Pokemon Evolution. You know it I know it, your mom probably knows it. It can be a very beautiful thing. From the improved stats, more mature and bad butt designs, and even in some cases better typings. But as time progresses Pokemon start to get more and more difficult to evolve. It is no longer only about getting your partner to a certain level. There are some pokemon that need to be in a certain area, or weather effects need to be active, and there’s even a case where you have to turn your 3ds upside down to evolve a pokemon. And im not saying that these are bad additions to the games in fact I love them and hope they continue to add more. But with the new games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon being released, there are some pokemon that are rather difficult to evolve.

And with that realization in mind today I bring you guys the Top 10 Hardest Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon. Now keep in mind these pokemon aren’t necessarily difficult evolve persay, it’s just a real tedious process to evolve them. And before we start, a couple of things I want to get out of the way. First of all no Exp share will be taken into account in this video because that will just make things too easy to evolve. So assume the only way to level up your pokemon is to switch train or just straight up beat them. Secondly Outside help is not allowed either which means you can not send over any evolutionary stones, or items. Where going at it from standpoint of that this is your first pokemon game and you can only get every item in game, no outside help.

And Finally all catchable pokemon in alola are viable for this list not just alola pokemon. And as always this video is just my opinion so if you guys disagree that completely fine. In fact leave a comment down below what you think are the most difficult pokemon to evolve in these games. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 10 In the region of alola, there is a certain pokemon that needs the snow in order evolve.

And if you guys don’t know who im talking about where have you been for the last year? … I am of course talking about the the boxing pokemon crabrawler. Now evolving a pokemon in the snow may not seem that difficult of the task to do, and it’s really not. That is until you figure out that the only snowy area in alola is mount lanakila… which is where the elite 4 is. Luckily in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon they have now made the lower part of the mountain accessible. So as early as the 6th trial you can get a Crabominable.

But that’s still a good portion of the game where you have to use a Crabrawler. And trust me that is not an easy task. Sure to start off it’ll help you eaisly take down the first totems, but after that it gradually gets worse. And if you take a look at its stats, sure it has pretty decent attack but almost everything else is complete garbage. And on top of that, it doesn’t get a good move until lv 49. So you’re just gonna be stuck with moves like rock smash and power up punch. That’s really not what you want! But I must mention that you can get the tm for brick break early on so it does ease the stress a bit.

And hey at least it does have decent attack and speed stats, so you can at least dish out damage to pokemon. I’m just telling you now cabrawler is going to faint a lot though. 9 As annoying as it may sound, Crabrawler isn’t the only pokemon that needs an area of the game to evolve. So coming in at number 9 we have all the pokemon that can only evolve in the vast poni canyon, but i’m only going to be focusing on charjabug and nosepass. Why because they’re the worst of the bunch, magneton can really hold its own.

But taking a look at both Nosepass and chajabug’s stats, they’re great pokemon to use early on. But as time goes on, and the game gets more difficult, these pokemon are going to struggle a lot more throughout the game. Especially nosepass, those defenses are good, but 45 attack and special attack? That’s not going to get you far. And considering how long it takes you to get to vast poni canyon, these 2 pokemon are going to really hold your team back. But luckily for vikavolt fans Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have made it a lot eaiser for you to get vikavolt. You can now encounter a vikavolt in blush mountain as an sos encounter and it’s not even that rare to find either. So with that in mind it kind of lowered vikavolt rate of difficulty because you can just avoid it all together.

But for those who want to just evolve it, charjabug and nosepass are still tedious to evolve. 8 A pokemon that I personally know is difficult to evolve is the sand heap pokemon sandygast. If you guys watched my team for pokemon sun and moon video, then you should know that I really wanted to include a Palossand on my team. And when playing through the game I witnessed first hand how terrible sandygast is.

And in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon the steps to getting a palossand are no different. To start off, Sandygast has a ton of weaknesses being weak to 5 different types. And in terms of stats, it’s really bad. Sure it has decent physical defense and sp attack, but 4 of the 5 types it’s weak to mainly focus on special attacks anyway. And with that bad speed you’re not gonna have many chances to use that special attack. Plus what special attacks does sandygast have? Mega drain? Absorb? Giga drain? These are all grass attacks. But it’s ok right? It’s only the pre-evolution, when does it evolve. Oh just not until level 42! And considering you catch sandygast at level 23 your gonna be using this thing for a very long time. 7 Moving on from a pokemon that I used in the last games, Mareanie is actually a Pokemon that I picked up for my ultra sun and ultra moon team. So this is yet another pokemon that I know from first hand experience how hard it is to evolve. To start off mareanie is pretty difficult to find only being only available through sosing from a corsola.

And when you actually find and obtain one, it’s stats are really not that impressive. And to go along with those awful stats it also has a terrible movepool. I mean for a good portion of the game mareanie’s only good move is poison sting. And the next good move it gets is venoshock at level 25, which would be an ok move, but not on a pokemon that has more physical attack than special. But I guess it’ll work than poison sting. But I think the worst part about this pokemon though, is that you have to wait until level 38 to evolve mareanie to toxicpexs. Yeah it felt like forever for me. But at least mareanie had the luxury of being resisted to a lot of types, so that’s good, I guess. 6 Next up we have the only pseudo legendary pokemon to make the list, Goodra. Goomy itself is kind of hard to obtain with you only being able to get one through an sos encounter in the rain.

