– Enjoy the holiday season with the Alolan festivities design. Available in shirts, hoodies, mugs, even. You can get one for yourself to wrap up nice and warm or one for a present for a friend. Links where you can get your own are in the description below. Hey Pokémon Masters, Bird Keeper Toby here. One of my favourite things about getting a new Pokémon game is getting all of the new Pokémon. Of course, in every generation there’s a wide variety of Pokémon, some rarer than others, and these are known as Legendary Pokémon. However, the classifications have stretched a bit. There’s now Pseudo-Legendaries and Mythical Pokémon. And in these games there’s even more classifications. So that’s what I wanted to talk about in today’s video. All of the new significant Pokémon from this generation and how they fit into those structures. Also, this video will be very spoiler heavy. So, if you haven’t played the game, I suggest you don’t watch this video. Go watch something else and come back later. Also, I have a Pokémon Sun and Moon giveaway going on at the moment.

I’m giving away two copies of Pokémon Sun or Moon if you leave a like, that’s an entry, a comment is an entry, or a like or a comment on any of my videos with Sun or Moon in the title and two people are gonna be randomly chosen. So, let’s start at the baseline, Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. In every generation there’s at least one Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon, and in fact in the Hoenn region, there’s two. These are generally accepted to be Dragonites, Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp, Hydreigon and Goodra. However, sometimes the definition is, sort of, stretched a bit. People like to include other Pokémon such as Kingdra or Flygon or Slaking, Aggron, Haxorus, Volcarona, Noivern. These Pokémon are not real Pseudo-Legendaries because they fail to meet the correct criteria to become a Pseudo-Legendary.

However, just because of their general popularity and high stats they are sometimes considered to be. Sometimes, they are known as Semi-Pseudo Legendaries and also in this category are two others, Lucario and Zoroark. They are definitely the furthest removed and are only really on this list due to popularity. That ’cause of the movies they’re in. And joining this rank of Pseudo-Legendary to Semi-Pseudo Legendary are two new Pokémon. First of all, Kommo-o. Kommo-o is definitely this region’s Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon.

It hits all the right criteria. This will be joining the ranks of Dragonite and Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, Hydreigon and Goodra. But there’s also a Pokémon that seems like it’s going to be joining the ranks of Lucario and Zoroark and that is Type: Null. Possibly, just because of the fan exposure and popularity. However, it’s really too early to say. Now, a rank above the Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon are the Legendary Pokémon. And in this generation there are five. However, four of them are evolutions of each other. Cosmog and its evolution. And then that branches off depending on whether you’re playing Sun or Moon into Solgaleo or Lunala. This is the first time that a Legendary Pokémon has ever evolved. The closest we’ve ever had to this was Manaphy being breedable into Phione, but even then they didn’t evolve into each other. They were just, sort of, related.

This is a massive new step for the Pokémon franchise. But that’s four. What’s number five? Well, its name is Necrozma and Necrozma is definitely a Legendary Pokémon. However, some people mistake it to be an Ultra Beast. I’ll talk about Ultra Beasts in a minute, but you might be wondering what about the Tapus? These are Tapus Koko, Bulu, Lele and Fini and these four are, sort of, in a classification of their own as Island Guardians. Every generation has had Pokémon similar to this, for example, the Legendary Beasts of Johto or the Legendary Golems of Hoenn, but these four, according to text found in Malie City Library, are not the same kind of level. They are the same power level, just not the same classification. And I do very much wonder how these four are going to be handled in future Pokémon games. They are, however, the same strength as Legendary Pokémon and the same strength as Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts, how do we talk about them properly? They were a new addition to this generation and they are Legendaries, but they’re not Legendaries.

You can only capture a finite amount of them. In terms of the Pokedex, they’re in the same positioning as the Legendary Pokémon, right at the end, and they certainly have the same strength and stats. But, the truth is, I don’t think they should be considered Legendaries. Obviously, they’re a classification of their own, Ultra Beasts, and they’ve come from Ultra Space and while, of course they are rare in this world, in their world they’re quite plentiful. So, UB-01 could be the same as a Route One Caterpie, just in the world of the Ultra Beasts, where everything is a lot stronger.

We don’t really know. And that just leaves us with two other Pokémon. These are Magearna and, as far as we know, Marshadow. And these Pokémon come under the classification of Mythical Pokémon with Pokémon like Mew and Celebi and Jirachi, Shaymin, Darkrai, Arceus, Genesect, Meloetta, Victini, Keldeo and Hoopa, Volcanion and Diancie. Ooh, that’s quite a list there. The definitions of Mythical Pokémon has stretched and warped and changed throughout the years. Sometimes people count Pokémon like Darkrai and Deoxys. Other times people don’t. They just separate it into these categories of events. And then the smaller Pokémon. Some people count Phione, others don’t. And I’d love to know which ones you classify Mythical Pokémon in the comments below.

That said, there are two more joining these ranks this generation and are Magearna and Marshadow. We don’t know a lot about Marshadow at the moment, so I really can’t comment. But Magearna is interesting. And I’ve theorised before that, because it’s an artificial Pokémon and there is an artificial island in Alola and then there’s four other islands and each of those has a guardian deity, you could consider Magearna the guardian deity of the artificial island. All of the Tapus are part Fairy type, just like Magearna, and all of them can hide within their totem poses and Magearna can return inside it’s own Pokeball.

So there are similarities and that would make it similar to how Keldeo is, sort of, a fourth extra Sword of Justice. Either way, that is also yet to be seen. So, I’d love to know what you think about all of this. This whole structure of Pokémon. Did I miss any? And how do you classify all of these Pokémon? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Also, just a reminder I have my Alolan festivities shirts and hoodies and mugs and everything you could ever need on sale at the moment. You can get one for yourself to wrap up warm this Christmas or one for a friend as a present. I just really like the little Vulpix and Sandshrew. Soar high Pokémon Masters! – [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby.

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