Greetings Pokefans! Michael here. And I’ve always loved blalabalabalbaala Pokémon Sun and Moon are less than 2 months away from being released, and I couldn’t be more excited. I love exploring a new region, and all of the new features they’ve added seem like they’ll be awesome. Plus the twists of no gyms and the weird Ultra Beasts are things I can’t wait to find out more about. But probably the most exciting thing about a brand new region and generation is the new Pokémon. Getting a whole new batch of really cool and interesting creatures is something that we all love, and every single generation has brought me some brand new favorites. Since Sun and Moon are less than two months away and we already have 45 new Pokémon revealed, I don’t think many more will be announced prior to the games’ release.

So I thought now would be a good time to count down my Top 10 favorites of the new Pokémon we’ve seen so far in anticipation for the many more we’ll meet when the games come out. These Pokémon will be ones I like for a variety of reasons, such as their design, typing, evolution potential, and many more. Also I won’t be including Alola Forms since they’re technically not new Pokémon, but if you want to see me make a list of my favorite Alola forms before the games come out, let me know in the comments below! So be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t, and without further ado, here are my Top 10 Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon. Number 10 – Tapu Koko I really like Tapu Koko. It’s so different from any Pokémon we’ve seen before. Even though its typing isn’t unique, it feels unique since this guy is absolutely nothing like Dedenne. It’s definitely reminiscent of other fairy or sprite-like Pokémon we’ve seen in the past, but the intense glare, intimidating markings, and epic mohawk make it look a heck of alot cooler.

I also really like Tapu Koko’s role as the guardian of Melemele Island. It’s almost like a Pokémon superhero, which I think is a really awesome concept. Although the site does say it’s fickle and won’t always come to your aid which is kind of lame so it’s more a flawed hero. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what the other guardians are like, and I’m especially excited to see how they team up like…Hawaiian Pokémon Power Rangers.

Number 9 – Type: Null I said that Tapu Koko was unlike any Pokémon we’d seen before, and Type: Null takes that to the next level in a big way. First off, its name is Type: Null. A colon is literally in its name. I didn’t know that was possible! But what I really love about Type: Null is how badass this thing looks. It’s like a Pokémon version of a Frankenstein monster, but instead of being hideous, it’s freaking cool.

The fearsome talons combined with hind paws and the freaking tomahawk on its head are just so dang intimidating, and the power-restricting mask makes it look super intense. I do hope we get to see what it looks like without it though. Type: Null also seems like it’ll have a really interesting backstory, and I really want to know more. It was supposedly created to take on legendary Pokémon, but now it’s partnered with Gladion the Team Skull enforcer and has a power restricting mask? Who created it and why? And how did it get to this point? I can’t wait to find out more about it because I think this backstory is going to be super interesting.

Number 8 – Pikipek I think Pikipek is one of the cutest basic form regional birds that we’ve seen, rivalling and possibly surpassing Fletchling. We were definitely long overdue for a woodpecker Pokémon, and I think they did a really great job with Pikipek’s design. And the Skill Link ability will hopefully make it a formidable fighter, assuming it gets access to moves that will help with. I also like Pikipek a lot because I think the potentials for its evolutions are huge. Most of the regional birds have ended up looking at least somewhat like birds of prey, but since a woodpecker isn’t really anything like that, I think they could make a unique final evolution for Pikipek that would stand out from the other regional birds while still looking really cool. Number 7 – Wishiwashi This thing has got to have the craziest Pokémon gimmick I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely love it. Wishiwashi’s normal form is cute, and kinda reminds me of Tynamo, a Pokémon I’ve always liked.

But its School form is just absolutely terrifying! This cute little fish summons allies and becomes the 27 ft long behemoth that supposedly Gyarados are afraid of! Holy crap! If that’s the case I want to know what the stats are of this thing. Its attack and speed have got to be through the roof. One of the Japanese trailers showed this awesome shot of this thing coming out of the water in a rainstorm, and it looks extremely epic. This shot implies that a school form Wishiwashi will be one of the Totem Pokémon, and I can tell you for sure, that is going to be one hell of a boss fight. Number 6 – Rowlet Rowlet has been my favorite starter from the beginning and still is as of now. I think it’s adorable, plus I have a soft spot for it since I’ve tended to root for the grass starters ever since Treecko and Turtwig. Plus I correctly predicted that the grass starter would be a bird. “A bird grass starter seems really likely, since grass is the only starter type that hasn’t had a bird yet.” Unfortunately we still haven’t officially seen any of the starters’ evolutions yet, and while I do like Rowlet itself, the final evolutions will end up being the final deciding factor for my favorite Gen 7 starter.

