E: I think we can all agree that 2017 brought about a lot of great things. We got a new pres, great new Youtube site, and hopefully a repeal of net stuff (Hoorah) end me please. But seriously, one great thing to come out of 2017 has to be the addition of the new pokemon games. I feel like there’s a lot we can take away from the post game of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but in order to get there you will have to have a good starter. So today I’m here to bring you guys the best starter for pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon! But as you guys know I normally have a super sp- S: Alright whats up guys my name is S- E: no no supra… not yet S: That wasn’t my queue? E: no man I didn’t even finish the sentence S: oh my bad I thought you said Supra E: *sigh* my guest today is Supra… *party horn sound* S: But anyways today Eryizo and I are going to help you guys make the right decision on what statistically is the best starter.

Of course there is no right or wrong decision on what starter to pick, but there is definitely a BEST pokemon to pick that would benefit you the most. E: And in case you guys haven’t seen any of the previous best starter videos we will be looking at each important character’s: individual Pokemon and rate each starters level of advantage or disadvantage on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being totally disadvantaged and 5 being at the best advantage. We take a look at stats, type matchups, moves, basically everything. And we don’t just take into account the Trials and elite 4 either, we also look at rival battles and evil organizations since they both are prominent in the story. S: We should also mention that we add more points the more times you battle an important character. For example you battle Guzma three times so we use the rating system for each separate battle and add up the points from there. E: All of this should give us a good idea of who the best starter in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is.

Just remember there are no real opinions here so if your favorite starter isn’t technically the best then don’t hate the player hate the game (*whispers* and supra he did all the research i think it was rigged*). S: Also once you guys are done watching this video on Eryizos channel, make sure you head over to my channel to check out another video Eryizo and I did together. This one being the Top 5 Hardest Totem Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. E: If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. *intro plays* S: So let’s start off by taking a look at the starter that both eryizo and I picked to start off our Journey, Rowlet. From face value rowlet is a great pokemon to pick because it’s the only pokemon out of the three starters to have a dual typing, that being grass and flying. And with those 2 typings it has access to two STAB attacks early on in the game, Leafage and Peck, which are really nice for the added boost in damage.

And if powered through Rowlet has a very strong finish against hapu, Faba, and Olivia at the elite 4. So through that assessment it has to be the best starter right… Right? E: Yeah it is! S: Really? E: No… S: Oh E: Like it’s predecessing games, Rowlet successfully becomes the most difficult starter to use throughout alola. But maybe I’m just being a bit too harsh, let’s give it a closer look. Taking a look at rowlets advantages… it has none. No seriously it really really sucks in this game. From the start rowlet doesn’t actually do as bad as I make it out to be with it going neutral with totem raticate or gumshoos and doing the best out of the three starters against araquanid.

And I guess throughout the game there are some points where rowlet can really shine. For example against totem Mimkyu and Lurantis it actually does the best and second best. For Mimikyu even though it can hit you back with ghost attacks all Decidueye really has to do is use it’s Z-move and Mimikyu is pretty much done. As for lurantis the only thing you really need to worry about is if it decides to call upon kecleon. Reason being is that it has access to the move ancient power which can be a problem. But besides that a couple plucks should do the trick. S: However everything goes DOWNHILL once you make it UPHILL to wela volcano park. Because atop that volcano is one really powerful alolan marowak that is holding a thick club. That totem pokemon should send you running back to your home to Hau’oli and never think about becoming a trainer again. But I also forgot to mention that it can also call upon Freaking salazzle to poison you and use more fire attacks.

And the struggles you have with Totem Marowak are only the beginning of rowlets problems. So allow me to list all the disadvantages that rowlet has and reasons for why they’re a bad matchup for him. (oh jesus) Togedemaru because it literally resists a lot of things decidueye does, Kommo-o because it calls noivern, Ribombee because quiver dance and blissey can heal pulse, Plumeria because salazzle and golbat, and Nanu because dark types. WOW that’s a lot of stuff, was there anything that I missed? E: Yeah there’s a couple of things you left out like basically the entire elite 4 aside from olivia, Gladion’s new team that destroys it, the niheligo boss battle, Lusamine still being lusamine, and the fact that it does the worst out of the 3 starters against eventual champion Hau. (sorry if I spoiled you there) Oh and I forgot to mention that it also struggles with most pokemon that team skull grunts carry, that being dark and poison types.

S: Wow and adding up all these deficiencies I think it’s safe to say that Decidueye is probably not going to be the best starter to pick. So hey why not take a look at the pokemon that won best starter in Sun and Moon, litten. E: Well the weird thing about litten is that it has a very inconsistent stretch against the totem pokemon. It can destroy raticate and gumshoos, but only if you get double kick at level 16. And it’s very unlikely that you’ll be that high of a level at that stage of the game. After that it struggles with araquanid, goes even with marowak, and then destroys the next 2 trials being togedemaru and lurantis.

