Yep. This is, yep. Welcome back to Hack Attack, the show where the man with the bat can’t find us here [Whispers] please do not hurt us Game Freak. I’m Aurum, and this week we’re doing a little bit of hacking in Pokemon Sun & Moon, and woo you’ll be in for a good time. We’ve been taking our time with this video, we know, but I think it’s worth it for such…uh, weird hacks. This’ll be a short and sweet video, but we know you’ll enjoy it. So strap on to your flying Sharpedo and let us soar right into these hacks. We start our typical Pokemon adventure by meeting up with our Professor…but sike! IT’S YA BOI GUZMA! Yep, we’ve replaced Professor Kukui with Guzma, along with a couple of other things.

Like the Poke Ball for example, which is supposed to be a ball, but is instead the leader of a gang. And since the Poke Ball doesn’t have any animation attached to it, Guzma remains in the standard T-pose, just like any 3D model does without any rigging bones. Thankfully, most of the human cutscene models in the game share a standard set of bones, so Professor Guzma is still able to fully move around and interact with the player. Although the faces aren’t exactly 100%… You may have also noticed earlier that there aren’t any outlines to the models. That’s because we’re using KazoWAR’s No Outlines Patch, which, with the help of 3DS Custom Firmware, allows us to see the game in a much clearer view.

For better…or for worse. You’ll be seeing the footage swap between having outlines and not throughout the video, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Now obviously we didn’t just stop at the Professor, but rather than tell you, let’s just show you the opening cutscene to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now in terms of models, unfortunately the only ones that could be replaced were those of the higher-definition variety, so basically anything in the cutscenes. Most of the overworld models couldn’t be replaced in the slightest, but one type managed to slip through the cracks and function…”correctly”. Is this wrong? It’s probably wrong. Yeah, so we can replace the Ride Pokemon with any overworld model, but it seems like we can’t actually move while it’s like this. The player still has all their animations like when they ride Tauros or Sharpedo, but just not moving at all. Thankfully, this nightmarish scenario only occurs whenever you replace the model to a non-Ride Pokemon model.

Swapping the Ride Pokemon with each other allows the player to move around, but not exactly the Pokemon’s model. The Ride Pokemon just kinda slides around like it’s being dragged along, and it’s pretty entertaining. Even non-land based Ride Pokemon work, and wow is it goofy watching Charizard and the player just kinda…do whatever it is that they’re doing. Charizard’s been replaced over Stoutland, but you can still use the abilities of Stoutland to be able to search for hidden items. [Whispers] Charizard, you just gotta, just try to put your back into it man- As per usual, this isn’t the only swap we can do, as we can have a Tauros jetskiing along the water, and this one is a personal favorite.

And not to leave out one of the best Ride Pokemon swaps we have, it’s the flying Sharpedo. Let’s just go through this in slow motion. So what could vaguely be named “Sharpedo” flies in, and the player hitches a ride on this abomination which more resembles an airplane than an actual Pokemon, later just flying away. Sure. You feelin down, tired, or ill? Why not get refreshed with Pokemon Refresh! I don’t think playing with fictional creatures really helps any of those things, but tis the target of our next hack.

Like at the beginning of the video, we can replace models with other ones. Now unfortunately we can’t really replace Pokemon at the time of this video, or at least it’s not public information on how to do it. So instead, let’s just replace the PokeBeans…with Guzma! Because why not! The game lags a lot when the Pokemon eats the beans, mostly because of the added vertices that the game has to render from the Guzma model. It’s really weird. But I think we can go a little bit bigger than just the Ride Pokemon and Guzma. And by bigger, I mean huge. Now, this is sorta the same as before with the Guzma overworld model swap. Although instead of a small man, we’re instead going to ride the legendary Pokemon Solgaleo. Except we really can’t ride it because again, it’s not a ride Pokemon. All we can really do is just kinda look at it? That model swap’s all fine and well, but we clearly have one of the weaker legendaries.

Obviously we should be using the real legendary, Bidoof. Yes, we’ve hacked in a buffed up Bidoof comparable to that of Arceus (RKS) himself. She’s a force to be reckoned with, so why not take her for a test drive? Ah, our first victim is a Gumshoos so let’s slow it down to take a look at the carnage in action. Bidoof just flies off spinning wildly, which is pretty funny looking considering that this is definitely not a move meant for Bidoof. Afterwards, I think it’s time to rip a hole in space with our godly Pokemon. Hyperspace Hole is Hoopa’s signature move, but it seems even more fitting for Bidoof. Finally we’ve hacked in a mysterious Z-Move, which just makes instant death. No fanfare or animation, just death. Bidoof is to be truly feared. Well that’s all we have for now, and unfortunately we can’t get mods as robust as Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire yet, but that’s a video for another time.

Maybe when Sun and Moon hacking research is much further, I can maybe make a part 2? Well anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this video, I had a blast making it. Be sure to like and subscribe for the next video in 2 weeks, and I’ll see you all on Outset Island..

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