Easter eggs. a hidden message, as a cryptic reference, iconic image, or just an inside joke, that fans are intended to discover. That’s the literal definition that I found from dictionary.com by the way. Well it’s been a whole week since I last talked about Pokemon Ultra sun and Ultra Moon easter eggs, and honestly there are a lot of them in these games. So many in fact that when I tried to cover all of them I didn’t have any time to go in detail about each and every one of them. And it’s really upsetting because there are some really awesome detailed easter eggs. So today I thought it would be fun to share the list of my Top 5 favorite easter eggs that you may have missed in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This way I can talk about all my favorite easter eggs in much more detail.

And as always if you think an easter egg should made this list go ahead and let me know why in the comment section below. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 5 Coming in at number 5 we actually have a tie between 2 easter eggs that I genuinely liked. The first of which, didn’t even spawn from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This easter egg originally came from the first pokemon games Pokemon red and blue. If you go to the TV that’s in your room and turn it on some texts will pop up saying this, “There is a movie playing. The scene is showing 4 boys walking down a set of railroad tracks…” And if you do the same thing in pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon these exact text appear too.

This is a clear reference to the very popular 1980’s movie Stand By Me. But your probably wondering why Gamefreak mentioned this specific movie and what’s so important about it? Well Back in the 1980’s this movie was very popular in japanese culture. So much so that they even sold special copies of the movie so japanese people could learn English and even spread into japanese boy bands. So I guess this movie must have been a big inspiration for the creators. I’ve actually already covered this easter egg in my pokemon sun and moon easter eggs video, but the fact that they brought this easter egg back again for the sequels really shows how much they admired this movie.

And the other easter egg is actually one that I covered in my previous easter eggs video. And that is the fact that your character has a father. You can find out this revelation by looking at the trainer guide on your desk which will say it came from your father, and the other from the car that is in your garage which is actually your fathers car. What I love about this easter egg is that it opens up a bunch of theories like who is your father, where is your father, and why didnt he come to alola? Might cover that in a video actually stay tuned. 4 One of the biggest legends in the gaming industry has to be the former ceo and fourth president of nintendo Satoru Iwata. If you guys don’t know who this man is you might want to do yourself a favor and research him. Mr Iwata is a very interesting man and contributed to some of the greatest video games of all time such as earthbound, Kirby, Super Smash bros., and yes, even pokemon.

And when he succeeded Yamauchi as the company’s president in May 2002, under Mr Iwata’s direction, Nintendo developed the Nintendo DS and Wii video game consoles, helping the company achieve great financial success. I mean they’re both in the top 5 most sold gaming consoles of all time. So basically what I’m saying is that Satoru Iwata was a genius. But unfortunately Satoru Iwata had a tumor in his bile duct which was discovered on june 2014 and was subsequently removed. But in 2015 Cancer resurfaced and ultimately took his life at the age of 55. He passed way too young but left a legacy and impact that will be remembered for generations. And in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon a reference to his great legacy was made.

If you head over to game freak’s office in heahea city go over and talk to Morimoto who is near the kitchen on the left. Once you do you can trigger different types of dialogue depending on certain pokemon you have. For this easter egg what you need is to have transferred over a pokemon from Pokemon silver. Once this happens it triggers dialogue from morimoto which states this. “When we were having trouble fitting all the data in for Gold and Silver, and we were really in a pinch, this amazing guy came along and made a program for us that solved all our problems. He went on to become the amazing president of a real big company soon after that, too.” And If you guys don’t understand the reference during pokemon Gold and Silver’s development game freak was in serious trouble because they were only able to fit about 50% of the game’s data in to the gameboy cartridge. But thanks to Iwata he was able to compress the files and fit the rest of the game into the cartridge using a compression system that he created basically saving Pokemon Gold and Silver from having to cut out pokemon the kanto region and even some new mechanics.

Satoru Iwata has to be one of gaming’s most important figures, it’s sad that he is gone, but he will never be forgotten. 3 I think one thing everyone has to give gamefreak credit for is how well they’ve developed characters in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And in the sequel game freak dives even deeper into the lore of certain characters by giving some of them there own special events. And by far my favorite out of those has to be the one that Aether Foundation’s lusamine got. This new event is triggered once defeating Gladion in the Pokemon League Title Defense after you have become the champion. Gladion will return from Kanto for a battle and once you’ve defeated him this special event between Lusamine and the poke pelago guy Mohn takes place. In case you guys don’t know it is confirmed that Mohn is actually Lillie and Gladion’s father who originally discovered the Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes.

