It’s how you’re able to get the theory in forms of Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus, and she was the Pokemon researcher researching this inter-dream zone, and she appears again in Pokemon Sun and Moon as Kukui’s wife. Isn’t that a great little reference? See, you may have missed that one about Burnet, and that is one of five little secrets that you may have missed in Pokemon Sun and Moon that I did a whole video about so if you missed that one, then there are some more that may have missed. Are there any other characters I missed? Let me know in the comments below, and also don’t forget, you can get your Alola festive tees, jumpers and tees and hoodies.

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