Evolution, it’s been around since the earliest days of pokemon. From gen 1 to now gen 7 evolution has been an important factor in the pokemon games. But there is one form of evolution that a lot of people don’t normally talk about, the pre evolutions. Though yes the pre evolutions don’t add as much to a pokemon as let’s say a mega evolution or even a regular evolution, but the pre evolutions still bring a new dimension to a pokemon’s design. Plus they’re so cute just look at them man there just adorable. And with new pokemon sun and moon news dropping only a couple of days ago I thought it would fun to speculate what I think are the Top 5 Possible Pre evolutions for Pokemon sun and moon. But since im really lonely (whispers i need friends help me plz) I decided to bring along my good friend speqtor to help me tackle all this baby… Get it? Baby? Cuz… pre evolution.

Speqtor: What’s up, guys? Hey, can I do the thing? Eryizo: Sigh… Fine. Speqtor: Sweet! If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe, and share this video with a friend, and with that being said let’s get started. Eryizo: Ugh… *bleep* u 5 Eryizo: Coming in at number 5 we have the deceiver pokemon mawile. As I stated in a previous video mawile has one of the coolest origins out of any pokemon. So why not give some more love to mawile by giving it a pre evolution. I mean just look at it it’s so CUTE. Speqtor: Mawile already has a great mega evolution but adding in this adorable little thing would be just awesome to see. Nawble would make a good name for this pokemon though I must admit we got this name from another fakemon designer named cerulebell. Eryizo: I could see Nawble just having the the fairy typing and later earning the steel typing once it evolves into mawile, Now in terms of evolution I could it evolving at level 36 or by tradeli holding the Metal Coat.

Who would WANT to though? Look at that face! 4 Speqtor: I’ll be honest, I think Tangela is adorable, but I know that tons of people would disagree. Eryizo: *Cough* Speqtor: Ugh… See? But who knows, maybe a pre-evolution could breath some life into the Tangela line. Eryizo: Even though I think tangela is an ugly piece of crap this amazing design made by pikapow just literally personifies the word cute. Although the coloration of the pokemon is a little different from its evolved form I still think this pokemon would be a great edition to the games.

Plus the little top part here is blue so maybe as it evolves the blue spreads into the rest of its body? I dont know that’s the best I got. Speqtor: As for it evolving pikapow has it evolve into tangela from happiness which I think makes a lot of sense, but I could also see it evolving regularly at level 15. Or, ya know, when it finds some red shoes.

3 Eryizo: Storming into the number 3 slot we have a pre evolution for one of my favorite pokemon that was introduced to us in gen 3, Absol. From the very interesting origin, the awesome movie cameo, to even it’s majestic mega evolution there is a lot to love about the pokemon absol. Speqtor: I personally don’t like Absol, but this adorable pre-evolution made by Rizzoart does it at least a little justice. I love how the design doesn’t stray too far away from Absol’s but still has a unique look to it.

Eryizo: For an evolution Rizzo has this pokemon evolving into absol through max happiness during the night time. Although I do like the idea of that I think a better idea could be that this pokemon has to learn the move future sight in order to evolve… cause you know… Absol can predict future disasters… 2 Speqtor: Smeargle is one of those pokemon that you wouldn’t really expect to get any form of evolution. It’s got a cool gimmick of being a painter pokemon that can learn any move it wants. Eryizo: But then Speqtor and I came across Pawgie made by Zerudez, who also did Speqtor’s character commission, and he melted our hearts. Speqtor: Pawgie of course will only learn the move Sketch just like Smeargle, but only once. Not every 10 levels. In terms of how it would evolve, I think either max friendship or just simply at level 20. There really isn’t much to say here since Smeargle in itself is a fairly simple pokemon, but this little Picasso pup is just too cute for us to not put his high on the list.

1 Eryizo: Sigilyph is a pokemon I would have never expected to see on this list, mainly because this pokemon doesn’t look like it needs something added to it, plus it’s really ugly so how can a pre evolution make it look any less ugly? But i guess anything is possible and this design made by smiley manages to make sigilyph look adorable… to an extent… still ugly as balls. Speqtor: I personally like how smiley kept this design simple but still stuck to Sigilyphs roots, both in design and in its name: Nazcid, since Sigilyph is based on the Nazca lines. Eryizo: In terms of evolution smiley has this pokemon evolve into Sigilyph through max happiness, which I agree with and think would be a good idea.

Overall this pokemon would be a great addition to the games and I would love to see it happen in pokemon sun and moon. OUTRO Speqtor: Hey, just gonna squeeze this in here before his outro. Uh.. we did a thing about evolutions for sun and moon over on my channel. So like if you could check that out, that’d be great. Eryizo: Oh yeah we did that didnt we? So if you dont mind click this annotation here to check it out. Also thank you guys so much for watching, if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. What pre evolution would you like to see happen in pokemon sun and moon let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an eryibro today. Also I’d like to thank my hombre speqtor for joining me today. Speqtor: That’s racist. But yeah, thanks for watching guys. And as always, stay bueno Eryizo: That’s not my outr-.

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