Yo what’s up guys – It’s ya boy ZERObasics and today’s video will be discussing different drills you can do to improve your aim in terrorist hunt on siege but before we get started be sure to check out my channel because I’m doing a collaboration with Nanonium where I am posting a video on his channel and he’s posting a video to mine so be sure to check out my channel after this video I’ll leave my channel link in the description for you guys, but with that being said let’s get this video started so I’ll be explaining some ways you can improve your aim using terrorist hunt with some drills that I found that I know can help you having a faster reaction time to enemies and being able to adjust your aim quickly – to hopefully win a gun battle and put you in a better position than you were and also help you with aiming head to chest level at all times so the first drill I have for you is to rush in every room to react with a terrorist’s reaction This will build your visual response time and being able to identify where the targets are at and being able to hit your target as fast as possible make sure when you’re moving around the map make sure your sights are at head level you also wanna make sure you are playing on different maps each time with terrorist hunt because you can get used to where the enemy bots are at on the map and that won’t help you improve at all, note that you will die a lot by doing this but it is a really good way to improve your gun skills and if it’s too easy for you guys I recommend turning the difficulty up.

A second drill I have for you is to set your gun on one burst and basically do the same thing you did first drill just rush every room having your sights at head level at all times and trying to get the once tap head-shots this is a really good drill because it shows you where your first shot lands on your target giving you an idea where you need to adjust and practice to get those head-shots in game and on point without potatoes. The last drill I have for you guys is basically the same thing as the previous drills, except this time you have to snap on your targets head with your gun on one burst this drill will help with any kind of quick snap and movements you might need to do in game for example if you’re looking through a doorway and you see someone either from the right or left from you or you’re looking at this will help really get that quick snap and movements to get that quick headshot this also helps with everything in general with your aim just because shooting one person is not easy and if you can hit almost every shot on one burst you’re in a very good shape to winning a lot more battles.

Well guys this concludes the video, I know it was a short one, but I figured that it doesn’t take ten minutes long to show you a few drills you can do to help with your aim. Again, thank you guys for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my boy Nanonium and to check out the video he posted on my channel so hope you guys have a blessed day and I’ll see you in the next one..

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