And once you obtain one its a very long road ahead to evolve it into a sligoo. It’s stats like mareanie and sandygast are very poor with its highest stat being its special defense at 75. And like its stats the movepool it has is also really bad with it only having 1 good move it can learn being dragonbreath. But the toughest thing though about this pokemon is that you have to raise up to level 40 to get only its 2nd stage evolution not its final stage. In order to get a goodra your gonna have to find a place that’s raining again and try to level it up from there. I know po town is always raining but the process is just annoying. And with you getting goomy as early as level 18 it doesn’t really spell a good time for you. 5 One of the most annoying things about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, is that for a lot of the pokemon that came from the past generations evolve using certain items or evolutionary stones. Now if you’re using pokemon like eevee or pikachu, this process isn’t annoying at all it’s actually very easy.

But there’s also some pokemon that need weird rare items like the deep sea tooth and scale to evolve. And guess where you can find those things. What’s that? You don’t know? Well to find a deep sea tooth or scale in pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon, you have to literally beat the game… like become the champion. So basically throughout the entire game you have to use a clamperl and oh my goodness is that not easy. It’s stats dont make it seem like it’s that bad of a pokemon but trust me when you look at its moves you’ll understand. Taking a look at its moves, it can only learn 5 moves by level up and 4 of them are moves that you get from the start. I mean sure you don’t have to level clamperl up to a certain level to evolve you just need the item but who wants to just have a member on your team that doesn’t do anything? Plus shell smash is a pretty decent move that none of its evolutions can learn.

And even if your will to go through all of that to get a huntail or gorebyss, who would think to go back to lana to get the items? But hey if you’re willing to go through all of that to get a huntail or gorebyss than good on you. 4 When Golissopod was first revealed to us back in pokemon sun and moon I just knew I had to have one. In my opinion, I think golissopod is one of the most bad butt designs that gamefreak has come up with in a very long. But the process that I had to go through to get golisopod almost made it not worth it.

Meet Wimpod the pre evolution to golisopod and basically the gen 7 version of magikarp… Well maybe not that bad but it’s still trash. Aside from having a surprisingly good speed stat there is nothing else good about wimpod. This pokemon also suffers the same problem that clamperl has, except it manages to have it even worse off than it. It only has 2 moves being struggle bug and sand attack. And to go along with this awful set up it also has the ability wimpout which automatically switches wimpod out when it get under 50% hp. Now this doesn’t seem that bad but there have been a couple of times where I almost beat a pokemon with wimpod, only for it to automatically switch out and lose half exp I was meant to gain. It’s really frustrating. And on top of all of that bull pucky you have to level it up to level 30 in order for it to evolve.

Greyworm have mercy on me. 3 One of the few new pokemon to be introduced to us in pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon is the wolf pokemon lycanroc dusk form. While not entirely a new pokemon the dusk form of lycanroc is easily the hardest of the three evolutions to evolve. Where for the midday and midnight forms you basically have 12 hours of each day to get one, the dusk form only gives you a 1 hour time frame per day to get one. And since the two versions are separated by 12 hours, for one of them you’ll have to wake up at 5 am in order to be in the correct time zone.

I mean you can adjust your time on your 3ds but what’s the point in playing different versions if you’re not gonna play by the rules of that version. I don’t know about you guys but getting up at that time is more than a little difficult. But besides the hour window actually leveling up rockruff isn’t actually that hard. It has decent moves early on like rock throw and has alright stats to go along with that. But you do have to watch out for its weaknesses because it has a lot of them. Overall Lycanroc dusk is really just annoying to get because of that 1 hour window and even more annoying if your playing ultra moon. 5 am man dang… 2 A pokemon that surprisingly a lot of people added to their teams happens to be Noibat. And I guess it makes sense because in X and Y you had to wait until the near end of the game to get one where as in ultra sun and moon, you can get one right out of the gate.

But no question, Noibat has to be one of the hardest pokemon to evolve in all of the pokemon games. It stats suffer from the same fate as goomy, mareanie, and sandygast, but the difference between those pokemon and noibat is that you can only get one at a max level of 11. And in order to evolve it, you will have to get it up to level 48, which is the highest out of all three of those pokemon. And if you think its movepool is any better then, have you really been watching this video because none of these pokemon really do. The best move noibat gets is air slash at level 48, the level that it evolves. So basically the only good moves you get are moves like wing attack and air cutter. I hear constant stories from friends telling me of how they had to drop this pokemon from their team because it was just weighing them down. And I don’t blame them, Noibat is unquestionably one of the hardest pokemon to evolve in these games, but surprisingly there’s 1 pokemon is even more difficult evolve.

1 And finally the hardest pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is Cosmog. Did really expect me to skip out on this pokemon? If wimpod isn’t the generation 7 magikarp then Cosmog has to be it, in fact it’s worse than magikarp. Both Pokemon have the same base stat totals, but magikarp evolves earlier at level 20, and can actually learn an attacking move. And with Cosmog the only moves it has are splash and teleport making it somehow even more annoying to train than magikarp. But that’s not all, did I also mention that you have to level this thing up to 43 in order to evolve it… Forty… Frickin… Three. And that’s not the even worst part, because when cosmog evolves into cosmoem it’s somehow still just as useless. Sure it’s gets a major defense boost, but the only move it learns, is cosmic power… which means still there’s no attacking moves.

And you gotta get this thing up another 10 levels in order to evolve it. I don’t care what anyone says Cosmog is definitely one of the most difficult pokemon to evolve in all of the pokemon games, and it’s not worth your time, so just get in the bag. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an Eryibro today. And if you guys ever want to participate in anyone of my top 5 videos I will be asking for your guys opinion a lot more on twitter so be sure to follow me there. I also will be updating you guys on when videos come out so if you ever want to know at the earliest time possible you know where to go.

And if you guys would like to comment down below which pokemon was the hardest to evolve for you. If you want to check out the previous video I did be sure to click the annotation on the left. If you want to see some Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon videos click the other annotation on the right. And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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