Get ready to storm the beautiful Italian countryside, Operation Para Bellum is coming soon to Rainbow Six Siege. I’m Al Baldino, and this is Frequency From Turtle Beach. After several weeks of teases and previews, Operation Para Bellum was fully revealed during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals, And looks to bring a ton of new content to Ubisoft’s hit multiplayer tactical shooter. Siege’s developers are calling Para Bellum’s new map “Villa” the game’s most competitive map to date, And is planning on putting it into the Pro League map pool right as its released. The map features areas for both long-range shootouts and close quarter combat, With plenty of ways to carry out various attacks and defenses. Combined with Para Bellum’s two new defenders, Players are going to need to rethink their strategies. The first defender, Alibi, is a member of the Italian GIS, And specializes in deception and misdirection. She carries three hologram decoys that can be placed on the field, And whenever an enemy shoots one of them they will be marked, And their location will be revealed for several seconds. Clever players will be able to place decoys at places where attackers expect enemy contact, Baiting them to reveal themselves with a seemingly easy target.

The second defender, Maestro, is also member of the GIS, and carries the Evil Eye camera. This camera can see through smoke, mark enemies, And can also shoot a laser that can destroy gadgets and damage enemies If that wasn’t enough, the Evil Eye is also completely bulletproof when the laser isn’t being used, And can only be destroyed with explosives or Sledge’s hammer. Along with their gadgets, Alibi and Maestro bring new weapons to the mix. Alibi can wield the Mx4 Storm SMG, While maestro carries the ALDA LMG. And both can carry the new ACS12, The game’s first automatic shotgun. For secondary weapons, both can carry the Keratos .357 Magnum, and the Bailiff 410, A revolver that shoots shotgun shells and is fully capable of breaching entrances. Are you excited to try out Operation Para Bellum? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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