– Celebrate the holiday season with the Alolan festivities design available on shirts, hoodies, mugs, even. You can get one for yourself to wrap up nice and warm or one for a present for a friend. Links where you can get your own are in the description below. Hey, Pokemon Masters, Bird Keeper Toby here. One of my favorite things about playing a new Pokemon game is catching all the new Pokemon. Which ones are you enjoying capturing? For me, it was definitely Stufful. I think that Pokemon is adorable. But there are some rather tricky Pokemon. Hard ones to capture. Hard ones to locate. Some that you may have missed on your Alolan adventure. Now, there certainly won’t be spoilers apart from the locations of certain Pokemon, so, if you’re looking to catch something specific in your journey, you might wanna check this video out.

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And, yes, it’s worldwide. So, number one is Dhelmise. This Pokemon can only really be caught at the end of the game. And it’s not so much that it’s difficult to capture, like it has a very high capture rate, or that even it’s necessarily hard to locate once you know where it is. The trick is knowing where to find it. ‘Cause you can only get it in one place, the Seafolk Village. But, other than having battled a trainer who has this Pokemon, which you might not do until the end of the game, you won’t be able to search up where its location is in the Pokedex. So, allow me to tell you. In the Seafolk Village, there is a number of boathouses.

And, if you go into the one that looks like a Steelix, there is a door which leads you to a fishing spot. This is the fishing spot where you have to capture this Pokemon. Like I say, it’s not particularly hard once you know where to capture it. Although, I’m not quite sure what the encounter rate is like. But this is the only location that you can get it. So, make sure you grab one if you want one. Number two is Crabominable. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Try saying that a lot when you’re drunk. No, scratch that. Don’t get drunk, kids. Play Pokemon. So, Crabominable is the evolved form of Crabrawler. And the thing that makes this Pokemon hard to obtain is, first of all, knowing how to get a Crabrawler in the first place, which is pretty much random. You don’t find Crabrawler on a beach where you would normally find crabs or even in the grass.

Instead, it’s normally hidden within piles of berries that you find underneath berry trees. There’s only a few of these on each island and they take a while to replenish. And it’s more likely that you’ll just find a pile of berries. But, occasionally, if you’re very lucky, you’ll find a Crabrawler. So, that’s great, you think, let’s just level it up and evolve it. Well, it’s not so simple. Because you have to level it up in Mount Lanakila, which you can only access at the very end of the game.

Which means you have to carry this first stage Pokemon through the whole game before being even able to evolve it. And so, it’s the difficulty of knowing where to catch Crabrawler and then where to evolve it. So, again, if you want this Pokemon, this is how you get it. Number three is one I personally struggled with and that is Vikavolt.

It’s very similar to the last one. You have to level up a Charjabug while in the Vast Poni Canyon. That is, again, a location at the very end of the game. But, usually with Bug-type Pokemon, you expect them to evolve very quickly. Metapod evolves from Caterpie at level seven and then into Butterfree at level 10. Mothim evolves from Burmy at level 20. Silcoon, Cascoon, they evolve about level 12, as well. That’s just the nature of the starter Route One Bug Pokemon, so I was very much expecting the same with Grubbin. Grubbin then took until, like, level 25 to evolve into Charjabug. But, I said, you know, Vikavolt is one of the biggest, coolest looking Bug Pokemon to date, so maybe it takes a little longer.

Then we got to level 40 and it hadn’t evolved. And then 45 and it still hadn’t evolved. And then 50 and it still hadn’t evolved. It wasn’t until its mid-50s when I lucked out, not knowing that this is how you had to evolve it, and leveled it up in the Vast Poni Canyon. And that is where it finally evolved into Vikavolt. Number four is Salazzle. How do you get a Salazzle in the game? Because Salandit is possibly one of the biggest fan favorites of this generation. And lots of people will wanna get its evolved form.

It looks cool. It also looks quite feminine, which is true because only female Salandit can evolve into Salazzle. This is Combee all over again. Combee in Generation Four was such a pain. You had to have a female one to evolve it into a Vespiquen. And, as well as that, it was hard to get hold of Combee and the percentage or chance of getting a female Combee was ridiculously low.

And so, Game Freak saw that and thought, “Let’s do it again.” First of all, there’s no routes that are just Salandits or a location that is just the only Pokemon you can find there is Salandit. You’re gonna have to encounter it amongst other Pokemon. But, on top of that, it’s only a 12.5% chance that that Salandit will be female. And that doesn’t seem like a lot. I personally spent a good hour trying to find a female Salandit and failing. So, if you think that’s tough, imagine trying to find a female shiny Salandit. It works out that you can find about 13 of those every 40,000 Salandit encounters. That is tough. And, number one, the most difficult or annoying Pokemon to catch is Wimpod.

Now, Wimpod isn’t overly missable, because you can see its overworld sprite. Heck, just run straight towards it. Oh, no, wait, Wimpod come back. Wimpod likes to run away from you. So, you have to maneuver your way around it. Take it by surprise. And, even then, it scatters around and you might miss it. It might run away and then it takes a little time for it to reappear in the same location.

If, however, you are lucky and you get to encounter a Wimpod, well, you know the drill. It’s a Pokemon battle. Lower its health so you can capture…. Oh, wait, no, what’s going on? Of course, Wimpod has a new ability called Wimp Out, which means when it’s at half health, it flees the battle. You get it into the yellow zone and it’s gone. Do you think that’s difficult? Try evolving it. ‘Cause, in order to evolve it, you need to level it up. But, in order to level it up, you need to put it in battle, but, if you’re against wild Pokemon and playing with it, well, then it’ll flee if it gets down below half health. So, good luck. Anyway those are the five Pokemon that I personally found the hardest to get hold of in Pokemon Sun and Moon. If any of those are Pokemon you’re interested in, I hope this video helps you obtain them. And, if there’s another Pokemon that you think is maybe harder to get hold of, let me know in the comments.

Sohei Pokemon Masters. – [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby. That makes you a Pokemon Master..

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