E:One of the most key and important features in having a good game has to be having good music. With a good soundtrack you can amplify how great, scary, quite, or even evil a place is. And with Pokemon Sun and Moon you don’t have to worry about that, this game has one of the best soundtracks in the entire franchise! K: Did somebody just say soundtrack? E: uh… yeah I did K: … You know you can’t do a video like this without me, Acloudcalledklaus in it (Says quickly: please check out my channel) E: oh… ok… So today Klaus and I are going to give you guys what we think are the Top 5 best Pokemon Sun and Moon Music Themes. K: Keep in mind there is soo much good music in this game that it was very difficult to decide on which 5 are the best. Which is why we had to throw in a few honorable mentions so that one we dont hate ourselves for not talking about them and 2 so that you people wont crucify us in the comment section… (Whispers please dont kill us) E: In the interest of time for each honorable mention we will only be dedicating about a sentence or 2 to each theme, so that we can really just focus on the top 5.

And again like almost all of my videos this video contains a lot of Opinions, and if you’re favorite theme isn’t on this list then I’m sorry we just have differing Opinions. But if you think there is a Theme that must get a mention then be sure to let me know in the comment section below. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like, subscribe, and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. E 5. Royal Avenue – One of the first themes I thought about when planning out this video has to be the royal avenue theme. I think one of the greatest things about this theme is that it feels new, but it’s also very familiar at the same time.

I can definitely feel Unova vibe when listening to this song and it definitely gets me in the mood to just play pokemon. This theme is also one of the few songs that I actually downloaded on my Iphone to just listen to on the go and I usually never do that with video game soundtracks. This theme is just that good. K 4. Lillie – I’m sorry but this theme gave me goosebumps. It is so unbelievably beautiful I couldn’t help but stop and listen to it and look forward to speaking to Lillie or having Lillie cut scenes because I knew I would hear it again.

I like that fact that it is French inspired, given that our last game was set in a French inspired region. It encapsulates the mysteriousness of Lillies character and also her childish innocence in the melody at the start. It is also a good piece to evoke emotion as it fits every single situation that involves Lillie whether she is happy, sad, frustrated or even angry.

Such a universal theme deserves a spot on this list. E 3. Guzma Encounter Theme – Team Skull’s music has to be one of my favorite out of any evil team in the Pokemon Franchise. If I could I would just put all of team skull’s music in this spot but since I have to pick just one I gotta go with my boy guzma’s encounter theme. This is another one of those themes where it sounds similar to another generation.

When listening over to it you definitely get a team galactic vibe to it which is great because in my opinion galactic was one of the best evil teams. Another reason why this song is so great is because it really got me hyped to battle Guzma, and that’s what the main goal of these encounter themes are. Also the little bit of static is a really nice touch. K 2. Lusamine Second Battle – Given how long this battle is, I hate Clefable now, you get a real good listen to it. Can we agree that Lusamine was the most final boss feeling, well final boss in any Pokemon game. Her music really shows this off. It takes her theme and twists and perverts it from something ambiguous to true evil. It also reminded me of the Final Fantasy Boss themes which are always some of the more epic pieces of video game music and that’s what this theme is to me.

It’s not just a Pokemon theme. Its an epic piece of climatic music. E Before we get to the number 1 spot here are a few honorable mentions that Klaus and I felt needed to be talked about. K – Kukuis Lab – It’s Reggae. Do I need to say more? Reggae in a Pokemon game with the cool Professor. K – Faba – This is music that perfectly fits the type of man faba is.

A weasel. It’s sly and shady just like his personality and fits him perfectly K – Trainer Encounter – I stopped when I heard this and was bumping my head for a good 5 minutes before I realised that battle hadn’t started. Any theme that does that to me is awesome K – Malie city Night – This theme is a perfect relaxing theme that is place pretty much in the middle of the game after a lot of craziness has begun and gives you a cool calm checkpoint.

Plus it reminds me of Johto and I LOVE johto. E – Aether Paradise I think one of my personal favorite themes is the aether paradise. This theme really gives a calm and relaxing tone and also feels very futuristic which if you look at the aether Paradise fits perfectly (Squidward future plays) E – Abandoned megamart When I first got to the abandoned megamart and heard this theme I automaticly assumed my 3ds was messing up. And its awesome because it gives off this really unsettling feeling as well as making you think that something is really wrong around here kind of similar to Lavender Town in the originals E – Verdant cavern what’s so great about this theme is that it just really really fits it’s setting. The jungle tropical vibe really gets me in the mood to explore. Plus I love jungle book and it reminds me of jungle book (Ear rape bear necessities) E – Paniola ranch this is one of the most feelsy songs I’ve ever heard.

Just listening to this song fills me with hope that things will get better. E 1. Pokemon ending credits – Whenever the end credits of a Pokemon game roll it’s an emotional moment. A feeling of accomplishment, victory, glory and friendship. The music is usually a nice addition to this. However this time it’s the music that gives you all of the feels. Hearing the title theme song played throughout the game in many different ways and then perfected for this one moment is simply astounding. It really sums up how we believe everybody felt about this game. My body, was regi. E Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel and become an Eryibro today. I also would like to thank my good friend klaus for joining me today.

Tell me klaus what are we doing on your channel? K We kicked off a new series on my channel discussing some themes in Sun and Moon that actually are very similar to themes from older generations. Come along, we may surprise you E And if you guys are here from Klaus’s channel I also did another pokemon themes video which you can check out by clicking the annotation on the left. And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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