Hey everybody, Iceycat here and today I want to talk to you about Hereford Base. This is the new map that was shown off at E3 2015 this year. It was also present during our live stream event from the “Road to Montreal” event. So let’s take a quick tour of the map as we go around and check things out as we go In Depth with Rainbow Six Siege and Hereford Base. Alright so this is Hereford Base and this is the home of the SAS unit. It’s obviously an old military facility that’s fallen out of use. There’s a lot of, you know, distressed textures and items that are in disrepair and things like that. When I first came across this map I thought it was really interesting. I really kind of love that like, you know, old beat-up, gritty military feel of the place and a you know it’s kind of got like this half finished thing going on with like these plywood walls and destructible features and I thought it was really cool.

Then as I played the map a little bit more I felt a little frustrated with it and part of the reason is there’s four levels to the map but three of the levels feel very VERY similar to each other in that you’ve got the ground level, level 2 and level 3. They all kind of share this theme where there’s a stairwell at one end, a long hallway, branching side rooms and very similar textures and color schemes. And when we were first starting to play the map we were getting lost constantly. You know, we were like what floor are we on? Where are we trying to get to? Where are we trying to go to? Everything looks the same. The basement feels very distinct. It has its own color scheme, it just has a different palette than the rest of the levels do but we found ourselves getting a little frustrated with that.

Looking out the windows here, you can see there’s this building across from and we actually a sniper set up on that roof one time and kind of dump rounds on us through the openings in the windows there which was sort of an interesting thing. We didn’t realize you could get up on top of that building. Later on you’ll see that there is a ladder in that spawn point that allows you to do that.

Here we’re taking a look at the surveillance system and all the cameras kind of show you, I mean, there’s one on each level, plus you have two on the exterior, one in the main side here at one of the spawns and then one on the back side for a different spawn position. And they give you really good coverage. It’s super important when you play the map to be aware the cameras. As defenders you really want to be keeping an eye on them to see, you know, where they’re coming in.

What kind of formation they have. you know, have they split up or what not. And as the attackers it really benefits you to go ahead and shoot those cameras out so they can’t be used against you. When we played the live stream event I think the cameras were MY single biggest tool toward helping kind of either get kills or have kills denied by telling people stay away from certain areas where they’re about to walk into an ambush or something like that. Cameras are super important and there, you know, you can kind of see them if you look carefully as you go around So, you know, in here we’ve got an interesting kill that I’m able to make with a pistol and as you can see, again this level looks a lot like the level that I just came down from there’s not a lot making it feel different than the other part of the map and the level below it is very similar in that way too.

There’s some very slight differences in texture and color palette but it’s so subtle that it really doesn’t matter a whole lot. The exterior facility is really cool I’m really liking the design of everything on the outside of the building I just really feel like, at least maybe this level 2 here could maybe use some differences in some color palette or maybe some geometry. Like maybe this level has conduit piping everywhere, or I don’t know…something, you know, it just kind of pops out from the rest of the map. As you see there, I used a Fuze charge for the clusters on the wall and made some nice holes in the wall and the floor but unfortunately nobody was home in this particular room. I do check in the next room though and Oh, there I go! I found somebody! So that was at least good. So, you know, as we kind of go around the map you’ll see here, you know, if we go into some of these rooms we’ve got furniture in all kinds of states of disrepair.

We’ve got these mannequins that are sort of floating around everywhere for like target dummies. And more than once you come around a corner and, you know, it gives you that second of pause to wonder if that’s something to shoot at or not. The map as a whole, I felt like developed a better flow the more I got used to it because when we first played, not only were we getting lost on the three levels having a similar scheme and feel to them but also we didn’t really discover all the different breaching points through floors and ceilings. We weren’t taking as much advantage of the destruction initially and as we get more used to the game we began to do so.

Also there’s a lot of little vents for drones to go through that we kind of discovered with time but we didn’t really see right away. And the more we played the map, the more we got used to it and it just began to feel a lot better and now I would say I’m at a point where I enjoy the map and I like it a lot but initially it just sort of confused me and overwhelmed me. There’s lots of ways to get flanked in this map. Just tons of them because if you’re in any of these side rooms, I mean, each room kind of has more than one way out plus the destructible walls, the main hall, you’ve got the stairs at one end or the back stairs, or you know, rappelling up and down. I mean there’s so many ways to get flanked in here and when you first start playing the map they’re not necessarily all apparent. So we set up on a breaching point here, this one drops down into the basement facility. It’s a pretty strongly defendable position down there.

I send a camera through here to just kind of scope things out and see what’s going on but I drop on down and into… and then this guy kind of runs in front of me! I don’t know how he miss me and it just sort of like, falling down through the hole – managed to get the kill. He just ran right by me as I was using the camera just um, I think that’s the first “in air” kill that I’m aware of in Siege but… So here we are setting up down in the basement. You can see this really has a different palette and color to it. It’s more of a rust red sort of a color everywhere. You’ve got these ceramic tiles on a lot of the floor sections and it just feels significantly different than the other areas and I wish that we’d have a little bit more of that distinction on some of the other levels There’s also some strange hold outs in some of the other portions of the map that are like…

In one there’s a bed and another one there’s like this little kid’s play house sort of a thing and I don’t know if that’s just because the maps been redesigned and those elements hadn’t been taken out yet or like… They don’t seem to make sense, so I’m not not sure what’s going on with those exactly. Down here in the basement there’s a lot of defensive positions that you can set. I think that it’s a really strongly defendable point. And I’d like to see them maybe make some of the other points a little bit more defendable as well just with, you know, some of the layout and the flow of things.

I think the basement tends to be like THE hot spot more or less. But um, as we got more familiar with things the other ones became more viable as well so I guess maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Overall I’d say Hereford Base was a lot of fun. it started out as maybe something that we weren’t such big fans of but by the end of it as we had gotten used to it and really gotten into the flow of how it worked and discovering all the little nooks and crannies that we didn’t know about we really began to enjoy it a lot more.

This has been our first look review of Hereford Base map. To stay up to date on all the latest with Rainbow Six Siege make sure to like and subscribe to In Depth for more. We’ll catch you next time!.

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