E: I think one of 2016’s biggest questions definitely has to be… which starter are you picking in sun and moon? What you thought I was talking about the election? Screw that Pokemon is way more important. I mean Come on, just look at how great these pokemon are. Decidueye looks cool, Incineroar looks bad ass, and Primarina looks… so basically, the starts of this generation were overall great A: Wait a minute.

What were you gonna say about Primarina? E: uh… nothing its great its awesome so radical dude. A:…………you’re being sarcastic aren’t you. E: Me Sarcastic? I would nev- (kill primarina) A: So today, I’m here joining Eryizo to take part in his best starter series, this episode going over ‘what is the best starter in Kalos’ E: Dude…we’re skipping Kalos for now and doing the Alola starters. A: But……..isn’t gen 6 next? E: Aura do you see these analytics… they’re down man… I NEED THEM VIEWS DAWG -Cuts- So today Aura and I are going to help you guys make the right decision on what statistically is the best starter (it better not be Popplio). Of course there is no right or wrong decision on what starter to pick (except picking Popplio), but there is definitely a BEST pokemon to pick that would benefit you the most (definitely not Popplio). A: Dude, what is with this Popplio hate? Popplio is not that bad of a Pokemon E: oh and who’s your least favorite alolan starter? A:……………….Popplio…………… E:Thought so. A: And in case you haven’t seen the previous best starter video we will be looking at each important characters, individual Pokemon and rate each starters level of advantage or disadvantage on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being totally disadvantaged and 5 being at the best advantage.

We take a look at stats, type matchups, moves, basically everything. We don’t just take into account the Trials and elite 4 either, we also look at rival battles and evil teams since they both are prominent in the story. E: I also want to mention that we’ve decided to add more points the more times you battle an important character. For example you battle guzma three times so we use the rating system for each separate battle and add up the points from there.

All of this should give us a good Idea of who the best starter in alola is. Just remember there are no real opinions here so if your favorite starter isn’t technically the best then don’t hate the player hate the game. (and Popplio) If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. A: So let’s start off by taking a look at the starter I think we can all agree is by far the most popular, everyone’s favourite Owl with a bowtie, Rowlet.

This guy is interesting, because it starts out as a Grass Flying type, but then eventually loses the flying typing in favour for ghost, making it the first ever starter immune to normal and fighting type attacks which are pretty common types in the main series Pokemon games E: And taking a closer look at rowlets advantages it starts off really strong taking care of the first kahuna hala and the totem pokemon wishiwashi. Aside from those though throughout the game it struggles a fair bit. But if powered through has a very strong finish against hapu, hau, lusamine, and Olivia at the elite 4. (by the way spoilers) A: It also does good against…………..welp, onto the disadvantages. These are the bad matchups for the Rowlet line. Salazzle because poison/fire, Molayne because steel types, Mimikyu because ghost vs buffed up ghost, Nanu because dark types, Guzma because bug types with dark and flying moves, Plumeria because Salazzle, Gladion because literally almost all his Pokemon destroy the Rowlet line, Hala (E4) Hala’s E4 team is full of dark moves, Acerola because ghosts, Kihili because flying and Kukui because team pretty much every Pokemon he has beats Decidueye.

Yes, even the Lycanroc because it outspeeds and has Crunch. It also doesn’t do amazingly well against Team Skull in general, and they’re the most common npcs you come across. E: Oh… Sorry kind of glossed over those points there. A Yeah… you did. E: Well I guess that means it’s the best starter right? A: Try again E: Well I guess that means it’s better than Popplio right? A: Keep going E: It’s the worst isn’t it A: Yep E: Well that’s just great the most popular starter turns out to be the worst as well.

(Statistically speaking please dont kill me) Well I guess that leaves us with two more starters Litten and *Sigh* Popplio. Let’s get the ugly one out of the way though A: But we already did Dartrix *OOOOOOOOH* E: *Sigh* Shut up, I guess well talk about litten than. A: So Litten has a pretty rocky start, not really having any advantage at all, as well as having possibly the absolute worst match up in the game against a Wishiashi in the rain, which doesn’t help since Wishiwashi is one of the hardest totem Pokemon to take out. Litten only starts having an easier time when it reaches Lurantis, which Torracat is able to pretty much sweep.