And once that’s over it really just kinda cruises by the rest of the trials at a even or slight disadvantage. Until of course you get to the final trial where it has the best chance against ribombee S: Yeah that’s really inconsistent, and against the elite 4 it’s actually no different. Incineroar basically goes 2 out of 2, struggling against olivia and kahili, but completely destroying molayne and acerola. And as for hau it pretty much goes even with him throughout the entire game. But there is a part of the game where Inceniroar consistently shines, and that’s against all the pokemon factions. E: and by consistent we really mean that. It consistently goes even against all pokemon factions. Team skull, aether foundation, ultra recon squad, lusamine, guzma, Plumeria, the niheligo boss battle, even gladion it goes even with.

The only person and I mean the only person that doesn’t go even with incienroar is faba and his psychic types where inceniroar has the clear advantage. So throughout the game incineroar basically goes even and doesn’t really have that many struggles. S: But Eryizo, you forgot to mention something? E: *sigh* what is it supra? S: Well you forgot to mention that there is a point in the game where Inceniroar really struggles. E: and where might that be? S: Well, if you take a look at the kahunas literally every single kahuna resists or completely destroys inceneroar, except for hala because it’s a torracat. Whether its olivia and her rock types, Nanu and his dark types, or Hapu and her ground types Inceniroar really just has a tough time. And with Nanu, he even has a counter to incineroar being krokorok. E: oh yeah how could I have missed that? But even with these deficiencies incineroar is still a great option to choose to get you through these games.

But does that make it good enough to be the best starter in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Well there’s just 1 pokemon standing in its way, Popplio. S: When it comes to popplio like litten it has a great start to the game. In fact I would argue that it has an even better start. The main reason being that early on it gains access to the fairy type move disarming voice. And if you’re playing Ultra moon it completely bodies raticate. Afterwards it goes even with araquanid, destroys marowak, and is the only starter, besides decidueye, that can hold it’s own against Kommo-o.

And where Litten struggles Popplio succeeds. Im of course talking about the kahunas where Popplio pretty much destroys everyone. As for the elite 4 besides molayne’s magnezone, Primarina pretty much does well against olivia, kahili if you have ice beam, and goes even with acerola. E: Not to mention that it also does pretty well against all the Pokemon factions. And aside from Ultra Recon squad’s poipole, Popplio does well against guzma, gladion, and niheligo. And for everything else he pretty much goes even. But where popplio’s real improvement comes is against your rival Hau. In case you haven’t seen the best starter for sun and moon, one of the key reasons as to why popplio lost out on the best starter title was because of the fact that hau ended up getting an alolan raichu.

But in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Hau decides to add a Noibat to his team. And with that new addition it pretty much cancels out his weakness to raichu. S: But Popplio is not without its struggles. For a certain stretch Popplio will run into some problems. That being the team skull grunts, which you conveniently glossed over, and Lusamine. And let’s not forget that for a good stretch of the game lurantis and togedemaru which are both trials that follow each other in that order completely destroy and resist primarina.

And what you said about popplio doing well against gladion, is kinda wrong. Sure it destroys zoroark, but what about krobat and silvally? Even lucario has a move to counter it. E: Yeah you’re right I guess it doesn’t do as good as I thought it did. And with all these weakness it’s going to be hard for popplio to win.

But as we all know every pokemon has it’s weaknesses, but which one of these 3 pokemon can overcome their weaknesses the best? S: Well we’ve tallied up all the points, and the best starter, statistically for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is… Popplio E: Yes Popplio is the best starter statistically to pick for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Let’s face it Rowlet didn’t really stand a chance with this one and it was really down to litten and popplio.

But litten just comes up short. It’s too inconsistent during the trials and elite 4 and doesn’t have enough advantages in places like the evil teams and kahunas. And sure popplio can be a little inconsistent at times too, but a big change between sun and moon and these new games is really the addition of noibat to hau’s team. That alone softens the struggle popplio has to raichu which hau adds fairly early on to his team. S:Timing is also another big factor. For instance If brionne was a water fairy instead of just water it would have gained a ton of more weakness to people like plumeria, salazzle at the marowak trial, and niheligo. Plus fairy typing is also just really powerful. E: But for those people who said popplio got robbed in the last best starter, you get your wish here.

And the stats don’t lie the best starter for pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon is Popplio. E: Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an eryibro today. I also want to thank my good friend Supra for joining me today! S: Thanks for having me and if you guys are still hungry for more pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon content head on over to my channel where Eryizo and I talk about the Top 5 Hardest Totem Pokemon in Ultra sun and ultra moon. E: And if you guys are here from Supra’s channel why not stick around and watch some of my other ultra sun and moon videos. Or Why not check out my other best starter videos! And with that being said I will see you guys next time.

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