(triumphant music) – Hey Pokemon Masters, Bird Keeper Toby here. Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming out very soon, and there are a lot of mysteries that have been thrown our way during the prerelease of the game. For example, what is the Rijon Adventure gonna be like, what are the Ultra Beasts, and what on earth is Type: Null? But one of the biggest mysteries, oh, the biggest mystery that has not properly been solved yet, and yet has been around for the longest, is what exactly is Zygarde and how does it work? Before we jump into this properly, I am currently doing a giveaway for Pokemon Sun and Moon. A comment on any of my videos titled Sun and Moon acts as an entry towards potentially winning a copy. It is worldwide and the winner will be announced when the games are released.

So once you’ve heard what I have to say, maybe it’s worth leaving a comment and hopefully a like. Now, let’s get into it. Zygarde! Zygarde is number 718 in the Pokedex. It is the Order Pokemon and looks like a snake. First introduced in Pokemon X and Y, it was thought to be the trio master of Yveltal, the Pokemon of death, and Xerneas, the Pokemon of life. They’re similar to the Tao trio, Creation trio, or Weather trio of previous games, except Zygarde is very separate from Xerneas and Yveltar, apart from being the z or zed Pokemon, being a green Pokemon in relation to red and blue, and also sharing its roots in Norse mythology.

Quite literally, it’s the creature that sits at the base of the World Tree where Xerneas and Yveltar would live. Other than those few symbolic connections in the lore of the games, Zygarde doesn’t appear to be connected to Xerneas and Yveltar at all. And then things get more confusing still, because around about eight years ago, we got the announcement of Zygarde Cores and Cells, and, of course, Perfect Zygarde. We’ve also since then seen different Zygardes appear in the show, movies, card games, side games. There’s going to be a lot to cover. So we’re going to start with the show. In the show, two Zygarde Cores appear. Cores are actual Pokemon, or at least, they’re more Pokemon than Zygarde Cells are. The Zygarde Cores act as the brains of Zygarde and according to the description of the Zygarde on Bulbapedia and the Pokemon website, each Core takes on the brain of one of Perfect Zygarde’s tails or wings. And seeing that there’s five of those and the design of Zygarde implies it, we’ll assume that there are five Cores of Zygarde out there. As I’ve said, the Cores aren’t really Pokemon, kind of like, I guess, Pokemon eggs, they sit in your party but they’re not real Pokemon.

Not, that is, until they meet the Cells. The Cells are scattered all across the Pokemon world and in time of crisis, Zygarde Cores can call upon the Cells to become an actual Pokemon, stronger. That’s where we introduce the 10% Forme. This dog form of Zygarde is when 10% of the Cells from around the planet combine with the Zygarde Core. Let’s say there’s 1000 Cells on the planet, have 100 of them combine with a Core, and that gives you the 10% Forme.

Of course, in a time of super crisis, you have 50% of the Cores, add 400 more to our 10% Forme, and it becomes the 50% Forme, which is the original form from X and Y. We’ll assume it wasn’t called the 50% Forme in X and Y version for the same reason that Kyurem or Giratina didn’t have their alternate forms. They just hadn’t worked them in yet. And of course, if a Core gathers all of these Cells from around the Pokemon world, it becomes the Complete Zygarde Forme. But this is where it gets confusing, because we’ve seen this happen in the movie. A single Core, even though it’s just one Zygarde brain, can make up an entire Complete Zygarde Forme. But in the show, we see two Cores become Perfect. And, presumably, there’s five out there. So, presumably, any combination of Cores plus 100% of the Cells can make the Perfect Forme, and the games just add more confusion. Because in the prerelease stuff for Sun and Moon, we’ve seen a 10% Zygarde Forme get low in health and its ability kicks in, which allows it to transform to the Complete Forme. Okay, okay, let’s go in and break this down.

A place to look could be in some of the other prerelease Sun and Moon stuff, where we see some recurring characters from X and Y give you something called the Zygarde Cube. This Cube collects Cores and Cells, so I want to imagine it again like an egg in your party. An item that will turn into a Pokemon once you have at least one Core and 10% of the available Cells in the game. Let’s say there are 1000 Zygarde Cells scattered around the Pokemon world, I’m sure there won’t be that many in the games, let’s say there is, for the sake of argument, and you locate 100 of them, you combine them in your Cube with at least one Core, and that gives you the 10% Forme now usable in battle.

