Well it’s been a long time since I last talked about easter eggs just about a year in fact. And since Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been released for quite a while now, there have been a lot of easter eggs discovered in these games. So many in fact that I made it my mission to try to find all of them. And let me tell you right now I probably didn’t, but I definitely feel like I found a lot of them. So today I am here to show you guys all the easter eggs, references, and things missed that I could find in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. And if I some how managed to miss some easter eggs let me know what you found in the comment section below.

Now before we start this video I must let you know that I did do this exact video idea for Pokemon Sun and Moon. And since the new games are near identical to the old ones there going to be a lot of easter eggs from sun and moon just copied and pasted into ultra sun and moon. So I decided to leave out any easter eggs that are repeats from the last games. But if you would like to see some more easter eggs click the video on the top right corner to check it out. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. So last time I did a video like this, I formatted it by going through the first easter eggs that I found. Although I did like how that video went I think it was a bit disorganized, so the first thing I would like to talk about are the references game freak makes to other generations. First let’s start off the easiest reference to point out, that being of course the appearance of all the past evil organization from gens 1-6.

This is by far one of my favorite reference in these games because I always wondered what would happen if the evil teams actually won. And well we got our answer. On the topic of evil teams there’s 2 little easter eggs you can find in team skull’s hideout in po town. The first of which is kind of a shade thrown at team skull from gamefreak.

If you take a look at your room in the beginning of the game, you can clearly see that you have the newest console the nintendo switch. Now this is not a surprise considering that in every new pokemon game you always have the newest console. But funny enough once your at the team skull mansion you can find a room that has all sorts of nintendo consoles set up, only that its the wii u, the previous console. Wow guzma can’t even get your employees up to date console? Where’s the workers compensation. This other reference I will admit is a bit of stretch, but it’s still fun to talk about, and that is the possible reference that was made to a fellow poketuber shady penguinn. Now hear me out this is a little tin foil hatty, but let’s go back to the team skull mansion, the SHADY house. If you go to the first room on your left, there is a chance that you will find a delibird climbing down the chimney, are these to things, related? Uh probably not, the whole chimmney thing could just be a christmas reference or maybe just maybe it could be shady.

Next up let’s move to another easy reference to find, that being the kanto themed gym in Malie City. If you guys didn’t know the whole thing was a reference to surge’s gym then are really a pokemon fan at that point? Cause I kinda question it. Another reference that I think newer pokemon fans will forget is the one that can be found in the heahea city harbour where an old man talks about kurt the pokeball maker, and the gs ball. Now this special pokeball was originally created in the show to catch celebi, but the idea was dropped after they decided to make a movie about celebi. And the GS ball has just been shrouded in mystery. That is until gamefreak decided to announce pokemon crystal for the 3ds, which will bring us the celebi and gs ball. Epic foreshadowing gamefreak. Now I know in the sun and moon easter egg videos I have already mentioned old returning characters, but with colress he gets a bit more story added to him.

As you guys know ultra sun and ultra moon kinda pulled a black and white 2 where they have legendary pokemon fuse together. And when you finally get the chance to capture necrozma, Colress explains how he went through a similar encounter with pokemon fusions. Next up we have one of the more obscure references in pokemon, that being the message in the bottle reference. I dont know why gamefreak did this but in certain beaches in alola you can find messages inside of bottles and one of them talks about someone who wants to battle someone else in malie city. And if you locate this person, they mention that the message is from arebella who used to be a gym trainer in the kanto region.

And if you take a look at the viridian city gym in heartgold and soulsilver there is a gym trainer in viridian city named arebella. Really weird reference I know, but there’s probably some deeper meaning to it. Moving on to find this easter egg we must go all the back to your house on the outskirts of hau’oli city. Instead of a pikachu that used to be on your shelf, it is now replaced with an autograph from a kantonian gym leader. There isn’t any specifics to it, all that we know is that it is from a gym leader in Kanto although it’s safe to assume that maybe it’s from the gym leader that runs the malie city gym. Alright I promise this is the last gym reference I make in this video, but next we find ourselves all the way at the blush mountain laboratory where gyms are again mentioned in the easter egg. If you take a look at the tv in the lab there is a documentary that talks about the creation of the blush mountain power plant, which is a geothermal plant. Meaning that they draw heat energy from the earth’s core.

And during that documentary it also states how a gym leader from a far away region was brought to detect the heat underground. Now there’s many speculations on who this certain gym leader like blaine, clay, and maybe a future gen 8 gym leader. All we know for certain is that this gym leader is a male. And there are a lot more little easter eggs where people simply mention another region or character, listen to remakes of old music or the fact that you yourself are from kanto but those are kind of unimportant. But there is one interesting little fact I stumbled upon, and that is that the main character of these games, you have a father. 2 easy ways to figure this out is to check the book on your desk and it will let you know that it was given to you by your father. And the other easter egg is your car. If you go to your garage and click on your car it will say that it is your dads car. Now the question is why is your dad not here, and who is he? That’s a theory for another day.

The last reference that I really want to talk about is actually one of my favorite easter eggs of any game not just pokemon, and that is the nod game freak gave to one of the biggest Icons and legend in the gaming industry, Mr. Satoru Iwata. If you head over to game freak’s surprisingly accurate office in heahea city there are a ton easter eggs littered in this area. But for the one we are talking about, you need to go talk to Morimoto who is near the kitchen on the left.

