Greetings Pokefans! Michael here. So I’ve been watching a lot of Pewdiepie videos lately, and one thing that he does that I’ve noticed makes jokes more funny is when he ZOOMS IN ON HIS FACE…so yeah I think that’s something I want to start doing for more fun. So now that Pokémon Sun and Moon have been out for just over 2 months, the vast majority of you have probably completed the main story, and a solid chunk of you may have completed the Pokedex as well and received the shiny charm, like myself. Because of that, you’re probably looking for things to do in the postgame. Competitive battling is an option, but if you’re like me and don’t want to do that and the Battle Tree proves too difficult and frustrating, one thing many have turned to is shiny hunting.

Shiny hunting is bigger than it’s ever been before, with shiny Pokémon regularly appearing on my twitter feed from all sorts of different people. Now while I’m not much of a shiny hunter myself, seeing all this has me itching to get into it and start some hunting of my own. So in this video, I’m going to be counting down what I believe to be the coolest shiny Pokémon to hunt for in Pokémon Sun and Moon. These Pokémon will be ones currently available in Sun and Moon and therefore won’t include any Pokémon that you have to transfer in. In addition to that, this video will mostly feature fully evolved Pokémon that you can’t catch in the wild or hatch so therefore you can’t actually hunt for that Pokémon specifically.

However since the end goal of hunting for pre-evolutions is usually a shiny final evolution and most of the time I like the final evolved shiny better anyways, those will be what I discuss. So be sure to comment below what Pokémon you think have the coolest shinies, leave a like on the video, and subscribe if you haven’t, and without further ado, here are the top 10 coolest shiny Pokémon to hunt for in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Number 10 – Umbreon Umbreon is my favorite eeveelution, but I also think it has the coolest shiny form of all of them as well. Changing the yellow rings to a sleek blue looks awesome, and that combined with the yellow eyes truly makes it seem like a unique creature of the night. There are two ways to get a shiny Umbreon: Masuda Method or SOS chaining. Masuda Method for those who don’t know is where breeding two Pokémon from two different national origins increases the chance of the hatched Pokémon being shiny. So to get a shiny Umbreon, you could breed for a shiny Eevee and evolve it through friendship. SOS chaining, where you keep a battle going due to one Pokémon calling for help, also works well since the chance for a shiny Pokémon appearing goes drastically up the more Pokémon arrive in the battle. You can SOS chain for shiny Eevees on Route 4 or 6, but if you chain at night and you’re extremely lucky, the Eevee might even call a shiny Umbreon. That’s a very small chance so you’re probably better off catching a shiny Eevee and evolving it, but who knows? Number 9 – Aegislash Aegislash’s shiny was the best Gen 6 shiny in my opinion, and I know many people agree with me since I saw shiny Aegislash everywhere…although with the competitive scene everyone saw Aegislash everywhere but whatever.

I think Shiny Aegislash looks a lot more badass than regular Aegislash, mainly because of the dark grey blade, glowing yellow eye, and red coloring along the edge of the blade that kinda looks like blood. I personally think this should have been the regular coloring they went with because it looks so awesome. If you want a shiny Aegislash, you have to either Masuda Method breed for Honedge or soft reset for Honedge with Island Scan. I personally recommend doing the Masuda Method, since Island Scan would be much harder. First you have to Island Scan for it on Akala Island on a Wednesday, then once you get to the area where it is, you have to soft reset for it since Island Scan Pokémon don’t call for help. Now while this is more time consuming, it’s actually a big challenge since you only have one real-time hour before it disappears and you have to wait for your scanner to recharge before you can try it again.

So yeah, Masuda Method is probably the way to go. Number 8 – Vikavolt Vikavolt is my favorite Gen 7 Pokémon, and I am very happy that its shiny form is really cool as well. The sleek silver makes it seem metallic and fierce, but the green pincer stripes and bright red face add vibrancy to it that makes an awesome looking contrast, almost like a high tech computer with cool LED lights. If you want a shiny Vikavolt, you can either Masuda Method breed for Grubbin, SOS chain for Grubbin on Routes 1, 4, 5, or 6, or SOS for Charjabug at Blush Mountain. I personally recommend SOS chaining for Grubbin, since it would likely be less time consuming than Masuda Method, and Grubbin is much more likely to call for help than Charjabug. Number 7 – Braviary I didn’t actually know Braviary had a cool shiny form until I started making this video, but holy crap it looks awesome. What changes for ‘Murca bird here is that it switches the red and blue on its back and it shifts its belly plumage to be more brown than navy, and I think it looks really good.

That shade of blue is probably my favorite color, and keeping the same general theme of colors but switching their locations around is one of the best ways to make a shiny Pokémon in my opinion. If you want a shiny Braviary, it’ll depend on which version you’re playing. If you’re in Moon, your only option is to Masuda Method breed for Rufflet. However if you’re playing Sun, you of course still have the Masuda Method option, but you can also SOS chain for Rufflet on Route 3 or Braviary on the Poni Plains.