It also does great against Molayne’s steel types, Vikavolt even with the Occa berry, Mimikyu and easily fairing the best against Team Skull compared to the other starters. E: When Torracat becomes an Incineroar, it can completely sweep Faba’s Psychic types and do well overall against Guzma even though he has the water type Golisopod. It also overall beats the majority of Lusamine’s team having to only worry about the milotic and bewear. But the funny thing is that bewear has the fluffy ability which makes it weak to fire. And finally Incineroar has the advantage against Hau, and completely sweeps Acerola’s ghost types. A: There are still a hand full of weaknesses. On top of the weak start to the game, Incineroar gets completely destroyed by Hapu’s ground types, straight up loses to the Kommo-o totem, and loses to both of the Kahuna Elite 4 members, being beaten by Olivia both before and after becoming part of the Elite 4.

E: All in all Litten is a very solid choice to go with, but is it enough to take the crown as the best starter in Alola. Well let’s take a look at Popplio to find out. (Please arceus no) Taking a look at the start of the game Popplio has a very neutral start going even with everybody until exchanging win and loss with salazzle and Lurantis. It gradually gets a little bit better throughout the game minus the vikavolt you face later. It does well against Olivia and her rock types, nanu and his dark types upon becoming a fairy, guzma, hapu, and completely rips kommo-o a new whole… that was disgusting sorry. A point to bring up though is that Popplio fairs worse against hau than the other starters, thanks to the pichu line. However it does do better than the other 2 starters against the elite 4 beating Hala and Olivia and going more or less neutral against the rest making it the best choice for the pokemon league.

A: The biggest problem with picking with picking Popplio is that once it evolves into the fairy type Primarina, it does not have a nice time dealing with the majority of poison types team skull has access to, and there are a lot of skull grunts you have to deal with. But apart from that, the Popplio line can pretty much stand their ground against the majority of the game. So now we’ve analysed both the remaining 2 Alola starters, it’s time to see out of Litten and Popplio which is overall statistically speaking the best starter choice for your Alola journey. E: Oh for christ sake, don’t let it be Popplio A: And I can now reveal E: Oh god here it comes A:The best starter for Alola E: It’s gonna be Popplio I just fricking know it A: Is E:NOOOOOOOO A: Litten E: *cough* wait really? A: Yeah…….I thought you were the one who decides on the winners….

E: Yeah but I was still worried man A: ….. That doesn’t make Sen- E: So despite the close margin litten barely edges out Popplio in the end. Rowlet… you tried man take this participation award, you did good son but let’s face it, you didn’t stand a chance. A: Despite Popplio overall having less disadvantages to individual matchups, it’s biggest downfull was it’s pretty big weakness to Team Skull, and that Litten had more winning matchups. In terms of stats, all 3 full evolved starters are very slow, and Incineroar’s stats were overall better distrubuted compared to the other 2 starters, both having a low physical defense stat, which didn’t help since the majority of Pokemon you come across have more physical moves than special. E: Incineroar’s typing helped out a little more than the other 2 starter typings. Grass overall is a very weak typing and ghost didn’t really help decidueye’s case making it weak to dark types and it’s own typing.

With Popplio’s fairy typing, in competidktive it might be the best for battle, but in terms of the story not so much. Poison moves are just too common within this region and Popplio has too little physical defense to take all the blows.(Thank god) The best starter in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Litten. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an eryibro today. I also want to thank my good friend that I’ve known forever now AuraGuardian for joining me today A: It hasn’t even been a year E ettttt so we’re going heading over to his channel to do… what we doing again? A: Erm……well at the time of recording this, we still haven’t decided on a topic……..it’ll have Sun and Moon in the title probably most likely maybe idk, so we’ll so you over there if you didn’t already come from there…..

E: and if you guys are here from aura channel why not stick around and watch some of my other best starter videos. And if you want to know what the best team for sun and moon is check out this video by mysticumbreon94! And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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