Kapkan’s an interesting one to talk about, because for a guy whose gadget makes him rather meh to play, he’s a shit ton of fun if you know how to use him. Every Kapkan player desires for the moment when they get the trap placements just right, because when they do, no kill ever feels so satisfying. Unlike Fuze, who is pretty much a “press button for instant ace” Operator, Kapkan takes quite a bit of thought, knowledge, and luck to do well with. The reason for that is his gadget’s laser, which becomes a dead giveaway in some maps. Due to this, (most) Kapkan players follow the simple golden rule of Kapkan: Besides Fuze, Kapkan is the only Operator in the game whose viability changes depending on the objective or map being played. In Kapkan’s case, playing him on night maps makes him a dead weight to his team, because there’s no sunlight to help mask the laser. If you believe yourself to be knowledgeable enough to know where to put your traps, your games should all have something in common.

Kapkan also has 3 minor rules. Rule #1: Only pro Kapkan players use the Elite skin. Rule #2: Never place traps on windows, because they’re always visible, even in sunlight. Rule #3: Never place your traps in the objective room, because they can be easily taken out by enemy explosives. So long as you commit these key factors to memory, you’ll be fine. Thank you for watching..

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