I personally recommend SOS chaining for Rufflet, since it is substantially more likely to call for help than Braviary is. Number 6 – Decidueye Merry Christmas suckas! Shiny Decidueye is here to bring Christmas cheer all year round with his arrows of yuletide spirit. Literally every aspect of Shiny Decidueye is Christmas-y and I love it. Its wings look like a christmas tree speckled with snow, its hood is like a wreath, and it even has a red gift bow right under its face. I love it so much. Delibird may always be the go-to Christmas Pokémon, but I think Shiny Decidueye is the uncontested runner-up. If you want a shiny Decidueye, you probably will have to Masuda Method for it. The only way to get a Rowlet in your own game is to hatch it or start with it, so while you could soft reset at the beginning of the game like my friend thesupremerk9s did, I doubt you’re going to want to since you’d either have to start your game over or buy another one.

Also the cutscene is like 3 minutes so you have to have god-like patience, which Dallas obviously does. Number 5 – Lycanroc I personally think Midday Lycanroc is the better of the two forms, but this entry is for both of them because I think both shiny forms look great. Both are blue, which as I said before is my favorite color, but even if it wasn’t I think the blue coloring fits them really well. Shiny Midday Lycanroc looks like a steely fierce winter wolf, and shiny Midnight Lycanroc looks like a different breed of werewolf, which of course still looks really cool. If you want a shiny Lycanroc, you can either Masuda Method breed for Rockruff, SOS chain for Rockruff in Ten Carat Hill’s Farthest Hollow, or SOS chain for either form of Lycanroc in Vast Poni Canyon.

Assuming you’re playing the version that will make Rockruff evolve into the form that you want, I recommend SOS chaining for Rockruff, since it calls for help more than Lycanroc and it will likely be faster than Masuda method. Number 4 – Palossand Lots of people have praised shiny Palossand, and I agree with them. Alola features 2 black sand beaches, so making the shiny sand castle Pokémon the color of a different kind of sand is really creative. And in addition to its cool inspiration, it looks awesome.

If you want to find yourself a shiny Palossand, you can either Masuda method or SOS chain for Sandygast on Hano Beach. I, like the other entries, recommend SOS chaining. Tends to be more successful from what I’ve seen. Number 3 – Golisopod When I first saw shiny Golisopod, I immediately wanted one. The white coloring with the blue spots and red…face stuff…looks really badass. Like a winter trilobyte of death. I want one. Unfortunately, WImpod doesn’t call for help, so if you want a shiny Golisopod, you’ll either have to masuda method or soft reset for a wild one on Route 8, the Poni Wilds, or the Poni Breaker Coast. Obviously Masuda Method is better in this case since the chances are higher. Number 2 – Gigalith Gigalith is my favorite rock type Pokémon, partially because a four legged stone creature with red spikes coming out of it looks awesome, but also because its shiny form is one of my favorites of all of them.

Changing the red spikes to a bright electric blue looks epic, and I really want one of my own. If you want a shiny Gigalith, you can Masuda method breed or SOS chain for Roggenrola in Ten Carat Hill or for Boldore in Vast Poni Canyon. SOS chaining for Roggenrola will likely lead to success the quickest, but it might get frustrating due to Sand Attack and Sturdy. Trust me on this one. But one way to get around it is to use a Keen Eye Toucannon with Bullet Seed. Which I still need to make. I need one of these. Number 1 – Minior I really like Minior a lot. It’s adorable, has an interesting gimmick, and is surprisingly pretty good in competitive. But I also really like how it has a bunch of different color options, making it so each Minior is differentiated from the others.

It seems like this aspect of it would make its shiny form tricky to design, but I think shiny Minior is perfect. Making it black, the absence of all colors, with speckles of all of Minior’s other color options looks SO COOL. I NEED IT. If you want a shiny Minior, your only option outside of random encounters is to Masuda Method breed. It can’t call for help, but even if it could, it would probably blow itself up with Self Destruct and end the battle anyways. On the bright side, Minior hatches in shields down form. Could you imagine having to take every baby Minior into battle and half its health so you can see what’s under its shell? Only masochists would have shiny Miniors if that were the case. So there we have it! Those are the Top 10 Coolest Shiny Pokémon to hunt in Pokémon Sun and Moon…in my opinion of course.

But whatever shiny Pokémon you decide to hunt, I wish you the greatest of successes. What did you think of this video? Do you agree with my list? What Pokémon do you think have the coolest shinies? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked this video, be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already you should definitely subscribe for more fun Pokémon content of all kinds. All right, that’s all I have for now, so until next time Pokefans, gotta catch them all!.

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