A new Pokémon trailer has arrived and with it, a ton of new information on Sun & Moon. And there’s so much here to analyze that we had to split it in two! Our first analysis will focus on the newly revealed map of the entire Alola region! We’ve fed it into the old Analysis Machine in order to take a deep dive and point out the different locations, Gyms, and even the potential route that you will take on this Pokémon journey. Of course, be sure to watch our previous analysis as we’ll be referring back to it throughout. Let’s get traveling! As we predicted in the previous analysis, the Alola region is made up of multiple islands. And thanks to this map, it turns out to be four main islands in total. So let’s begin with the first island, which was the focus of the gameplay reveal trailer.

We’ve already discovered that this is the island your trainer moves to at the beginning of the game. What’s interesting is that the angle is completely different here from what we saw in game, and it’s a change that remains consistent during the Kukui clip from the Japanese website. On his map of the region, we see that Alola really is shaped like Hawaii. But for the purposes of the analysis, we’ll be sticking to the drawn map as it shows way more detail.

The journey begins in this small village with the orange roofs and the central platform where you choose your first Pokémon. Now while there is a road that leads north into the woods, we’re not sure if you’ll head that direction right away. Other scenes show the trainer joining Lillie near the house on the beach, which seems to be some kind of run-down store. So it seems your first destination may be to head southeast toward that beach. This passes by the Pokémon Center and the blue-roofed building, which may belong to Hala since we still don’t fully know what his role is yet. However, another big reason that this is likely the path the trainer will take is that the new footage confirms that the building west of the Pokémon Center is the Trainer’s School which is always one of the first places that can be visited in Pokémon. The difference is that this is the largest Trainer School to date so we wonder if there will be a lot of trainers to battle to prepare for the gym.

And that gym will be in the nearby city though we haven’t pinpointed exactly which building it will be. It’s baseless, but we believe that the green building in the center will serve as the Gym. But it may not be able to be challenged right away which would necessitate a journey to the northern part of the island. Along the way, we see a path leading into the lower part of the woods as well as several buildings that seem to have gardens. The northern path then leads up and around to the upper part of the woods where it likely reconnects with the starting village. Somewhere in there is where the gym leader might be. Or it’s possible that players can choose to travel that way completely on their own if they so choose. But we expect more of a guiding hand to lead trainer’s to the northern part of the island. Before we leave this first island though, we want to bring your attention to the large mountain in the south. There we can see a patch of grass at the top which seems completely inaccessible–unless the ability to Soar returns from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Perhaps that’s the only way to reach the top of this mountain to encounter rare or unique Pokémon. It would make for a good reason to come back and explore in the late game. After all, there are smaller islands that seem impossible to reach until trainer’s can use the Surf HM. After defeating the gym, the player will likely gain access to a the blue dock and take a boat to the next island which we believe will be the one to the northeast. There’s another blue dock for the boat on the western edge which leads to the next town. And this town is significant because it’s where the hotel from the concept images is located. However, we don’t believe it’ll be a gym. It may be either a unique place to battle other trainers or it could be the Alola region’s version of the Battle Chateau. This town seems to feature another unique location though. Just behind the tan building is a clearing in the forest. And near that is a large body of water.

What is the purpose of this location? Is it a nature preserve? Or some other kind clearing? We doubt it’s the Safari Zone because it would be so early in the Pokémon adventure. Whatever it is, it stands out. Continuing on, there’s a path in this town that leads south through what is either a forest or a cave. Either the trainer will make their way over it, or through it, which makes the placement of the Pokémon Center nearby very convenient. On the other side is what appears to be a set of four stones.

Based on their shape and distance from the western town, we believe this place is actually a Pokémon graveyard. So we could probably expect general creepiness here. But the town itself is interesting since it’s styled in a more Japanese manner. Both the gate and the buildings stand out as Japanese-influenced. While most of the houses are identical, there is a blue one just outside the gate, a green one near the docks, the Pokémon Center, and the lighthouse. Of these buildings, we believe the 2nd gym will be located within the lighthouse itself. It’s not impossible considering Kalos’s 5th gym was in the Prism Tower in Lumiose City. Wherever the gym may be located, defeating it will likely open the way across the white bridge to some kind of massive resort.

