Welcome in this new video my name is Dildosor and today I’d like to show you how to get back to temporal filtering setting As you may have noticed the game looks smoother curved and blurrier Ubisoft actually removed an option in the antialiasings list and players were really mad about it so one of their developers posted a Reddit to tell them how to override it.

If you follow this tutorial be sure that you will not be banned. So it’s really easy to do the first step just go in your game folder which is in your hard disc user documents my games Rainbow Six Siege and finally find the gameSettings.ini file Open it with a text editor to be able to change the value. Press CTRL-F type TAA, look for it and you’ll find the TAA Sharpen Factor equal to 0. So you’ll have to replace the 0, by a value between 0 and 1. The higher you go and the sharper it will be. Let me give you the best values with the results according to players. The first one is given by Ubisoft which is it’s fine. It’s just it just fine. The second is something you’ll set between and 0.375, This value looks the same as before the patch and this is awesome ! You can go higher like and but it’s only preferences. I invite you to test these values and make your mind. I personally play the game by 0.35, which is the best for me. If you liked this video just press the like button comment, or subscribe ! OVER.

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