Woop’s Intro Woop A little before Sun and Moon’s official release there were reports coming out that some things in pokemon had been hit pretty hard with nerfs. For anyone that doesn’t know a nerf is something that actually happens quite often in video games where they take something and make it a little or in some cases a lot less effective. There weren’t a ton of these nerfs, but the ones that were implemented had some pretty significant effects. E: Like narcotics Woop: uhh ok E: yeah (long pause) E: wup rollin I can never get it Ive been up to long sodojsf (intro) Woop: These are the Top 5 BIGGEST nerfs in Pokemon Sun and Moon in no particular order E: let’s get started #5 – Status Conditions So first up let’s address the changes made to the status conditions.

The earliest one of these found was the nerf to Paralyzation, which was found in the Sun and Moon Demo. Now instead of slowing the affected mon by 75% of their speed, it now only slows by 50%. However the nerf seems to only have affected the speed, as they still have a 25% chance to immobilize the affected mon when it attacks. Confusion also received a very minor nerf as well, instead of having a 50% chance of the pokemon to hit itself it now has a 33% chance. And finally the last major change was in the Burn status condition. Now a burnt pokemon loses 6.25% percent of its total health vs the 12.5% in previous generations. Geez, all these numbers got me stunned in confusion E: stop #4 – Pokemon With Ability Changes One of the most notable downgrades in Pokemon Sun and Moon has to be the changes in Abilities. Not all of them are bad but some of them like Gengar getting cursed body or the legendary beast trio getting inner focus are game changers, and not in the good way… or else it wouldn’t be on this list you peice of sh- With Gengar losing levitate it now has to not only worry about ghost psychic and dark types but now you and add ground types to the ever so frail gengar.

And with almost all pokemon nowadays getting earthquake it’s not a good time. And even though the legendary trio’s absorption abilities are event exclusive it’s still a big hit to lose that for inner focus. Like what does inner focus do anyways… (pop up inner focus desc.) oh that’s cool i guess #3 Ability Changes Oh boy, these ability changes are some fun ones. I guess we’ll just dive in with Parental Bond. Maybe Mega Kanga might be usable in smogon, or start disappearing on VGC teams. With the new and un-improved Parental Bond ability. With the changes the first hit now does 100% damage and the little baby kanga now does 25% damage instead of the previous 50%. Number wise it doesn’t seem like that big of a nerf but trust me it is.

Im a pokemon expert after all right? Remember when Talonflame dominated the OU tier? I sure do. Well rip to the birb because I guess Pokemon isnt having anymore of its shenanigans. They took the nerf hammer hard on its super strong ability Gale Wings by tweaking it so that the ability only works while you have full HP. Rip Priority Brave Bird Spam. #2 – Moves Although move change nerfs weren’t as prominent as maybe some other topics on this list, there are still some moves that kinda got crippled thanks to the new metta. With moves like dark void dropping to 50 percent accuracy and only darkrai can use it now. To Destiny Bond basically becoming protect 2.0, and even the small things like sucker punch losing 10 base power and thunder wave having 90% accuracy.

All of these moves really add up to a big change in the entire meta game. D-Pad We just wanna give an honorable mention to the D-Pad, gone but never forgotten Who can say where the road goes, zooming in on D-pad E: What about the 3D? W: No one cares about the 3d (in retard voice) E *Voice Crack* Ahhhhhhhh #1 Shiny Changes This is one that might not affect you in any way shape or form but for some people in the shiny hunting community its had an interesting effect. Horde battles were introduced in 6th gen and was a very popular method of shiny hunting.

By finding 5 pokemon at once your chances of finding a shiny increased exponentially. Also introduced was the addition of Chain Fishing, which also increased the odds of finding a shiny while fishing pokemon in succession. Then in ORAS the DexNav was introduced which made finding a specific pokemon pretty easy. However in sun and moon they seem to have taken all of those out, and instead we have found a new method involving Ally Calling or SOS chaining or whatever you wanna call it.

Also for the first time in a while ALL of the legendaries have been shiny locked, including the new Island Guardians which is odd for a regions “trinity” to be locked. Outro W: But anyway thats gonna wrap up the video guys, big thanks to Eryizo for coming along with us and helping us out. E: *Voice Crack* Thanks for having *Cough* I mean Thanks for having me and if you guys want to see more of us acting like total idiots than be sure to head over to my channel where we will discuss the Top 5 BIGGEST Buffs in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

W: Right, go do that! And before you go make sure to drop a like as your support is greatly appreciated, and I’ll see you guys in the next one..

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