What is up guys this is John aka PokeMEN and today I’m going to be bringing you guys another top 10 and this time I am going to be going over the top 10 rarest pokemon in pokemon sun and moon. Pokemon Sun and Moon brought us a variety of brand new Pokemon to catch along with some Pokemon that were introduced in different generations throughout the Alolan region. While the goal is always to catch them all it won’t be that easy in Alola as there are a few very rare and hard to find Pokemon.

Isn’t that right Matt? That’s right John that’s exactly why I’m here. On this video we are going through numbers ten through six and over on my channel we’re going to be going through numbers five to one so be sure to go check out that video after watching this one. So without further ado let’s get right on into the video! Golisopod has become a fan favorite and while everyone wants to get their own finding and then catching a Wimpod might not be too easy.

Wimpod can only be found in three different areas and it has its own unique encounter method. Either at Route 8, the Poni Breaker Coast, or the Poni Wilds you have a chance of seeing a Wimpod sitting out in the open at a specific spot. If you go towards the Wimpod it will run away and unless you are riding Tauros you won’t be able to encounter it. If it does run away you will have to leave the area and just hope that another one is there when you get back. So instead of go straight towards it you will need to sneak up behind it and prevent it from running away and hiding from you. Finally then you will have a chance to catch your very own wimpod, but even then that won’t be easy.

If wimpod’s health goes below half it will flee and you will have to start the whole process over again. So make sure you’re stocked up on Pokeballs when you go out and try to catch yourself a wimpod! Type: Null is one of the coolest new additions to the Pokemon world and a lot of people were excited to play through the game with one on their team. Unfortunately Type: Null is only obtainable post game and throughout the game you’ll be teased by it whenever you battle Gladion.

After you do beat the game you can go back to Aether Paradise and talk to Gladion who will entrust you will a Type: Null. This is one of the two only Type: Nulls that exists so while you may get it a bit late it’s still nice to be given such a rare and cool Pokemon! Another Pokemon that quickly became a fan favorite, Stufful is an adorable teddy bear Pokemon that many people want to add to their team while playing through Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Thankfully stufful is actually catchable pretty early on in the game and can be found on Route 8 and in the Akala Outskirts. Unfortunately to go along with only being found in those two locations, Stufful has a five percent encounter rate making it quite difficult to find. If you’re patient enough you should be able to find one of these guys and it will definitely be worth the wait! Dhelmise is a very unique new Pokemon introduced to us in Pokemon Sun and Moon and while many people want one for themselves it hasn’t been easy to find. That’s because Dhelmise can only be found in one location in all of Alola and that’s through fishing in the Seafolk Village. Fishing normally gives you only a 1% chance to find a Dhelmise and unless you are really patient or lucky you most likely won’t be able to find one.

The best way to get a Dhelmise is to fish at the bubbling spots where you’ll instead have a 10% chance to find one. While those odds are a lot better it still won’t be the easiest Pokemon to find so if you hunt for one good luck! Like Dhelmise you will have to fish to catch yourself a Mareanie, but it Mareanie’s case it’s actually a lot more complicated than just getting lucky. First you have to go to either Route 9 or the Melemele Sea and find a fishing spot. If it isn’t a bubbling spot you will only have a one percent chance to find a Corsola and if it is bubbling you will then have a twenty percent chance to find one.

Why do you need to find Corsola you might be asking, well the only way to get a Mareanie is through an SOS battle. You will want to weaken the Corsola and use an adrenaline orb on it so that it will call for an ally more often and every time a Corsola is called make sure to knock it out. Eventually a Mareanie should be called and then you will finally have your chance to catch yourself a Mareanie! And that is it for this video, but not for our list. Make sure to go over to Matt’s channel for part two so that you can find out what Pokemon is the rarest in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Make sure leave a like if you enjoyed this part and let me know in the comments which Pokemon you think is the rarest in general. But that’s all I have for you guys for now so until next time, peace!

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