This has to be a diversion considering there are no other buildings besides the main one itself. It contains four pools of water, a small dock, a private beach, and what appears to be a golf course leading up to the mountain. However, there’s nothing beyond these features and all lead to a dead-end which is what makes us believe this will be a diversion in order to access the next town which lies to the north. After a short patch of woods, the following road leads completely straight with several locations branching off from it.

We’ll address each as we go north. The first town is just past a white arch and only features the Pokémon Center and a brown building in what looks to be a park. North of this is what looks to be a Contest Hall based on the lively colors and size. It seems likely that Contests will return considering the extra focus they received in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Next to it is what we think might be a visitor’s center considering the parking lot with two trucks nearby and another arch that leads directly into a dormant volcano.

Well, it might not be dormant considering we can see lava pools and steam rising from the mountain. But nonetheless, it looks like we can explore this area and even surf to the nearby island which is also smoking. So yeah, it’s a sure thing we’ll find Fire Pokémon here. Returning to the main road and heading north, we can see a farm house with a silo and a fenced-in area containing a wagon.

It makes sense that the land would be so fertile next to a volcano, if a little dangerous. But rather than just a farmhouse that we can visit along the way, this place seems to have more importance considering the presence of a Pokémon Center. If we had to guess, this could mean that the third gym can be found in this area though we’re not completely sure of that. Continuing north, we see a small indent in the volcano but there doesn’t seem to be anything of note there. Maybe it’s just a good spot to catch new Pokémon. Either way, the road ends at a small building next to a Pokémon Center. A strange formation of rocks and water in the shape of a basin is just beyond this, but we have no idea what kind of activity could take place. It may be just as simple as something interesting to look at until we reach the northernmost building next to a Pokémon Center.

Again, we don’t know what this building could signify but it might be important if it has a Pokémon Center nearby. Unfortunately, we don’t have any solid ideas of what it could be other than a potential gym. But it seems strange to host a gym so far away from any nearby towns. The road does continue to the right and seems likely to meet up with the path that was east of the volcano. While we’re not sure which direction we’ll travel on this island, it does seem like the best candidate for the 2nd island visited, especially when examining the other two. And speaking of which, when the trainer returns to the blue dock, their next destination will be the island to the south since it also contains a blue dock. What’s strange about this town though is how there’s seemingly no Pokémon Center. Before this, they seemed to be peppered everywhere, but not here. Well, we think there is one, it’s just hidden. One of the buildings has a red square and a light green square attached to the outside.

Considering the traditional Japanese designs of the buildings, what if this town required the Center to blend in with the rest? It’s not a rock-solid theory, but it’s rare for a town to have absolutely no Pokémon Center as you progress through the game. Beyond that, the town has a few other strange sights. For one, the northernmost building is far from the rest and has a layered roof. What could be held inside? In addition, there’s a larger building within the town and just south of it is a platform. Could some kind of special Pokémon battle be held there? Or does this platform hold some other kind of purpose? But the most conspicuous building is the tower in the middle of a garden.

It brings to mind the Golden Pavilion in Japan but it’s likely not based on that location. After all, that’s the same Pavilion that served as the inspiration for one of the towers in Pokémon Gold and Silver. But what is its origin here? At any rate, we believe one of the buildings here will serve as the 4th Gym before the player must head south through the badlands. All throughout this section we can see dried-out trees and sand, but there does seem to be a path to an orange building that has been gated off and resembles a Power Plant. We’d be willing to bet that this will somehow tie into the new evil Team’s plans for domination like previous Team’s before. But it’s also possible that it’s just an extra location to catch Electric Pokémon. On the southern edge of the badlands is a purple building with a Slaking sign on top, this is the Slaking Motel we saw hints of before.

It’s just outside a series of trailers surrounding an oasis. Could archaeologists be in these trailers? It would provide context to why they’re close to the badlands. And we do need new Fossil Pokémon. But soon the area becomes green again as the path leads to another mysterious platform and a nearby Pokémon Center. These platforms must have some meaning because another can be seen to the southwest in the middle of the water, though this one has some kind of fence around parts of it. Nearby is what appears to be a lodge on a hill though it could be a science center for the archaeologists that are in the trailers. Another possibility is that it’s home to another Gym.

But again, it’s rare to not see Gyms as part of a town. While we don’t know the purpose of that building, we do see a large elevator platform north of it that’s needed in order to reach the top of the snowy central mountains. A Pokémon Center awaits at the top in order to help trainers make their way through the snowy peaks and reach another Pokémon Center on the other side. However, we do know what this building is supposed to represent. In this same spot in the real world is the Mauna Kea Observatory. It’s set-up is remarkably similar and it lies amongst the snow-covered mountains. In Alola though, we see that the satellites are much more concentrated while the main building has a satellite on one side and a telescope on the other.