But if the supposed evolution leaks do turn out to be true, and it does seem very likely that they will, Rowlet will remain my favorite starter because that archer owl is one of the coolest designs I have ever seen. Number 5 – Minior Minior is flat out adorable. Just look at that cute little face! And how it spins! And comes in different colors! I want one to just float around me all day so I can look at it whenever I feel sad. I love this little guy. I’ve wanted us to have a meteor Pokémon ever since I was a kid, so it’s nice to finally see one. I think it’s cool that it has the rock flying type as well, since Minior is the first rock flying type we’ve had that isn’t a prehistoric flying creature. Minior’s gimmick of having a shell that breaks is really interesting, and while I do think that will hinder its battle prowess, since unlike Aegislash, it can’t control when its becomes more defensive or offensive, I still think it’s a fun and interesting new twist on a Pokémon’s gimmick.

Even though Minior probably won’t be all that great in battle, I still think it’s cute and overall loveable. Number 4 – Jangmo-o I think that’s how you say it? I’m not really sure…it’s kinda… It’s very infrequent that we have hyphens in a Pokemon name. They’re adding a lot of that stuff this year. I’ve always liked reptilian Pokémon, whether it be lizards, snakes, or dragons, and Jangmo-o is definitely included in that. I think it’s cute, and I think the head scales used for both defense and offense is a cool concept. The fact that they’re valiant Pokémon adds points too. But I’m also really excited to see Jangmo-o’s evolutions. It seems like it could be the region’s pseudo legendary, so that means it will probably have some phenomenal evolutions that will be both really cool and powerful.

Number 3 – Salandit Back in my Top 10 New Dual Types video, Poison Fire was my number three never-before-seen dual type that I wanted a Pokémon to have in Sun and Moon, and I am very happy to see that my wish was granted. Salandit is really cool, both in appearance and concept. Like I just said, I love reptilian Pokémon, and I think Salandit’s color scheme is badass. In addition to that, its new ability Corrosion is so freaking cool. Being able to poison steel and poison type Pokémon is a game changer and is something really creative I wasn’t expecting. It’s the perfect ability for a poison fire Pokémon. I also can’t wait to see what its evolutions will be like. I hope they go for a design that’s either powerful and intimidating or like a sly thief or rogue rather than a cartoon villain like Krookodile. But assuming that the evolution looks as good or better than Salandit, I’m probably going to use one on my team. Fairies will stand no chance…unless they know earthquake.

Number 2 – Lycanroc Ever since Rockruff was revealed, I knew that it would have a cool evolution. I could just tell from its design. And when Lycanroc was revealed, I was happy to see that I was right! Lycanroc is just so cool! I really like how it has two different forms. We’ve never really had a super wolf-like Pokémon, (we had Arcanine but Lycanroc is much more like a real-life wolf), so I like that it covers both the regular wolf and werewolf aspects in one Pokemon. And even though the forms are version exclusive, you don’t have to worry about trading to get it registered in your Pokedex since it’s still the same Pokémon. I personally prefer Lycanroc’s Midday form over the Midnight form, since I think the Midday form looks really sleek and fierce while the Midnight form is a bit goofier in my opinion.

But I do still like the midnight form! Werewolves are cool, so therefore midnight Lycanroc is cool. I’m also excited to see what kind of stats and moves it gets. I feel like the two different forms will differ a lot in those regards, but so far the Midday form seems more built for speed and the midnight form more for offense. It seems like the Midday form has the most potential to be a great battler though, since we’ve already seen it using a new priority rock type move called Accelerock, and the Sand Rush ability could definitely be really viable. I really want to see what other battle capabilities this Pokémon has, since Lycanroc is overall really cool, and there’s a decent chance I’ll use the midday form it in my playthrough of Pokémon Sun. Number 1 – Vikavolt I…love…Vikavolt…or Vickavolt…or maybe even Veekavolt…I’m calling it Vikavolt because it sounds the coolest and I’ll correct myself if it’s said in the anime differently. I’ve never used Vikavolt and it is already my favorite bug type Pokémon. Electric type has always been my favorite type, so it’s really cool seeing an electric bug type that isn’t an unsettling spider.

And it is so cool in every way possible! It looks super badass with the fearsome eyes, electrically charged jaws, and sharp edged wings. It’s fast and can fly acrobatically, and I think the idea of it holding onto Charjabug for more energy is really fun. I’m just imagining this thing flying around and dodging every attack, then firing back with a super-charged electrical blast from its jaws. It’s amazing. Plus, I think Vikavolt has the potential to be a decent competitive Pokémon as well.

It may have a weakness to stealth rock, but it seems like it’ll be really fast and hit hard, so who cares if it takes a bit of rock damage? And even though it’s weak to rock, it only has one other weakness in fire, then four resistances and an immunity. As long as its stats are decent and its movepool respectable, I can definitely see it being used a lot. Vikavolt is hands down my favorite of the Gen 7 Pokémon so far, and I can’t wait to use one on my team. So there we have it! Those are my Top 10 New Pokémon so far in Pokémon Sun and Moon. I think the Gen 7 group of Pokémon is a really solid one, and I’m super excited to see the rest of them! What did you think of this video? Do you agree with my list? What are your favorite new Gen 7 Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked this video be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already you should definitely subscribe for more fun Pokémon content of all kinds.

All right, that’s all I have for now, so until next time Pokefans…gotta catch them all!.

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