Once you do you can trigger different types of dialogue depending on certain pokemon you have. For this easter egg what you need is to have transferred over a pokemon from either gold or silver. Once this happens it triggers dialogue from morimoto which states this. “When we were having trouble fitting all the data in for Gold and Silver, and we were really in a pinch, this amazing guy came along and made a program for us that solved all our problems. He went on to become the amazing president of a real big company soon after that, too.” If you guys don’t know the story behind this reference during pokemon Gold and Silver’s development game freak was in serious trouble because they able to fit about 50% of the game’s data in to the gameboy cartridge. But thanks to Iwata’s genius he was able to compress the files and fit the rest of the game into the cartridge basically saving Pokemon Gold and Silver from decreasing in quality. So thank you Iwata, may you rest in peace.

One of the biggest differences between pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and the old games is the addition of a ton of new side quests. So many in fact that I think it deserves its own video. Also it would take a long time to explain all of them in this video, so I’m just gonna talk about my favorites. First off I’d like to let you guys know that although there are a fair bit of very interesting and complex events going on, there are also some that are just simple and easy to explain. So let’s get those ones out of the way first. In the last games there was an event on route 13 where you find a stufful that is abandoned.

Unfortunately in those game we couldn’t find its owner but in ultra sun and moon you can actually find the trainer in the haina desert. All you have to do is give him water and boom they are reunited and it feels so good Reunited ’cause we understood alright i’m gonna stop. He also gives you some extra fresh waters so that’s pretty cool. Next up we have a couple of Nurse joy events, the first of which can be found in the route 5 pokecenter. If you talk to the trainer next to the flower pond it will trigger an event that will cause a comfey to appear and heals up pokemon much to the dismay of nurse joy. Probably because it’s going to take her job. (South park he terk her jerb) And the other event happens when you go to the cafe in malie city. All you do is order something and nurse joy will come and sit down with you… like a date… Im only 10. And you also gets some poke beans for it… so thats cool. And there are a bunch more funny little side quests to mention but again this video would just become like 20 minutes long.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention one of the coolest but kind of sad events to happen in ultra sun and ultra moon, and that is the lusamine event. once defeating Gladion in the Pokemon League Title Defense, it will trigger a special event between the guy from the poke pelago mohn, and Lusamine at the aether foundation. What transpires is really just a normal conversation between the 2 people, but what I really want to focus on is the dialogue between gladion and lusamine afterwards. Are you sure? About leaving things like that? Now out of context this quote may not make sense, but if you look into the lore you’ll understand. Basically Mohn is Lillie and Gladion’s father who originally discovered the Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes. And at some point, Mohn disappeared while researching them, which in turn caused Lusamine to go crazy and attempt to re-open the Ultra Wormholes to find her husband.

But as this scene plays out, it seems that while Mohn was lost in ultra space it somehow messed up his memory to where doesn’t even know who his wife is. It’s kind of sad when you think about it. Even more so when she says that it’s better this way. You gotta feel bad for lusamine. But there are 2 events that I have to talk about, and there some of the most darkest events ever created in a pokemon game, and both can be found at the trainer school. The first one of these easter egg events, is Dark story about a girl, a drifloon and a hypno. I first learned about this event by finding a notebook in the 2nd room on the 2nd floor of the trainer school. If you read it it states, February 12 I stayed at school playing until really late, and then a hypno appeared! The new kid went home with hypno. Apparently the hypno came to pick her up? February 21 We were all playing together when Drifloon came this time to pick up the new girl! I wonder if she just caught Drifloon? What happened to Hypno though? And this is the start of one of the saddest events in pokemon.

Because as you progress through the event you later find out that the hypno was actually trying to protect the girl, as according to the alola dex hypno don’t harm people. But was eventually destroyed by drifloon, and then later drifloon came for the girl. And if you guys ever watched one of those creepy pokedex videos, you’ll know that drifloon grabs children and take them to the afterlife. It’s a really barebones explanation of the story but I dont have time to go through it all so I highly suggest you go check out this theory made by hoopsandhiphop.

He does a great job explaining the story and gives a good theory too. And the other might I say could be even more sick and twisted than the previous story. On the very top floor of the trainer school you will find a bevy of bookshelves. If you click on that green book there, you can read about a story called the three little trial goers. Basically this is a interactive story where you choose what the three trial goers pikachu slowpoke and pyukumuku do in order to prepare for their journey. No matter what you choose though it always ends up backfiring and they end up waiting till the next day to start their journey.

Doesn’t sound so twisted right? Well im not done yet. If you head over to the pikachu valley you can actually find a pyukumuku, slowpoke, and pikachu sitting together. So I guess they have started their adventure. Still doesn’t sound bad right? Well here’s where it takes the dark turn. Once you advance through the plot you’ll find yourself in lusamine’s lab. There you can find 3 pokemon that Lusamine has frozen. Slowpoke, Pikachu, and pyukumuku. So in turns out there journey got them forever frozen in lusamine’s lab. Really grim way to go man. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an Eryibro today. I know I probably missed some easter eggs, so if you guys found any that I didn’t mention be sure to let me know in the comment section below.

If you want to check out the previous video I did be sure to click the annotation on the left. If you want to see all the easter eggs in Pokemon Sun and Moon click the other annotation on the right. And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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