The biggest question though is what role does the observatory play? It’s likely part of the evil Team’s plan, but why? Until we officially meet them, it’s impossible to say. Travelling back down the mountain and following the path, we eventually loop around the forest and the cliffs to come back to a temple of some kind. While we don’t know it’s purpose, we do know that this is the point the player must learn Surf. There’s no other way across this lagoon and the many smaller islands that make it up. But only one has something that definitely warrants visiting, and that’s this platform. Once again, we’re not sure why it’s there, but they must be important if it’s being shown on the map.

On the other side of the water is a Pokémon Center and another trailer, though this one appears more advanced. The only place to go beyond this though is through a murky swamp covered in fog. But the big feature of the swamp is yet another platform though this one is on top of a lake with eight upright slabs surrounding it. Could it be that these platforms need to be activated in some way in order to awaken either Solgaleo or Lunala? Either way, these areas will likely be a key part of the game’s story.

Beyond the swamp is a solitary building along the road with two lamps lighting the way to the next city, which is completely walled off. This town may be the place where much of the legend of Solgaleo and Lunala lie and the largest building probably houses the next gym. Whatever happens here, it’s the end of this island and definitely leads into the final island and the confrontation with one of the Legendary Pokémon. Because the fourth island has no blue dock, we believe that players will have to return to the original island in order to Surf to the docks at the southern end.

There players can use the only Pokémon Center on the island. The town it’s in seems to be comprised of just the docks with two large structures, a tree in the middle, and an empty platform opposite of the Pokémon Center. From here on, the rest of the island appears uninhabited. Going west from the village leads to a beach and two jutting cliffs while heading east shows that an ancient civilization once lived here. All that remains are the ruins of some kind of town with only one structure still standing. From there, players can choose to head west into a canyon or north toward more jungle and a strange series of black geysers.

West seems the more likely first option though as they eventually lead to a platform with a large rock behind it. This should be familiar as it’s the same location where we were first introduced to Solgaleo and Lunala. It’s where the player eventually confronts them. Whether everything is solved at this point though, we can’t say. The other path leads through the forest, across some plains and through a smaller canyon.

On the other side is a series of waterways and bridges before a giant tree. The tree is obviously significant, but is it the location of some final battle with the Legendaries? Or could it be something else entirely? While we’ve tried to locate where the eight gym battles will take place, that has proven to be a tricky task. Some either feel too out of the way or the Gyms themselves take completely different forms that we failed to recognize. Either way, it seems the Pokémon League is actually located on a man-made island in the center of the region. Here a huge building rests in front while a smaller one sits behind. Is it possible that this large building will fill the role of Victory Road? We’re really not sure, but we are positive that the one behind is where the Elite Four and the Pokémon Champion are waiting for the final battle. But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to the game. There are some odds and ends on the map that we’ve failed to mention. First of all, there’s a small island sound of the fourth island that could probably be Surfed to when visiting that location.

Secondly, there’s another island hiding in clouds east of the 2nd Island. The only thing that can be seen on it though is a single large palm tree. What is it’s purpose? Does it hide a special Legendary or Mythical Pokémon? Thirdly, we can see boats sailing all over the map. Most of them look like modern boats, but there is one that breaks that mold. East of the Elite Four island is ship right out of history that appears to be made of wood and features a mast with sails. Is this the boat that takes you to the Elite Four? Or is it a special boat in the same vein as the S.S. Anne? But the final point is the map that Kukui shows us. There are two massive cloud formations covering the southern and northeastern edges of the map. We already know there’s another island beneath those clouds to the northeast so what are the southern clouds hiding? Whatever they are, we believe they’re the key to Sun & Moon’s post game content.

And that’s everything we could find in the newly revealed map for Pokémon Sun & Moon. While we can’t be sure if we got everything right, we do think that Alola is looking to be a fun region with lots of interesting locations and some mysteries that we can’t wait to solve. But we’re not finished yet! We still have the rest of the information in the new trailer to analyze and that’s coming very soon! Until then, let us know if we missed anything in the comments. If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything we do. Thanks for watching and make sure to stay tuned to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming..

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