And At some point, Mohn disappeared while researching the Ultra Wormholes, which in turn caused Lusamine to go ballistic in an attempt to re-open the Ultra Wormholes to find her husband. So in reality she was only on this manhunt for ultra beasts because she just wanted to find her husband. And in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we finally get to see the big reunion between Mohn and Lusamine and get further confirmation that Mohn’s trip to Ultra Space somehow affected his memories. Because when they are talking to each other Mohn clearly has no Idea who she is.

Lusamine is clearly taken aback by the sudden reappearance of her husband, although Mohn doesn’t recognize her or recall ever visiting the Aether Paradise. The two have a brief conversation and Mohn leaves, oblivious that he’s abandoning his family once again. And As he walks away, Gladion approaches his mother and asks if that’s how she really wants to leave things, but Lusamine is content to see her husband smiling again….even if it means that he doesn’t even recognize his own family. Love hurts man but I gotta say with this storyline lusamine becomes one of my favorite bosses in all of pokemon. 2 I think one of the longest easter eggs to be introduced in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has to be the Ghost girl story at the trainer school. Not to say that it’s a bad thing though infact I think this event is one of the most interesting stories out of all side quest events. It’s just so mysterious and creepy and those kinds of things interest me. To activate this special event you have to go to the big wave beach at night and talk to a little boy by the shore.

And once you speak to him he goes on to basically say that the trainer school in hau’oli is haunted. So once that conversation is over you have to head over to the trainer school at night and you’ll find a girl and drifloon with some very very creepy music. Now from that alone you should be getting red flags, just take a look at the pokedex entries about drifloon that literally involve it doing nice things to kids but wait there is more to it. From there you have to talk to the girl and she goes on to tell you 7 supposedly scary stories that just turn out to be a childs misunderstanding of the actual situation. That is except for one of them which is called the ghost’s class story. If you head over to the 2nd room on the second floor you will enter a class that is apparently in session… at night.

(Spongebob meme) Now of course things really don’t seem right considering again this is a class at night, and things get even weirder when you go up and talk to the teacher. First she introduces you to the class and but when you give your response back to her she says this. I drifloon child lonely… Now after watching that scene you’re probably wondering. What the heck just happened? Why was a Hypno just there? And it’s made even more confusing when you return back to the ghost girl and she says that it’s good that hypno remembers her. But luckily everything is answered with this diary entry that can be found in the same ghost classroom.

February 12 I stayed at school playing until really late, and then a hypno appeared! The new kid went home with hypno. Apparently the hypno came to pick her up? February 21 We were all playing together when Drifloon came this time to pick up the new girl! I wonder if she just caught Drifloon? What happened to Hypno though? Now you’re probably wondering why would any kid want to be around a hypno considering it’s pretty interesting background with children to say the least.

Well in alola Hypno actually rarely harm humans, instead they attack komala. Now when you piece together all the information a dark story emerges. The ghost girl used to attend the trainer school, and everyday after school she was always picked up by hypno. But one day hypno didn’t show up, instead it was a drifloon. And since we never hear from hypno again, it is a pretty safe bet that it ether disappeared or passed at the hands of drifloon. And due to drifloon’s reputation with kids it’s safe to say the girl followed suit.

It’s a sad story, but I gotta say, it’s a really interesting one too. 1 And finally coming in at the number 1 spot we have one of my favorite easter eggs period and that is the story of slowpoke pyukumuku and pikachu. Let’s start off by going to the very top floor of the trainer school. Once there you will find a bevy of bookshelves and If you click on that green book there, you can read about a story called the three little trial goers. In short this book is an interactive story where you choose what the three trial goers pikachu slowpoke and pyukumuku do in order to prepare for their journey. But no matter what something always gets in the way of them starting off their journey like being scared of a hungry munchlax or being conned out of all of their money by traveling salesman. But there is one sequence that actually has a successful ending to it. The options you have to pick in order to get this good ending to happen is to choose money, pyukumuku, and pay.

Once you choose those options it will go on to say that when you are out on your island challenge, gentle reader perhaps you will see this plucky trio somewhere and smile. And If you head over to the pikachu valley you can actually find this trio sitting together looking pretty happy. So I guess they have started their adventure. But here’s where things take a turn for the worst because this isn’t your typical fairytale story where things end off on a happy note. Because like life itself things aren’t always great, situations don’t always end well. Once you advance through the plot you’ll find yourself in lusamine’s lab. And if you look around the lab you should have definetely caught a glimpse of lusamine’s… sigh private collection, which involves an assortment of pokemon frozen inside ice blocks for what looks to be the rest of time.

And among these unfortunate pokemon lies 3 very familiar pokemon, slowpoke, pyukumuku, and pikachu. So it turns out there journey evidently got them forever frozen in lusamine’s lab. Like I said the world out there aint sunshine and rainbows, it can be a really mean a cruel place, and this is just an example of it. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below.

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