Hello friends, Pokemon Insider here, and with Pokemon Sun and Moon hype at its highest right now, I thought I would go over a much requested topic, and that is my Pokemon gym. Bird Keeper Toby created a video a couple weeks ago about his own, and since then, I have gotten a ton of comments asking for me to do my own, so without further ado, let’s get into my Pokemon gym. To start off, I think it is most important to establish what type of Pokemon I will be using in my gym, since I am not going to try to cop out and be like Blue and have whatever type I want. Despite my favorite Pokemon and mascot being Bellsprout, my favorite type is actually fire. Fire types have always fascinated me, and I feel like there aren’t any fire type Pokemon that I am not a fan of.

There is a wide variety of fire type Pokemon to choose from for my team, and the ability to have several different type combinations would make for a very interesting gym. Dark was a very close second for me, but I decided to go with fire because I don’t think I would fit as a dark type gym leader. For my gym, I would imagine it being between the fourth and seventh gym, most likely the fifth or sixth. To date, there have only been two fire type gym leaders, Blane and Flannery, who were the seventh and fourth gym leaders of their respective regions. I think, since fire is fairly average in terms of strengths and weaknesses, putting my gym just past the halfway point is probably the best fitting place in the story, meaning the Pokemon in the gym would most likely be in the early to mid 30s. When thinking about the possible theme for my gym, I really wanted to base it off of hot springs, but since the Lavaridge gym is, I think another awesome possibility is a moving train set on a course specifically for purpose of taking on challengers.

The gym could have the player progress back though each train car until they reach the front of the train, where I will be waiting to face them as I shovel coal into the engine. Inside the train, trainers will have to face trainers, mostly engineers, on their way to the final car. For gym trainers, I definitely could see Numel and Heatmor being the most common with Growlithe and Slugma being a possible Pokemon as well. Since the train cars would be pretty confined, I can’t see much of a puzzle being part of the gym, but I think the idea of a train as a gym is pretty interesting. And before anyone says something, I know the battle subway in generation 5 is a thing, but I think having a train as a gym would be cool either way.

In recent generations of Pokemon, i.e. X and Y, gym leaders were restricted to using three Pokemon, so that’s what I’ll do for myself. For my team, I would like to have a Torkoal because it kind of makes sense considering it has Coal in the name, and as the gym leader, I’d be shoveling coal into an engine. For my second Pokemon, I definitely want to have a Quilava because generation 2 had, in my opinion, the best starter Pokemon overall, and Quilava feels like a Pokemon that would fit really well with my gym’s theme. For my ace, I have to go with Rotom Heat because it is the perfect embodiment of the gym I have envisioned. Rotom Heat is also a very formidable opponent in battle, and making it my ace would give unsuspecting trainers a hard time their first time around, which is something I would love going up against for myself. A challenging gym has always been something I love about Pokemon, but I wouldn’t want it to be so hard that it would be unbeatable.

I’m looking at you Whittney. Anyway, my ace will be equipped with Overheat, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, and Light Screen, and its held item will be a white herb to allow it to use Overheat twice without lowering its special attack. Once you take down my team, you will be given the steam badge shaped like a locomotive and a TM for Overheat.

Well, that’s all for my gym. What would your gym be like? Let me know in the comment section along with any suggestions for future videos. Thank you so much for watching, and if you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like and share the video with a friend. If you want to see my previous video, you can click on the annotation on the left, or you can click on the annotation on the right to see my funny and ironic Pokemon facts series. If you want to stay up to date on my channel for more Pokemon Sun and Moon content, be sure to click the subscribe button. Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you with another video..

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