What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here! I recently received a tip on Twitter that Blackbeard’s guns have significantly different recoil when you attach the shield, so there’s only one thing for it, we need a couple of experiments to find out what the deal is! Testing was pretty straightforward, I picked a nice box to stand against on Theme park, so that I could always be a set distance away from the wall I was shooting at (around 9m in this case) and used both of Blackbeard’s guns to fire off a couple of magazines with and without the shield attached.

I set up both guns to have baseline recoil, so no attachments apart from the ACOG. For single fire tests, I set up a mouse macro to shoot exactly 7 shots in quick succession and as you can see, the results for the SR-25 are pretty straightforward. The recoil is worse in every way with the shield attached. You have greater muzzle climb as well as greater horizontal and vertical dispersion. So firing the gun rapidly will be a little more challenging but that being said, even without managing the recoil at all and without any recoil reducing attachments, your first three or four shots will still land on target if you aim centre mass at reasonable combat distance.

With recoil mitigating attachments the negative effect of the shield becomes more pronounced and it looks as if the recoil more or less doubles but even then, the actual impact on gameplay should be minimal. The recoil just goes from almost zero to still very manageable. Now for the Mk17, you would expect the effect to be exactly the same, right? But you would be mistaken! I tested the gun first in full auto mode and as you can see, the muzzle climb is maybe a little bit stronger while the horizontal dispersion seems less pronounced and the vertical dispersion is zero as soon as you attach the shield.

To me, the pattern with the shield attached looks odd and that makes me believe this might be unintended behaviour. I mean, surely this cannot be by design, especially since the effect is so different for the SR-25. If you switch the Mk17 to single fire, you end up with similar results. Greater muzzle climb with each shot, horizontal dispersion that is a little bit smaller and vertical dispersion that is zero. What does this mean in terms of getting kills with the MK17? I would say, not an awful lot. The additional muzzle climb (even without any recoil reducing attachments) is minimal and the weird, perfectly aligned shots in terms of vertical dispersion are neither an advantage or disadvantage really.

Once you attach a grip and muzzle brake, the recoil improves both with and without the shield attached and the results stay essentially the same: slightly greater muzzle climb, a bit less horizontal dispersion and zero vertical dispersion. So for me, the bottom line would be that with the SR-25, be aware that your recoil will be slightly tougher to manage although the gun stays relatively easy to handle (especially once you attach a grip and muzzle brake). With the MK17 the recoil will be weird but effectively the same in terms of how difficult to manage it is. What are your thoughts on the MK17’s recoil with shield? Intended or bug? Leave your comments below and with that, it’s already time to say goodbye, short and sweet! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!.

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