However, maybe the 10% Forme can’t transform into the Complete or 50% Forme until you’ve gathered more Cells. That’s just I suppose a random guess. The problem with that, is that we’re assuming that there’s a finite amount of Cells in the games for there to be a 10 and 50%. That’s how we know what the percentage is. But then in comes Pokemon Bank. What happens when you transfer a Zygarde from X and Y up to the latest games? That Zygarde is made up of a Core and a number of Cells that equal 50% of the available Cells in the Pokemon world. However, there’s no limit to the amount of Zygardes you can transfer up. Does this mean you can have over 100% of the Cells available in the game? What? Are we saying there’s not a finite amount of Cells in the game, but if so, then how do you go around and locate them? I suppose a way around this would be to make Zygarde from X and Y, and Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, to make it so that those Pokemon exclusively cannot be transferred up to mess with the mechanics of Sun and Moon.

That is a solution, but then what about in future Pokemon games? Does this mean that this side quest of finding Zygarde Cells is going to be implemented into all of the future games? Seems like a pretty big commitment for the Pokemon company to have added into the games. And what about the Cores? If each Zygarde, 10% or 50% or Perfect, is made up of a Core and Cells, when you transfer that Zygarde 50% Forme up from X and Y, does that mean you have an additional Core? What if there’s only five Cores, one for each of Perfect Zygarde’s snakelike wings and tail? Does that mean now there’s an additional brain? Eh? Okay, here’s how I think it’s gonna go down. In the game, we’re gonna get gifted this Zygarde Cube, which we know collects Cores and Cells, and I believe there’s five Cores available to you in each copy of the game. Zygarde, I don’t think will be a Pokemon that you will be able to trade, and I know that sounds ridiculous, but here’s why. If there’s only five Cores, then trading them about the place is gonna make things even more confusing.

Let’s say there’s a 100 Zygarde Cells in the game. You go around collecting them and once you have, say, 10 of them, and a Core, you now have a Pokemon in your party, the 10% Forme. As you collect more Cells, it creates the 50% Forme, and once you have all of the Cells, your 50 or 10% Forme have the ability on low health to transform into Perfect Zygarde. However, Perfect Zygarde has a special move called Core Enforcer, and this is where the other Cores come in. And for this, we’re gonna look at the card game and the set that Zygarde was introduced in. In this set, the Zygarde Core is introduced as a Trainer card called Power Enforcer, which sounds a lot like Core Enforcer, and it’s a card that you equip to a Zygarde-EX, and it gives an extra, more powerful move. It’s a power booster, essentially. And that’s how we wanna think of the other Zygarde Cores. Let’s say you’ve got this Zygarde Cube, and it has one Core in it and a 100% of the Cells.

Yes, you can make Perfect Zygarde. One Core alone can make Perfect Zygarde. But as you collect different Cores from around the game, Zygarde’s special move Core Enforcer becomes even more powerful. Which is kind of what you see in the show, when the two Cores become Complete Forme, because it has this green glow about it, it just looks generally more powerful than the version that you see in the Magearna movie. You’re essentially equipping your Perfect Zygarde with more Cores, more brains, until you’ve maxed out with five.

One theory slash idea, which is a little bit out there, but kind of accounts for different Zygardes in different games, is that you can have on one copy of a game one Zygarde that came from each different game. So if you have one Zygarde that come from X version, one from Y version, one from Sun, and one from Moon, then when you trade a Zygarde over, you have one from each of those games, which would explain the different colors. However, that doesn’t include the fifth middle color, the white one. Which could mean that’s a hint towards the next Pokemon game. Of course, that is very out there. Here’s one last mystery about Zygarde, one more thing that’s food for thought, and this comes from the new Pokemon Generations miniseries, which looks incredible, by the way, and the first episode shows the character of Red going through a number of different memorable Pokemon moments, and the last one he goes through, is Terminus Cave, where he encounters a Zygarde, but not the Zygarde we encountered in X and Y, but rather the Complete Forme.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember challenging the Complete Forme in Terminus Cave, that’s not a memory I’ve had… Yet. Return to Kalos? You have to let me know what you think in the comments for your chance to win a copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon when the games are announced. Yes, it’s worldwide. Soar high, Pokemon Masters, and thank you for nearly a 100,000 subscribers! We are so close. Also, top link in the description, I have a vlog channel which maybe something you’re interested in, maybe, maybe not. If you want to see more behind the scenes kind of stuff, that’s where I will be uploading stuff. And, of course, thank you to my supporters on Patreon, you are all wonderful. Soar high, Pokemon Masters! – [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum! You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby, that makes you a Pokemon Master!

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