Wow it only to one week to break faith and not upload on a weekly basis. But trust me guys there is a good reason for that… I was lazy… But anyways by the time this video is released pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon will have already been out for more than 24 hours. So I think now is a better time than ever to give you guys the Pokemon team that I will be using to get through these games. And as I always do with new pokemon games I really want to try out the new pokemon exclusive to that region or just pokemon I never used before. So this isn’t going to be a best team for ultra sun and moon or something like that, this team will only consist of pokemon I really just want to tryout. So without further ado I present you guys with my pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon team. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 1 Normally I would start these kinds of videos off with the starter pokemon, but I want to keep it a mystery of sorts.

Have a bit of suspense before the climax if you know what I mean… So instead I decided to start this video off with the first pokemon i’m going to catch, inkay. According to the pokedex leak I saw from project pokemon Inkay is one of the first pokemon you can catch in the beginning routes. And I know said I wanted to use new pokemon, but compared to pokemon sun and moon there aren’t really any new pokemon besides lycanroc dusk and the ultra beasts. Plus this is the only non gen 7 pokemon on my team and I never used it before so bear with me here.

I always thought that malmar had one of the most interesting ways to evolve with you having to turn your 3ds upside down. And combine that with its good typing and ability makes malamar a great pokemon to pick up for in game use. Plus he covers weaknesses that my team has so its a win win to get malmar really. 2 As you guys know I really love to center my teams around a fire water and grass core and for ultra sun and moon it is no different. And I guess it’s fine to tell you now that I won’t be using incineroar like I did in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Instead I want to replace it with my favorite looking alolan forms, alolan marowak. When playing through Pokemon Sun and Moon I was so upset at the fact that I had pass on Alolan Marowak that I just had to add him to my ultra sun and moon team.

It brings great type coverage, strong stats, good abilities, and if you can get the thick club a seriously dangerous physical attacker. And I guess it doesn’t hurt that it also looks amazing too! In short Alolan marowak has the total package and is a must have for my ultra sun and moon team. 3 The third member of my team is finally a pokemon that is new to this region, Lycanroc dusk form. A lot of my friends were really surprised when I decided to leave out rockruff from my sun and moon team and to be honest I regretted it. Reason being is that I decided to go with drampa over lycanroc and I had to wait till the near end of the game to get drampa and throughout most of the game I just had 5 party members. But this time with the new lycanroc form I decided ehh why the heck not, let’s put him on the team.

And from looking at its stats it’ll be nice to have a fast pokemon on the team considering that most of my pokemon will be pretty slow. But to go along with that speed it also has a great physical attack and good moves to compliment that the key move to me being accelerock. And probably the best thing to come from the new form has to be its new ability tough claws which powers up most physical moves. And looking at that physical attack that is quite a tasty ability. I think it’s safe to say that this pokemon will be a BEAST. 4 Speaking of waiting till the end of the game to get a pokemon the 4th member of my team is a pokemon that I really disliked in Pokemon Sun and moon.

Kommo-o which is the pseudo-legendary of this region is one that genuinely disappointed me. I wasn’t really a fan of the design and as you guys know that is a big selling point for me. But with a fresh new game comes a fresh new start and I think im ready to finally give kommo-o a chance. But this time I think I won’t wait till the end of the game to catch it like drampa. Instead I’m gonna do the cheap thing and trade with a friend for a jangmo-o im sorry but I really dont want to wait that long to get my last team member again it’s really frustrating. Moving on to stats do I really need to explain myself here? The only stat line really lacking is its hp.

Besides that everything else is amazing, even its speed is somewhat passable. Again it’s a Pseudo-Legendary, there is no doubt that kommo-o will be a valuable asset to the team I just hope I can grow to like it’s look. 5 Now if you guys have been paying attention then you should know that these last 2 spots are reserved to finish my fire water and grass core that I love so much. So hey let’s finally talk about which starter im going to choose. Will it be the water fairy type pokemon primarina? Or will it be the grass ghost pokemon Decidueye. Well, the starter that I am going to pick for ultra sun and ultra moon is… going to be told to you right after this message (do you ever want to see this ugly face live? No well you can in fact This ugly subhuman will actually be streaming pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon live on twitch and will be using his team he created in this video.

So go check my twitch out man please I need more views. Link is in the description) The starter that im going to pick for ultra sun and ultra moon is… Decidueye. Yup I just couldn’t stay away from this awesome archer owl thing even if it meant having 2 ghost types on my team I just dont care. All be it has underwhelming stats I can’t deny how awesome this pokemon looks. And not only is the design awesome everything about this pokemon is awesome.

From its signature move, z-move, origin, you name it even shiny is amazing. So amazing I did a video about it. And even though it’s stats are like I said a bit underwhelming, I think it still will be good enough to get me through the game. I guess you can say I am more than a bit excited to try out Decidueye I might even soft reset for his shiny who knows. 6 And finally the last pokemon on my team and the pokemon to complete my fire water and grass core will be toxapex. What can I say mareanie is adorable and toxapex is really strong, it’s the perfect combination for me. And if you’re wondering why I chose toxapex it is one of the best defensive pokemon in the entire game. JuST LOOK at those stats, Dang. (you called) And even though every other stat is terrible it has a bevy of good moves to shield that weakness like toxic spikes and scald.

Plus that unbreakable defense will make it really hard to beat so using toxapex to chip away damage works well too. I mean it’s no wonder why this pokemon is viable in OU and can even be used in Uber effectively. Too bad regenerator is a hidden ability though, oh well I guess im going to have to breed for one. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an Eryibro today. And if you guys ever want to participate in anyone of my top 5 videos I will be asking for your guys opinion a lot more on twitter so be sure to follow me there. I also will be updating you guys on when videos come out so if you ever want to know at the earliest time possible you know where to go.

Also in the comment section let me know what your pokemon ultra sun and moon team will be I’d love to hear it. If you want to check out the previous video I did be sure to click the annotation on the left. If you want to see some Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon videos click the other annotation on the right. And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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