Hey, everyone it’s your friend thinknoodles and welcome to a tiny short bonus episode on a Pokemon sun At the end of the series I sort of celebrated taking down Tapu Koko Yeah looks aggressive Take out Tapu Koko even though oh Yes, you wrecked it. That’s right Kenny and well the comments were Fairly kind because I felt like a total idiot and everyone everyone to make sure to let me know that I should have caught Tapu Koko , and I made a huge mistake So I decided you know what I’ll just soft reset right well Going through this soft reset right now, and yeah, it puts me here, and I’ve already got my Zygarde So what happened happened, right? Well, I guess Nintendo.

Watched my video and felt bad for me. Just like you guys felt bad for me and For the next month supposedly now. Let’s hope this works If you go to your mystery gift click receive gift go Via internet starting today July 14th Yes Come on Come on – 1 minute 57 seconds later There! There ! There! Power Up With Shiny Tapu Koko Tapu Koko doesn’t have a special appearance-it also Shines in Battle Set the tempo with electric surge ability, causing electric terrain When it enters the field its electric seed will also raise its defense and now you’re supposed to go save like right away But let’s check out our shiny side so I did get Tapu Koko after all I got a better Tapu Koko There is the shiny and look at the particles OH! that is So Coool I Don’t know how I got this lucky guys That I just finished it and there we go We’ve got our shiny Tapu Koko Receive, so is that did I get it? I think I got it right? Once you received a gift go to any- okay Let’s go get it.

Let’s go get it Yes, look, there is a gift you have not received Please start the game and pick up your gift from the delivery man in any Poke Center Yeah, yes, yes, yes, Shiny tapu koko. *laughs* This will be nice to have both actually, but I’ll just think of having one since I just totally missed the opportunity to get there He is look how tall he is dude you got it? Yes I am can I have can I have can I have can I have? Wait, duh, okay? Yeah, sure sure sure no problem. Look not right now. Leave me alone nurse Joy. Come on. I’m excited Yes Yes, You received Tapu Koko. *laughs* There it is the shiny Tapu Koko boom And you know what it was at the end of that episode it was just that i was used to just one shotting everything I Was so excited about being the champion that I just completely forgot you can actually catch Pokemon *laughs* It’s just like it like it pushed me through the battle as if like.

I don’t know I don’t know Yeah, I’ll blame it on the game and not me all right here we go. Let’s see there it is a shiny Tapu Koko with electric seed Yeah, there’s the red little star there can we get a better view of it I think Doesn’t seem like what kind of twist you oh yeah, there you go there you go. I can twist you Around wait I just I just did up my finger. I’m just slapping you. Okay that well oh Yeah, let’s refresh you Let’s see what you look like up close. Yeah Alright, yeah So guys I have gotten my Tapu Koko. Okay, you don’t have to worry about me. I I mean I why can’t I Don’t want any of these beans. I want to give it a rainbow one Yeah, don’t worry. I got it, and I will continue. Oh my goodness. What is wrong? Why? There we go. Oh continued my journey through Pokemon Sun and Collect all those ultra beasts so guys you can do this on your own pokemon sun and moon games as well, just do that I think it’s about a month long So make sure you do it within the next month or so and you can have a shiny Tapu Koko as well once again I am sorry about what I did at the end of the last episode thankfully Nintendo and game freak bailed me out here so if you if you are Happy about me getting Tapu Koko and also getting a shiny one for yourself Go ahead and pick up those chopsticks and that that like button as hard as you can also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and uh please do become a Noodler today and subscribe.

I’ll see you guys again soon A thanks for watching and of course Noodle On!.

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