It’s Hutch with Genuine Ludicrum, today I’ll be showing you my favorite load out that I use when playing Bandit in Rainbow Six Siege. I’ll also be showing you some strategies that you can employ with him in order to maximize your potential to become a force to be reckoned with. Now, for the primary weapon, I use the MP7 sub-machine gun. I prefer the high rate of fire over the shotgun because I found that through trial and error that the little boost in mobility along the speed of fire allows me to kill more effectively. For the scope, I have what I would consider to be the most traditional, and the one I’m used to out of all the games I’ve played, the red dot sight. Now this can be something that you can choose on your own. It just depends on what you’re comfortable with.

For me it’s the red dot sight. Now on the barrel have attached the compensator, which reduces the maximum recoil spread, and that actually combines very well with the high rate of fire for this weapon. I don’t see how using the suppressor or the flash hider is more beneficial in this case, so you want to go with that compensator, and then I leave the laser sight off. The laser sight is a great way to give away your position if you want to hunker down in the corner, or camp a spot which defeats the very purpose of those strategies. The first I do at spawn, when you’ve figured out where you are, is to seal off the entry points to the locations that you’re guarding. I do this by making shock wire. This effectively prevents any enemy from being able to get a visual on their target.

It also gives you points, and it works really well with or without having Mute on your team. If you do have someone playing Mute, then you’ll want to cooperate with them in your placements to make sure that you’re not overlaping the same areas, and wasting your resources. You will occasionally also have the idiot who didn’t see the shock wire, damage himself from it in game like that guy, and get an assist when they die for more points. That about wraps it up for today. As always thanks for watching. Don’t forget to comment with your favorite strategies when playing with Bandit, and give this video a thumbs up. If you haven’t already subscribed what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our channel for more videos like this every week.

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