Shiny Pokemon are some of the most sought after creatures in the entire franchise. Some of these shinies make it well worth the wait to get. For example there’s ho’oh, rayquaza, charizard ponyta, ninetails, and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING!?! IS THAT A SHINY? OH OH GOD I THINK IM GONNA PUKE *Gags* *Cuts off mid gag*. Well today we are not going to be taking a look at the best shiniest, in fact we are going to be doing the exact opposite…

We are going to be are going to be talking about *Sigh* the worst shinies. Now I did make a list about 4 months ago covering my Top 5 worst shiny pokemon. But since then Pokemon Sun and Moon has come out and while they do have Amazing shiny pokemon, some of them are sub par to put it nicely. (Play spongebob movie MY EYES) So with that being said welcome to my Top 5 worst shiny pokemon in Pokemon sun and moon. And if you guys are curious I will be making a best shiny pokemon video to counter this as well so don’t worry. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started! 5 Now for this first pokemon I will admit I have a bias against it. Bruxish is one of the dumbest, ugliest, and the worst excuse for a pokemon to be brought into the new games. It especially makes it worse that this thing is supposed to be based on the reef triggerfish better known as the Humhumu… humuhumunuku… that thing which is the most sacred fish in all of hawaii.

I mean seriously you can get arrested if you hunt these things. And in my opinion this thing feels like a spit to the face of the hawaiian state fish. Now finally on to the shiny… eh. This shiny just seemed really all over the place with colors. There’s green red yellow white just put the entire color wheel in there why don’t gamefreak. And the colors really dont play off each other that well besides maybe the red and white. And I know its original colors are all over the place as well but I hate this pokemon and its colors so if they do that for the shiny im gonna hate it too. Plus isn’t the goal to make these shinies look desirable? I mean I will say that it does look better than its regular form but how hard is it to do that? Not very but since it does I have no choice but to put it lower on the list. 4 Mudsdale’s shiny suffers from the overhyped shiny expectations syndrome… look it up its common in ⅛ shinies.

I’m more disappointed in Mudsdale’s shiny than anything thing else because it could have been so much better. Just look at this man look at it. But no we got the annoying orange here to ruin all my hopes and dreams. Fuck you dane boe. There’s not really much else to say about this shiny it’s orange with blue hair and you could have looked so cool… So (Show fan made shiny) Freaking (Show fan made shiny) Cool… Still love you though mudsdale… *smooch* *smooch* 3 Ok gamefreak, I am seriously getting tired of you guys constantly making the pseudo legendary shinies look bad. I mean just look at these. (Show dragonite) Crap (Show Tyranitar) Crap (Salamence) Fuck off (Garchomp) Crap (Goodra) Cra-wait nah no that ones ok… (Show metagross) ok and that one is cool too. But none of these pokemon should have bad shinies although that is completely subjective but none of them should have bad shinies. And when I saw Kommo-o’s shiny it was the last straw. Who ever thought it was a good idea to combine pink and green together for a shiny, arguably 2 of the most hated shiny colors of all time.

It’s not even a good green either its like a greenish yellow. It actually kinda looks like urine a bit if you look at it… no… just me? … you guys have weird colored pee. Bathroom fun aside though this leads back to my point about looking desirable. Would you really put in the time and effort to get a shiny kommo-o when you know that its regular form is 20x better? I know I wouldn’t 2 Listen I know what you’re going to say, but trust me I dont hate green shinies… But Shiny Lurantis sucks real bad, like sucks more than your local hooker… really bad analogy. But hey a bad shiny gets a bad analogy. And I honestly don’t think that the shiny is bad because of the green yellowish color its just the shade that irks me. If you’re trying to give lurantis more of an environmental look then don’t give it these dead colors.

Up the saturation a bit and maybe play with hue and I think the shiny would look a whole lot better. Just look at this I played around with the shiny on photoshop for 2 mins and made a better version. *wispers* in my opinion. All im saying is keep the shiny green I like that, BUT make it a shade that doesn’t make it look depressing. Liven up a little man 1 So here we are the number 1 spot. And I know you may be thinking that there is no shiny that could be worse than any of these but trust me there is.

There is one singular that is most definitely undeniably the worst shiny pokemon in all of sun and moon. (plays And the oscar goes to… drumroll) Cosmog congratulations (Have cosmog walk up) (Have it say I’d like to thank the academy) wait Why am i congratulating you, you suck. I’m sorry but how could you not expect to see this shiny at this spot? Look at the two. Do you see any changes between the two? The circle cheek things are different and that’s about it… EHHHHHH- I know this thing is shiny locked but I dont care fuck this thing and all it stands for. The only pokemon pokemon that rivals cosmog’s laughable shiny is marshadow, but I didn’t want to put it on the list because it isn’t technically an official pokemon YET. But it still sucks I mean look at it.

Either way Cosmog’s shiny is by far the worst shiny and sun and moon and looking at some of the shinies fans made it could have looked a lot better. Shiny Cosmog GET IN THE BAG AND NEVER COME OUT… PLEASE. Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel and become an Eryibro today.

I know this was a bit of a negative video and I want to apologies if I bashed on your favorite pokemon in this video. Just remember this is purely my own opinion and if you guys disagree with my opinion that is perfectly fine. In fact share with me why you think im wrong in the comment section below. As long as you respect my opinion I’ll respect yours. If you want to check out my last pokemon sun and moon video click the annotation on the left. And if you want to see that other worst shiny video the link to that will be on the right and with that being said I will see you guys next time.

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