I gotta say Pokemon Sun and Moon are my favorite games in the entire series. One of the BIGGEST reasons why is because of the new features that completely change everything you know about pokemon. From scraping the gym battles and adding trials to completely ridding the game of Hms its safe to say this series got an extreme buff. Speaking of which these games gave a lot of buffs to existing moves, pokemon, and just made the game a lot more fun to play. So today I am going to be showing you guys the Top 5 Biggest Buffs in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But with a video like this I really am going to need somebody’s help, and who better than the buffest dude in the community Woopsire Woopsire: oh hell yeah Im jacked dude. But anyways even though this is a top 5 video the topics on this list are in no particular order so if you think the ordering is wrong, well… too bad E: If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started.

#5 Moves One of the most noticeable changes within the new games has to be the moves. Some of the changes that were brought to these games like greninja water shuriken becoming special or delphox’s mystical fire getting pushed up 10 base power was to be expected. But some the more unexpected buffs in Sun and Moon has to be Flying press getting powered up to 100 and Leech Life becoming one of the most useful bug type moves. The fact that it sucks hp out from the opposing pokemon and is now base 80 power probably means that we’re going to be seeing this move more in competitive battles #4 Pokemon Getting Better Abilities Along with a bunch of pokemon moves getting an update a lot of Pokemon were also given new abilties.

In some cases they were more of a nerf but most were actually buffing the pokemon. Pokemon like Pelipper, Torkaol, the Vanilluxe line, and Gigalith were given access to weather setting abilities like drizzle, drought, snow warning, and sand stream. Pokemon like Cubchoo and Beartic were given abilities that increase their speed in the hail called Slush Rush. One of the coolest new abilities in my opinion #3 EV Training Is Easier I think one of the most useful and amazing buffs in Pokemon Sun and Moon has to be the upgraded Power items. Although Ev training will still be a pain in the neck to do, at least the power items will now give a total of 8 evs after battle instead of just 4. Also another huge ev training buff that was included in this game was the SOS Battle chaining strategy.

With the newly buffed power items and if your pokemon has pokerus you have the potential to gain a total of 36 effort values per sos battle. With all these new ev training buffs it definitely makes it a whole lot easier than in previous generations… Wait a minute (zooms in to gen) *GASP* #2 Pokemon Stat Buffs Following suit with X & Y’s release, a few older pokemons base stats were tweaked a bit, with nearly all of these changes being good ones.

A few of my personal favorites would be the +25 base attack stat of Farfetch’d, bringing up its 65 base attack stat to a solid 90. Ariados gaining a +10 Special Defence boost, magcargo gaining +10 to both its HP and special attack, Corsola gaining +10 to its HP, Defence, and SpDef, Mantine getting that nice +20 HP boost, and masquerain getting a +20 to SpA and Speed. And thats it. I got nothing else to say… can we roll the next one? #1 Pokemon Learning New Moves Although only few pokemon learn new moves in these games most of them are key to their success in competitive battle. For example there’s Flygon learning dragon dance, Bellossom learning quiver dance, and Mantine learning roost. And although none of these moves are necessarily attacking moves having the ability to set up quickly and the newly HP boost to mantine really help out in the long run.

And when looking through all of these newly buffed features we can definitely say that the meta game is completely changed. Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel and become an Eryibro today. I also want to thank my good friend Woopsire for joining me today W Thanks for having me my erybro if you guys wanna see some nerfs head on over to the video we did on my channel where we do the exact same thing we did here but not really because its different because we did nerfs.

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