The Alola region has brought about a lot of new and interesting pokemon in the last year. And with new pokemon being introduced to the meta game there are going to be some that are weak and of course there going to be some that are really OP. And since Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have just come out recently I thought it would be fun to discuss the Top 10 STRONGEST Pokemon In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon . But since this is a top 10 video I really don’t feel like recording all by myself… What can I say I get lonely. So I decided to bring on a very special guest to help me with this video. Oh man lazy much? But yeah I’m here to help this guy out with this top 10 strongest Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon. Now we both know there are quite a few ways to categorize what makes a Pokemon strong. In our case, we will ranking them in how well they do within the games themselves such as using them in a standard playthrough. These Pokemon are only going to be ones that you can capture within the games so they can be any pokemon varying from gens 1-7.

We are also going to be excluding legendaries, ultra beasts, etc. We’re doing this because we want to give more spotlight to the regular Pokemon. If this list had legendaries literally all of them would be legendaries and that’s kind of expected. For a little more spotlight for these Pokemon though, we’ll also be mentioning little details of how well they do in the meta mainly 6v6 format because we don’t play VGC. Real men and women play Smogon, VGC is for squares. Not really we just don’t play it we’re just kidding don’t get triggered.

As you can also tell by the title of this video this is a part 1 and as you guessed we did part 2 over on my channel so if you guys would like to see waaay stronger pokemon be sure to head over to my channel. Trust me some of those Pokemon will surprise so just go go click the video it will be fun. But if you guys disagree with our list then be sure to leave a comment down below of what pokemon you think are the strongest.

If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 10 Starting off this list we have a pokemon that I actually decided to pick up for my team, Toxapex. Now it maybe a difficult process to evolve mareanie but when it actually happens, it’s well worth it. I mean just look at its defense stats, toxapex it is one of the best defensive pokemon in the entire game. And even though every other stat is terrible it has a variety of good moves to shield that weakness the one that pops out to me being scald. Plus with a defense that great it doesn’t need to have that good of stats, it can work well doing chip damage. I mean this thing works in Uber and OU for a reason. But like I said in my my team video I just wish it had regenerator as a regular ability.

9. Squirming its way into our 9 slot we have the Pokemon Golisopod. If you guys have played any bit of generation 7 you know how powerful this Pokemon is ether by playing the meta or watching Guzma’s wreck your whole team because that’s what happened to me. This Pokemon can shred the games in Alola if you have patience and want to evolve Wimpod. Golisopod gets a great movepool and an arsenal of very powerful bug and water attacks most notably First Impression and Liquidation. This Pokemon would be higher on the list the only problem is wimpod. The difficulty of trying to capture this Pokemon to me is fairly difficult it runs away a lot so you have to time yourself carefully and think about positioning.

If you’re an MLG super star that caught this thing on your first try go brag in the comments because I sucked at capturing mine. After capturing it though, you’re stuck with it till level 30 and can’t use it in battle at all practically. It only gets struggle bug and sand bug the good part is, it’s only level 18 so it’s not that bad. The reason it’s at number 9 is because of Wimpod but I will say that Golisopod is very powerful use it, if you need a powerful water pokemon and have patience it’s a crazy strong pokemon. This thing in the meta too, yeah just use it prepare to get some sweeps. 8. Well this next pokemon, if you can find one, is definitely one of the strongest pokemon in game or in the meta. I am of course talking about one of my least favorite pokemon, Salamence. If you can manage to find one of these rare level 9-12 salamence I can tell you now that you will easily cruise through the entire game.

Although I hate it, which if you want to find out why check the video here, there is no denying how powerful this pokemon really is. I mean it’s a pseudo legendary for pete sake is there any more I really need to say? But I will say you do need to capture the level 9-12 salamence. I like bagon, but it’s really not that good and the wait to get a salamence is longer than the lines at the supreme store when new merch drops. Which leads to my next problem with this pokemon, in that it’s a really hard pokemon to find, one of the rarest in fact. But if you can obtain one, it’s well worth it. 7. For the first time since like ever Gamefreak decided to make Zorua easy to obtain by making it a wild encounter at the trainer’s school. For an early encounter Pokemon Zorua does a great job through anyone’s playthrough. Once it evolves into Zoruark you have the options of all these great moves and you can run a physical one or special one depending on what you want. You can practically run any move on this Pokemon and it will come in handy for you in your playthrough or even in the meta.

The Meta gets really fun because of its ability illusion. You can play mind games with your opponent tricking your opponent into thinking that Zoruark could be any other pokemon on your team. It’s a great strategy if you can pull it off especially in league format. Zoruark shines in this form of battling. Dark Types also do great on a journey through Ultra Sun and Moon and Zoroark is one of the best options.

With the dark typing domination of Alola and the moves it gets i think Zoroark has earned a pretty good spot on this list! 6. I knew this Pokemon would make the list and I am super glad it did. Reason being is because this pokemon reminds me a lot of the movie nacho libre. (nachoooooo) and I really wanted to put this in my video. Like seriously the resemblance is uncanny. (Put a picture of me side by side with Nacho Libre). But yeah, Hawlucha’s 118 speed and 92 physical attack is a really tasty combination.

And I think the best part about this pokemon though, is that you can obtain Hawlucha right before the first trial. It’s typing of Fighting and Flying dominates these games because its so diversive and you can use it for almost any battle… aside from electric types of course. I mean this Pokemon made mystic’s best team for Ultra Sun and Moon so that’s gotta mean something right? The meta for this Pokemon is also fairly good. Having that 118 speed can make it outspeed a lot of Pokemon. But there are certain walls that can block out that 92 physical attack but I mean what pokemon doesn’t have its weaknesses. However it is still decent enough to hold its own in OU and shreds through the gameplay. Fighting and flying together has to honestly be one of the best dual typings. It’s just so useful.

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And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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