What’s up guys, my name is Monkiez and welcome to a Pokemon Sun and Moon Top 5.In Pokemon Sun and Moon we were introduced to a lot of new Pokemon in the alola region. Some of my favorites include Tapu koko, Wishiwashi and Decidueye. I enjoyed my first playthrough of the game and was able to successfully beat the champion without any problems, however, there is just one flaw with the game. Back in older generations, I found it not as hard to find the pokemon that were considered rare, I dont know if its just me but i find myself constantly runnning and running around trying to find a single pokemon. The encounter rates for some of the Pokemon are very low. For example, Jangmo-o has only a 1% encounter rate and can only be found in one location. Based on their ingame encounter rates, Lots of the Pokemon are considered rare “rare” so thought today it would share the Top 5 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! At the end of your video, make sure you leave a liike, comment and subscribe if youre new.

And with that being said why dont we get started. Coming in the number 5 slot is Munchlax and Happiny. Now this isnt necesarilly high on the list due to the fact that their is a case in the games where munchlax is not rare at all. When Pokemon sun and Moon were announced, once the games came out players who pre ordered the games recieved an event munchlax. So munchlax isnt rare in the sense of recieving the Pokemon, but he’s rare in the sense of finding him. Both Happiny and Munchlax can both be found really early in the games, is why I grouped them together.On route 1 at night and in the morning, munchlax can be found through walking. However, he is a really rare encounter with only a 5% chance to find. Now Happiny on the other hand, is only obtainable through an SOS encounter by either battling a munchlax.

So on Top of finding a munchlax with a 5% chance, you also need to be able to somehow find a happiny as one of the S.O.S encounters, which can get pretty annoying. The 4th rarest Pokemon, can only be obtainable in a single area in the game. However, the difference is that the location where we find bagon is really early in the game, compared to where we can find this pokemon. This Pokemon can only be found in the Thrifty Megamart, and is only accesible on Ula’ula Island. This Pokemon is one of my least favorite Pokemon in the Alola region, I actually despise this thing, the way it looks and the fact that so many people like it.

If you havent guessed it already, the Pokemon is Mimikyu. Mimikyu is one of the rarer pokemon, as it has a 5% encounter rate. This would be fine if the Gengar and Haunters didnt have a 40 encounter rate. In the thrifty Megamart all you do is kill the haunters and golbats waiting patiently for the mimikyu. Now I know thathis ecounter rate is still 5%, but in order to catch him you need to be on the third island and complete the trial. All in all, I had a much better time looking for other pokemon than a mimkyu. The second rarest pokemon in sun and moon is the new pseudo legendary introduced in the alola region. In each region of Pokemon we’re introduced to a new psuedo legend,these Pokemon are usually a dragon type, and some of them include Dragonite, Salamence and Garchomp.

And the pseudo legendary in the alola region is Jangmo-o. Jangmo-o can only be found in the Vast Poni Canyon, on poni island. Jangmo-o can only be found in a certain patch of grass with a 5% encounter rate. You can also find its evolutions, Hakmo-o and Komo-o by doing an SOS encounter. Just like Mimkyu, theres only one place you can capture it and it is only accessible after you complete the trial, however this Island is the last island in the game which is why he’s higher on the list than mimikyu Our runner up for the rarest Pokemon in Sun and Moon is Salamence, specifically a level 10 salamence.

Now a lot of you are probably scratching your heads right now, saying, theres no such thing, but there actually is a certain case in which you can find him in the games. On route 3 there is a one percent chance to encounter his pre evolution, bagon. In Pokemon sun and moon we were introduced to a new feature of battling known as SOS battles. During a battle there is a random chance that the pokemon youre facing can call on an ally Pokemon, to help them in battle. One of bagon’s ally Pokemon has a 1% chance to be a level 10 salamence So basically the odds of encountering this salamence is .0001 or .01%. Not to mention that this can only be found in one route, in one patch of grass in the game, with only one pokemon that can SOS for it, it can be a pretty annoying thing to find.

But hey. Thats why we have pkhex. The rarest Pokemon in Sun and Moon, has to go to Mareanie. Mareanie is one of my favorite pokemon in the games since its evolution is such a beast. Mareanie can only be found in two places in the games, however with only a 1% encounter rate in both areas. Not to mention that they can only be found in an SOS ecnounter. Marenie can only be found by battling a corsola. When fishing at a bubbling spot corsola can be found with a 20% chance making it so that mareanie can only be found with a .2% chance. Without the bubbling water, corsola can be found with a 1% chance making it so that, just like salamence Mareanie can only be found with a .01% chance.

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