– Enjoy the holiday season with the Alolan Festivities design, available in shirts, hoodies, mugs even. You can get one for yourself to wrap up nice and warm, or one for a present for a friend. Links where you can get your own are in the description below. (triumphant music) (whooshing) (video game beeping) Hey, Pokemon masters, Bird Keeper Toby here. And I have been doing Pokemon Sun and Moon videos all week, and this one is incredibly spoilery. In fact, you need to have played the game and the post-game of Pokemon Sun and Moon. I really don’t want to ruin it for any of you, and there’s some big plot points that I cover in this, so if you haven’t played the game, or you don’t want it spoiled for you, please click away now.

I have plenty of other Sun and Moon videos that have been going on this week. If not, I am also doing a giveaway for a copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Just leave a comment on this video and a like, and you will be entered into a competition. More details about it are in the top of the description, but let’s not delay. Because there are some things that you may well have missed while playing Pokemon Sun and Moon. Five big secrets. And admittedly while I discovered some of these, I know other people have also, you know, picked up on them, so I’m not the first person to find them.

But these are the big ones, and there’s a good chance you missed one of these. So, if you didn’t, let me know in the comments. Starting off with number one. Kukui’s wife, Burnet, is from a past Pokemon game. That’s right, Kukui’s wife, Burnet, a wonderful new addition to Pokemon Sun and Moon, is actually already been existing in the Pokemon world for a while. You pick up in dialogue from the NPCs around her that she used to study an area called the Interdream Zone. And in fact, she gives you an item called the Reveal Glass, which is the item to change the various forms of these Legendary Pokemon.

And if all of that sounds very gen five, because the Dream World was in gen five, and so were those Legendaries, then you’d be right. She’s from a generation five game, but not Black and White or Black and White 2. She’s from a special mini-game called the Dream Radar. You had to download this game onto your 3DS, and it allowed you to capture certain Legendary Pokemon, and other Pokemon with their “Dream World” abilities. And she was the only human NPC in it, a Pokemon character. And she was the only human NPC in it, a Pokemon researcher studying the Interdream Zone. Now, of course, this was set long ago, and we know Kukui has traveled the world, traveling through the Indigo League and other various regions, including Kalos.

So it seems that among his adventures, he went to Unova, and that’s where he met Burnet. And now, of course, they’re married. How sweet. Number three. Potentially there is an ex member of Team Rocket in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now, just off the outskirts of Marley City is Marley Garden, a beautiful, serene area with these golden bridges and statues. It’s actually one of my favorite areas of the game, but you only have to visit there briefly. However, if you return, the Golden Bridge gets occupied by five Pokemon trainers, who you have to battle. And if you battle them, there is a guy at the end who asks you if you want to join Team Rocket.

He has an Ekans and a Zubat, and that reminds you, of course, of the infamous “Nugget Bridge” from Cerulean City. A bridge from Red and Blue with a bunch of trainers on it, and at the end there’s a member of Team Rocket with an Ekans and a Zubat. And that guy asks you if you want to join Team Rocket. Now, of course, at the end the trainer laughs and tells you that Team Rocket disbanded years ago. But I still think this is such an awesome reference, and something you may have missed. Number three. Mohn, from the Pokemon Pelago, is very possibly Lillie and Gladion’s dad. So we know Lusamine, I hope I’m pronouncing her name right, is the mum of Lillie and Gladion.

They are brother and sister. But who is their dad? Well, inside the Aether Foundation, if you read some of their books, they suggest there was once a Professor Mohn. And a Mohn character does appear in the games in the Pokemon Pelago. He also has blond hair. And in fact is the whole reason that the plot happened, because Mohn, supposedly Professor Mohn, fell through this portal. One of the many wormholes.

And Lusamine made it her life goal to try and seek him out and find him again, but never could. Well, it turns out the place he ended up was in the Pokemon Pelago? I cannot pronounce the word. Either way, it’s super cool to think that this might be true. Number four. Necrozma is not an Ultra Beast. So if you’re like me and you saw some of the leaks ahead of time, you would have seen this Pokemon, Necrozma, and believed that it was either called Marshadow or that it was an Ultra Beast. But the thing is, it’s not. It appears that this Pokemon is the middle Legendary of the region. It’s the Prism Pokemon that gets its power from light, as in either sunlight or moonlight, and its hands refract the light and shoot off laser beams. And they sort of seem undecided in the game. Luka says that it’s, oh, it’s just another Legendary Pokemon, it seems. While other characters are saying, “Oh, it’s an Ultra Beast.” But no, it’s definitely another Pokemon.

That said, if you did already know that bit, then what about this? Supposedly it came from outer space, or another world that’s mentioned in the game somewhere. And it fires off laser beams, and there’s another Pokemon that’s in space that was mutated because of a “laser beam,” Deoxys. Possible Pokemon theory, Necrozma made Deoxys with one of its laser beams. Maybe? And number five. Anabel is from Pokemon Emerald Version, and you might already know that, but what I mean is in terms of the lore of the games, she’s from the Emerald Version of Holon. What does that mean, exactly? Well, Anabel, Luka, and Guzma’s brother were all on a mission together where Anabel had come through a wormhole.

One of the space-time wormholes that the UBs come through, and that’s why the UBs are attracted to her. But does that mean she came from a parallel world? Well, the answer may well be yes, because Anabel, of course, is from the Holon games, from only from Emerald Version. Not from Ruby or Sapphire, and not from Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. And in fact, in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, that are set in the exact same time as Emerald, just in parallel universes, the Battle Tower, which Anabel is the Salon Maiden of, does not exist. And yet, clearly it states that she used to be the protector of some tower. Which means she’s traveled through universes. She’s come from Emerald. It’s the exact same Anabel. Having gone through the wormhole with the UBs to now live within the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon. That’s pretty cool. Of course, those are the five big plot things that I think you may have missed in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If you got all of them, hooray. Certainly I missed a few things and had to go back and get them. My favorite one was about Mohn being the father of Lillie and Gladion. Of course, don’t forget, you can still get your Alolan Festivities shirts and hoodies and all those kind of things. The links to all that is in the top of the description, and I will see you with the next Pokemon Sun and Moon video. Soar high, Pokemon masters. – [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby. That makes you a Pokemon master! (gentle music).

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