Greetings Pokefans! Michael here. So this video is actually the second Top 5 video I’ve made since Pokémon Sun and Moon came out, which may come as a surprise to some of you because the other one did so shockingly badly that there’s probably a large portion of you that didn’t see it. So if you want to make a cute Pokémon YouTuber happy, you should watch it.

I promise that they’re actually good tips. Pokémon Sun and Moon have just come out, and everyone is raving about how they’re the greatest Pokémon games ever created, a sentiment I completely agree with. I have adored playing through it, and definitely believe that GameFreak has made masterpieces. They have an amazing story, convenient features, loveable characters, and some really awesome new Pokémon. Speaking of those new Pokémon, for my 2nd countdown video after the games’ release, I decided to take a closer look at some of the new Pokémon and count down the Top 5 strongest New Pokémon. This list will be based on their base stat total, with other factors coming into play if there’s a tie, and I will NOT be including legendary Pokémon or Ultra Beasts, firstly because I think this list would be more interesting if I didn’t, and secondly because I haven’t encountered a lot of them yet. So be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t, and without further ado, here are the Top 5 Strongest New Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Number 5 – Incineroar So the number 5 slot was actually a five-way tie between Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina, Golisopod, and Alolan Exeggutor, all with a base stat total of 530. So because of that, I had to break the tie based on other factors, such as movepool, defensive and attacking abilities, and so forth. Golisopod’s ability Emergency Exit is really bad, so it was the first one thrown out. The remaining four all have pretty mediocre speed, so therefore they have to have respectable defenses and type matchups to be effective. Alolan Exeggutor has alright defenses, with base 75 and 85 respectively, but it has 6 weaknesses and only 4 resistances, which is noticeably worse than the other three, so I eliminated it next. Decidueye was the next to go, since while it does have 6 resistances or immunities, tying Incineroar and falling one short of Primarina, it has 5 weaknesses and a lower primary attacking stat than the other two. So that leaves Primarina and Incineroar, and I have to say, it was tough for me to decide. Primarina has higher special defense but lower physical defense. It has one less weakness and one more resistance, and it has a higher primary attacking stat However, I decided to give Incineroar the edge here based on three big reasons: its defensive balance, its ability, and its movepool.

Incineroar has a base defense and special defense of 90, which is respectable. Its special defense may be substantially lower than Primarina’s 116, but since these Pokémon are both slow, they have to be able to take hits from both kinds of attacks, and Incineroar’s balance helps with that. Incineroar’s hidden ability is Intimidate, which is far more useful than Primarina’s Liquid Voice. Intimidate makes it so Incineroar can better take hits from physical attackers, but Liquid Voice just gives her more water type moves in her movepool, which is unnecessary. These abilities are not currently available, but when they do become available, Incineroar will likely become more prevalent. And lastly, Incineroar’s movepool is quite a bit better.

It can learn physical attacking moves of 70 base power or above from 9 different types, whereas Primarina can only learn special attacking moves of 70 base power or above from 7. Now while I definitely can agree with arguments saying Primarina is better, I personally believe that based on these factors, Incineroar gets the edge. Number 4 – Type: Null Type: Null comes in at number 4 with a base stat total of 534, the highest base stat total of any Pokémon that can evolve. With base 95 across the board other than an unfortunate base 59 speed, Type: Null is definitely the most powerful unevolved Pokémon there is. It has only one weakness, a respectable movepool, and the ability Battle Armor which is pretty solid. You get it? The Battle Armor is solid? Haha– It’s hard for me to say whether or not Type: Null will be prevalent in competitive.

I’m inclined to say no simply because its evolution is better, but I could see it becoming useful in certain situations when given an Eviolite. I’m excited to see! Number 3 – Silvally Speaking of Type: Null’s evolution, Silvally comes in at number 3 with a base stat total of 570, the exact same total as the Ultra Beasts which seems pretty appropriate since it was created to fight them.

Silvally has the same stats as Type: Null, except its speed gets increased to 95. This makes it only slightly weaker than a lot of the event legendaries like Mew or Jirachi, and it makes it versatile since it can be either a physical or special attacker. Silvally also has a huge movepool, which makes sense since thanks to RKS System, it can become any type it wants. I personally predict normal type will be the most prevalent though, since Silvally has to hold an item to change its typing. But I am looking forward to seeing how it ends up being used. Number 2 – Kommo-O Kommo-O is the 7th generation’s pseudo-legendary with a base stat total of 600, and is sure to be a prevalent Pokémon in the competitive scene. It’s not very fast, but with defenses of 125 and 105, it has a pretty solid ability to take hits. In addition, its physical and special attack stats are both respectable, meaning it can hit pretty hard in two different ways.

All of its abilities are useful as well, especially Soundproof to protect against Pixelate Hyper Voice and Overcoat for protecting against prevalent powder moves and weather. The 4x weakness to fairy isn’t great though, but we have seen Garchomp and Salamence succeed despite similar 4x weaknesses. I don’t think Kommo-O will be the best pseudo legendary we’ve seen, but I can see it doing well. Number 1 – Wishiwashi School Form When the Pokedex discussed how even Gyarados are afraid of this behemoth, I can see why. Wishiwashi’s School form has a base stat total of 620, with a monstrous 140 base attack and special attack with defenses nearly as spectacular. Its HP and speed are garbage, which is unsurprising since I feel like the majority of the new Pokémon have poor speed, but I think the defenses more than make up for it since this thing could probably survive multiple train impacts.

It is easily the strongest non-legendary new Pokémon…but notice how I specified the school form. I don’t forsee Wishiwashi becoming a prevalent competitive Pokémon, simply because it’s not always in the school form. If its HP goes down below 25%, Wishiwashi changes from being the strongest new Pokémon to the weakest Pokémon out of all of them. Seriously! Sunkern has gotten crap for years for having the lowest BST with 180… but Wishiwashi’s solo form has a total of 175! Because of this crippling form change, I do not forsee Wishiwashi appearing often in the competitive scene. But it’s still a fun and interesting gimmick! So there we have it! Those are the Top 5 Strongest New Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon, excluding legendaries and Ultra Beasts. These Pokémon are strong and pretty cool, so definitely consider using them at some point. What did you think of this video? Do you agree with my tiebreakers? What are some other new Pokémon you think are really good, even if they don’t have as large of a base stat total? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked this video, be sure to leave a like and if you haven’t already you should definitely subscribe for more fun Pokémon content of all kinds.

All right, that’s all I have for now, so until next time Pokefans…gotta catch them all!.

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